Relationship Issues Faced After Having a Baby and How to Solve Them

Relationship Issues Faced After Having a Baby and How to Solve Them

From news of being pregnant to welcoming the little one to the family, the new parents are the happiest people in this world. What more can a couple wish for? But there are a few issues or problems that may crop up in relationships after having a baby. These are minor issues if the couple handles them with care and love.

1. Limited Time Spent With Each Other

After having a baby, the priority shifts from spending time with each other, to handling the baby. As the little one needs more focus and attention, couples hardly get time to talk or even discuss anything. Couple time now becomes family time.

What Can Be Done

You can seek help from your family members to take care of the baby. You can then spend quality time with your spouse like going on long walks or watch a series together.

2. Sleep Time Gets Shorter

You will not get enough sleep after having the baby and will feel tired all the time. The reasons can range from feeding during the night or trying to calm the baby if he cries. You will feel irritated, leading to fights due to exhaustion.

What Can Be Done

You can split the baby’s work or take turns in taking care of the baby, and sleep when he is sleeping. You will feel relaxed and calm.

3. Increase in Household Work

You will have more work at home after the baby’s arrival as the routine changes and you have to set it according to baby’s sleep time or waking time. With this, you will have to be extra careful about cleaning, as for a baby, hygiene matters.

What Can Be Done

You can take your husband’s help in sharing the work and thereby reducing your workload. You’re now able to save time and can utilise it in spending it together.

4. Loss of Intimacy

The couple may experience loss of sexual intimacy. The reason can be that you both are tired of taking care of the baby or you may feel uncomfortable about having sex after giving birth, as the tearing or episiotomy can hurt and needs time for recovery. This can create distance in the couple.

What Can Be Done

Talk to each other about your feelings and understand each other’s need and pain. You both can also fill the gap by cuddling or holding each other.

5. Money Issues

Earlier, your expenses were for two; but now, your expenses are for the family. A new baby adds up to the expenses as quickly as he/she arrives into this world. The financial strain for raising a baby can lead to stress and conflict in relationships, as after birth, the mother is busy in taking care of the baby, and the father is the only source of income.

What Can Be Done

You both should sit and talk about the expenses and make a budget. Make a priority list of those expenses that are essential for your baby and those which are not. Don’t let money come in between you.

Have a happy arrival of your baby and don’t let these issues come in between your relationship.

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