Naomi Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Naomi Name Meaning and Origin

Derived from the Old Testament, Naomi is a common name in Judaism and Christianity. It is generally given to girls on Shavuot when the story of Ruth is read in the synagogue. The name didn’t come into the limelight until the Protestant Reformation.

What Does Naomi Mean?

Naomi is a perfect choice for a biblical name with a soft, melodic sound. Latin form of the Jewish ‘Noam,’ the meaning of Naomi is ‘sweetness,’ ‘delightful’ or ‘pleasant.’ This name takes a twist in other languages and cultures. Given the gentle meaning of its short name, “pleasantness,” Naomi is a serene pick loaded with sweetness, especially for a young lady. This symbolic name derived from the Hebrew name Na’omi means “pleasant one,” “above all,” “gentle,” or “beautiful.” Naomi is a unisex name in its Japanese origin, which is a composition of two kanji: nao, meaning ‘honest,’ ‘correct,’ or ‘frank’ and ‘mi’ meaning ‘beauty.’


Naomi is Ruth’s mother-in-law in the Hebrew version of the Bible, ‘Book of Ruth”. She is the wife of Elimelech, who fights back all adversities in her life in the Book of Ruth. Naomi lived in Bethlehem and was instrumental in bringing together Ruth and Boaz, a land-owning relative in a marriage union. She brings up their son and later changes her name to Mara, meaning ‘bitter’ after the death of her husband and sons. Naomi glorified her name with her noble deeds. Thus, its distinct style and easy-to-pronounce name give it considerable leverage over other worthy contenders, making it a favorite among Jewish families and 17th-century Puritans. Naomi is an Anglicised form of the Hebrew name Naami, a variant of Naamah, meaning ‘pleasant’ or ‘beautiful.’




  • Nay-Oh-mee
  • nay-oh-me
  • nigh-oh-mee
  • “NAY” “uh” “mee”


 3 syllables


 5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A traditional name like Naomi has alternative forms that are equally famous and well-used in other languages. Here are some of the Naomi name variations and other spellings for Naomi that may fuel your imagination to consider it as a name for your child:

Name Origin
Naoimi Irish
Nahomie Haitian
Noemia Portuguese
Noemie/ Noemi/ Noemy French
Noemi/Noomi German
Noemi Italian
Naomie/ Naomie English
Noemi/Noemi/Nohemi Spanish
Naome Belgian
Noemi Czech
Naomi Dutch
Noomi Finnish
Naomi Tagalog

How Popular Is the Name Naomi?

Supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Naomi Watts have brought the spotlight back to the beauty of this classic name Naomi in recent years. The upward trend of the growing Naomi popularity pushed it towards the top 60 ranks among girls’ names in 1989. This name steadily broke into the top 100 names for the first time in 2010. After creeping up the charts to the 64th position in 2018, it attained 52nd spot in 2020 among girl names as per the Social Security Administration data of the U.S. As modern Hebrew is still an official language in Isreal, Naomi is a commonly used name, ranking at 31 in the country, while the Naomi baby name ranking is at 75 in the Netherlands. Despite the rise and fall of its worldwide appeal, this baby name is sure to retain its charm in the current baby naming trends.

Interest in Naomi – Worldwide

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Over the last 10 years, search trends for Naomi show a consistent popularity scale of over 30 reaching 100 in Sept 2018. The lowest interest was recorded is 35 on Oct 2017, Nov 2018, and Dec 2020.

Interest in Naomi – the US

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Over the last ten years, search trends for Naomi have recorded consistent popularity of over 20 reaching 100 in Sept 2018. The lowest popularity value was recorded in March 2012 at just 22.

Popularity of the name Naomi


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Naomi Worldwide

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Search trends for Naomi indicate maximum search value in Singapore in the last 10 years. Countries like Kenya, Nigeria, the Netherlands, and Australia follow close, rounding up the top 5 countries. Due to the immigration of the Baghdadi Jews to Singapore dating back to the 19th century, Naomi is particularly popular there as a girls’ name.

Search trends of Naomi in the US

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Over the last ten years, most searches for Naomi have been recorded in the sub-regions of Hawaii, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, and District of Columbia, respectively.

Middle Names That Go With Naomi

Thought to have originated with aristocratic Romans, middle names and forenames indicated the family esteem or position in the society. Here are some of the most suitable double names with Naomi that flow and sound attractive when said together.

Andrea Hannah
Rachel McKenna
Shea Ariel
Rebecca Laurel
Junia Grace
Claire Pearl
Ruth Charlotte
Josephine Catherine
Helena Mirabel
Eve Rose

Famous People Named Naomi

Celebrities are distinguished personalities in their own field who have attractive and unusual names that draw public attention instantly. Here is a curated list of famous people called Naomi that will make you choose this name for your little angel:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Naomi Chazan Israeli Politician
Naomi Jochnowitz American Mathematician
Naomi Oreskes American Science Historian
Naomi Jacob English Author
Naomi Klein Canadian Journalist
Naomi Mitchison Scottish Novelist
Naomi Novik American Novelist
Naomi Wolf American Author
Naomi Kiss Hungarian Writer
Naomi Watts British Actress
Naomi Bentley British Actress
Naomi Rapace Swedish Actress
Naomi Watanabe Japanese Actress
Naomi Rial Argentinian Lawyer
Naomi Sanin Columbian Politician
Naomi Rime French Soprano
Naomi Judd American Country Singer
Naomi Hall American Musician
Naomi Phoenix English Singer-Songwriter
Naomi Carrion Spanish Singer
Noemi Letizia Italian Celebrity

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Naomi reflect the characteristics that parents wish their children would inculcate. Family names for Naomi are thus required to contribute to its beautiful meaning. Here are some of the other names for Naomi that manifest the same sentiments as the name itself:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Natalie Wolf
Nina Stevens
Nadia Bentley
Noelle Harris
Nova Campbell
Nadine Phoenix
Sara Long
Ruth Wyatt
Miriam James
Amy Knight
Rachel Clark

Names That Sound Like Naomi

While Naomi may be a classic name, you may want to go for a unique new name with similar intonation patterns. Here are some Names that rhyme with Naomi:

Naoka Naoma
Natasha Nicola
Nadine Naimh
Nerys Nina
Noam Noma
Nye Newman
Ninon Nia
Nay Nani
Niamh Noma
Nhi Naiya
Nonnie Neo

Sibling Names Related to Naomi

You can choose matching sibling names to express the bond of emotion and attitude between them. Here is a well-compiled list of some of the best sibling names that go with Naomi:

Sister Names for Naomi Brother Names for Naomi
Celeste David
Maisie Levi
Nina Nathan
Alfie James
Bianca Theodore
Clara Owen
Bella August
Camilla Jude
Amaya Hugo
Helena Rueben
Hannah Oliver

Nicknames for Naomi

Nicknames represent a familiar and affectionate alternative for a proper name used as a term of endearment. Here are some of the unique nicknames for the name Naomi:

Nana Neenah
Nemo Noni
Nimmo Nona-baby
Ninni Nammie-Pam
Noe Nibble
Nay-Bae Nike
Nitwit Naan Bread
Mimi Noisy
Nix Niwi


Most parents choose Biblical names as they carry an interesting history with them. Moreover, a child can develop their identity based on the positive attributes of the meanings of vintage names like Naomi.


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