Top 50 Vintage Baby Girl Names With Meanings

50 Beautiful Vintage Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

Are you looking for a beautiful retro name for your little princess? If yes, you must choose a cute name that is both interesting and uncommon. Over the years, parents have moved from old retro girl names and chosen newer ones. However, old vintage baby girl names can never lose their charm. Time after time, parents tend to return to vintage names that are both beautiful and meaningful. With that being said, here are few unique vintage girl names for your little daughter.

Charming and Elegant Vintage Baby Girl Names for Your Little Princess

1. Adelaide

This name has a German origin, and it means “noble type or nobility”. You can shorten this name to Addie for a nickname.

2. Agatha

The name of one of the most famous crime writer, the name Agatha means “honourable or good”.

3. Agnes

Agnes has always been one of the popular old vintage baby girl names. This name has a Latin origin, and it means “pure” or “holy”.

4. Beatrice

A name of French snd Latin origins, Beatrice means “blessings or bringer of joy”.

5. Bernadette

A popular retro name, the name Bernadette has French and German origins, and it means “as strong as a bear”.

6. Betty

Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, Betty means “pledged to God”.

7. Dora

Isn’t your little princess a gift from God? The name Dora means “gift”. And, it could be the shorter version of Doreen, Dorothy, or Dorothea.

8. Doris

The name of sea goddess in Greek mythology, Doris means “gift”.

9. Dorothy

Generation after generation, parents have given this name to their little girls, and it has a wonderful meaning which is “gift of God”.

10. Edith

An Old English name, we popularly used Edith in the UK, Germany, and Scandinavian countries. It means “prosperous in war”.

11. Elsie

Many consider this as the shorter version of “Elizabeth”, and this is one of the oldest vintage baby girl names. Elsie means “my God is bountiful”.

12. Esme

This name has a French origin, and Esme means “esteemed or loved”.

13. Flora

Flora is the name of the Roman goddess of flowering plants, and the name means “flower”.

14. Florence

Florence is definitely one of the more famous names in the collection of unique vintage girl names. It means “blossoming or flourishing”.

15. Gladys

The name Gladys has a Welsh origin and is the female version of the name Gwladys. It means “”princess”” or “”ruler””.

16. Gwendolyn

Another Welsh name, the name Gwendolyn can be shortened to “Gwen”. Some also refer to this name as a variation of the name “Gwyneth”. It means “white brow or blessed”.

17. Harriet

Harriet is a name of German, French, and English origins, and it means “ruler of the home or estate”.

18. Hazel

Hazel is one of the most famous retro girl names and derived from the name of the hazelnut tree or the colour hazel. From the bible, this name means “God sees, or God has seen”.

19. Irene

This is a great vintage choice to name your little girl as it means “peace”. It was also the name of the Greek goddess of peace.

20. Iris

Just like many other retro girl names based on flowers, Iris is quite common. The name means “rainbow”.

21. Ivy

The name of an evergreen plant, Ivy is a popular Old English name meaning “faithfulness”.

22. Jean

This is another name which means “God is gracious”. Jean is the feminine form of “John”.

23. Joan

Joan is the shorter version of Johanna or Joanna. The name also means “God is gracious”.

24. June

June is an English retro name. It is a favourite name amongst parents who are after old vintage baby girl names. The name June means “young”.

25. Liza

The name Liza is derived from the world-famous name, Elizabeth. This name means “God is my oath”.

26. Loretta

Loretta has an English origin, and the name means “bay or laurel”.

27. Lorraine

A name of French, German, and Latin origins, the Name Lorraine means “from the province of Lorraine”.

28. Maisie

The name Maisie is derived from the name Margaret, and it means “pearl”.

29. Martha

A name of Aramaic origin, Martha is a common retro name, and it means “lady”.

30. Matilda

An English name with Germanic roots, Matilda is quite popular in Scandinavian countries. The name means “mighty in battle”.

31. Millicent

This name has English, German, and French roots and the name means “a strong worker”.

32. Muriel

Muriel is an English name derived from the Celtic language, and it means “bright sea”.

33. Myra

Myra is an old vintage name, with a history that dates back to the 17th century. The name means “admirable”.

34. Myrtle

An old Greek botanical name, the name Myrtle means “a plant”.

35. Nellie

A variant of the names Helen and Eleanore, the name “Nellie” means “the shining one or bright”.

36. Nora

As simple as the name sounds, it means “light”, and is also the name of a famous writer.

37. Olive

Olive has a Latin origin. The name is derived from the olive tree, and it means “symbol of peace”.

38. Pauline

This is the feminine version of the name “Paul”. It is a name of French origin, and it means “younger or little”.

39. Pearl

A list of unique vintage girl names will be incomplete without the name Pearl. This means “modest or innocent”.

40. Prudence

The name Prudence is derived from the word prudent. However, the name has another meaning, and that would be “sensible or someone with good judgement”.

41. Ruby

For generations, parents have named their daughters Ruby. It’s a classic retro name, and it means “red”.

42. Sadie

Sadie is a cute name with a Hebrew origin. This name means “princess”.

43. Selma

A name of different origins and having different means, the name Selma means “protected by God” or “helmet of God”.

44. Sheila

Derived from the Irish name Sile, Shiela means “heaven”.

45. Sylvia

Sylvia is another name of Latin origin. It means “spirit of the wood”.

46. Ursula

The name Ursula has a Latin origin, and this name means “little bear”.

47. Vera

Vera has a Latin origin. This old name means “true one”.

48. Violet

This is definitely an old fashioned name. Also the name of a flower, Violet means “love, affection, or faithfulness”.

49. Wanda

This is definitely a rare, vintage name for your baby girl. The name Wanda has a Polish origin, and it means “wanderer”.

50. Winifred

Winifred is a rare and lost vintage name for baby girls. This name is of Welsh origin, and, it means “peace or joy”.

Choosing a vintage name for your little princess is never an easy task. This is because you have so many names to choose from. From common options to “Dora” to cute names like “Ivy”, the list is long. Nevertheless, think twice and choose a name that would add more charm to your little princess. Remember, your little girl will be known and called after this name for her entire lifetime. So, make a smart choice.

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