Enjoying Motherhood Without Worrying

It is an age-old saying that if a mother is happy, she can raise her baby better. As per my experience, and what I have noticed is that first-time moms go through a lot. Few tackle things maturely while others don’t. I have a suggestion for all the moms who ignore themselves and worry for their babies – There is no point in over analysing everything, for example, why the baby is sneezing too much, concerns about the baby’s growth, what to and what not to use, comparing your baby with others, etc. etc.. stop it!

First thing is you are a mom; you can’t stop worrying completely, and you should not. But, my point is don’t overdo, over think, or over analyse. Other members are also there to help you, or at least your husband is there. And, nowadays, doctors are always available to address your concerns. Everything will be taken care of. Just do everything with a calm and cool mind, else you might suffer from postpartum depression, which is also very common nowadays. It will become difficult for you to take care of your baby when you are fighting these issues and very few people will understand what you are going through. Therefore, be happy and your child will be fine.

Here are some recommendations for you to help you take care of your baby and yourself.

  • Ask for your family’s support, especially for household chores and certain activities with the baby.

  • When the doctor permits, exercise for a few minutes everyday.

  • Prepare yourself to travel alone with your baby even if you are a stay at home mom, or to join office after 6 months if you are a working woman.

  • Although doctors do not recommend this, you may start feeding your baby with bottle at least once a day, at the earliest. I do not recommend formula milk if you are breastfeeding, in which case you may use a pump and someone else can feed your baby with a bottle. Also ensure you maintain hygiene.

  • Take care of your health right from the beginning. Eat a nutritious diet, exercise and rest appropriately after delivering the baby.

  • 3 months after delivering the baby, start going out even if it is for a short, but refreshing stroll.

So, keep yourself happy, and enjoy your motherhood rather than worrying about it. Your baby will also love it!

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