A Husband's Role During Pregnancy and Delivery

A Husband’s Role During Pregnancy and Delivery

I have often heard people asking – “Is there a need for the husband during pregnancy, delivery, and after the delivery phase?”

I would say- Why not? Because just like the mother, the father is equally responsible for every moment during pregnancy and delivery. But even today, especially in rural India, it is believed that the husband is not needed during this phase. But why is this so? Does the baby not belong to him? A father and a mother are equally responsible for conceiving a baby. A husband’s support is the most important thing; a wife needs in this phase. Be it a doctor’s appointment, regular checkups, spending time, mood swings etc.; a wife needs her husband at every moment. Although it is the woman who carries the child within her for nine months, the role of a father is no less important, whether the family is supportive or not. Because a woman is going through a lot in this period, sometimes she will be very irritated, happy, sad or depressed. A husband is the only person who can handle these mood swings very well. So now, what should you do if your family belongs to a rural area and if your husband is not understanding your situation too? Below are the methods you can surely try :

1. Talk to Your Husband Politely

Politely talk to your husband. If he is a good listener, he will surely understand your situation.

2. Make Him Understand

Make him understand by asking him the same question that if in future a situation arises where he needs you, and you’re not around, then how would it affect him?

3. Make Him Read Articles

Make him read articles based on the role of a husband during pregnancy. He will surely get an idea of what he will be required to do.

4. Make Him Watch Videos or Movies

Make him watch videos or movies based on pregnancy. These will surely affect him.

5. Be Positive

Always be positive. If you are feeling irritated, then meditate or pursue a hobby like drawing, craft, watching movies, listening to music, etc.

We should change our mentality irrespective of where we reside. A couple should always be there for each other in every situation. This is how a married life or relationship should be.

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