Self-love: Taking Care of Yourself, Along with the Baby, Is Very Important!

Self-love: Taking Care of Yourself, Along with the Baby, Is Very Important!

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I was quite chubby during my pregnancy, and after delivery. 4 months passed, and eventually, I started getting chubbier and plump. Sometimes, when I would look at myself, I would not like what I was seeing. But then, I realised, HELLO! I’ve just delivered a baby, and that’s not an easy thing! The kind of changes your body goes through are immense, whether they take place during pregnancy, or postpartum. Moreover, the recovery time that your body takes is a different ball game altogether, whether it be physically or mentally.

I kept wondering how come these celebrities get back to their normal shape immediately after delivery… but again, I’m being harsh on myself by comparing myself to them. They have a different journey, and I have a completely special and unique journey.

So, I know I’ve got to focus on myself, by eating good and healthy stuff – for my baby and also for myself, and to get fit. By fit, I don’t mean being thin or in the perfect shape, but more importantly, I want to be fit for myself, because I want to feel good. If I feel good about myself, so will others around me! Lastly, I know I’ll be perfect and beautiful for my baby, because my mother is the most perfect and beautiful lady for me.

A very important thing is to never forget to love yourself and to take care of yourself. Mothers forget to take care of themselves, and only focus on the baby. But no – if I’m well, my baby will be, too. Sometimes, you do need your me-time, or to go out alone. Although, yes, in this pandemic, it’s scary to go out! And as a mother, it’s very scary when you think of your baby in this pandemic. Also, delivering my baby during the lockdown was tough, in a lot of senses. But 5 months in this pandemic has taught me a lot as a mother, as a daughter, and as a wife.

Live life to the fullest, because we really don’t know what’s next! Love to all moms out there!

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