Marie Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Marie Name Meaning and Origin

This popular French, German, Scandinavian, Czechoslovakian, and English female personal name of medieval origin comes from Latin Maria. The mother of Christ in the New Testament was named Marie, along with several other five other women characters. The Biblical Hebrew Miryam means ‘rebellious’ or ‘wished-for child.’ The Egyptian root mrj or ‘myr’ meaning ‘beloved.’ It can also be a compound of mar ‘drop’ yam ‘sea’ or Latin Stilla Maris or Stella Maris, meaning ‘star of the sea.’

What Does Marie Mean?

Mary Magdalene was one of Christ’s favored followers in the Bible. The Hebrew name Marie is derived from Miryam, which comes from the Egyptian element “my,” meaning “beloved.” Miryam was Moses’s sister from the book of Exodus, which means “rebellious” and “wished-for child.” The meaning of Marie can also be understood as ‘drop of the sea’ and ‘bitterness’ originating from the Hebrew word Marah. Marie is a nickname for a newly married man in French, which comes from marier, meaning ‘to marry.’


Derived from Aramaic Maryam, the vernacular forms of Marie have been influenced by the Roman family name Marius. Marie is the French alternative of the Latin name ‘Maria’ and English name ‘Mary,’ while ‘Miriam’ and ‘Miryam’ are its Hebrew variants. This name has been widely used in Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, and Norway. Due to the importance of Mary among Christians, it was not used until the Middle Ages. The earliest English form of the name was revived in the 19th century by deriving from the ubiquitous French version. It has various linguistic variations, making it one of the most successful names for girls down the ages.




  • Muh-ree
  • M(a)-rie
  • May-Ree


 2 syllables


 5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A traditional Biblical name like Marie has international variations that qualify as classics too. Here are some Marie name variations and other spellings for Marie that are frequently used in numerous languages.

Name Origin
Mariami Georgian
Meryem Turkish
Meryam Kurdish
Myriam French
Meryem Azerbaijani
Mary Hebrew
Mare Irish
Maree Irish
Marrie French
Mariel Danish
Mariane German
Marion Latin/French
Mara Hebrew
Miriam Hebrew
Marian Czech
Maryam Arabic/Hebrew
Marielle Dutch

How Popular Is the Name Marie?

The Marie popularity ranking was in the top 10 names from 1901-1904 in the US and remained among the top 15 names until 1925. Although its popularity has waned after that for a while, it remained among the top 100 names for girls until 1958. The Marie baby named ranking reached 619 in the US and remained in the top 100 in France by 2020. However, as per the modernization theory of name trends, choices of names are becoming free of traditions. With the growing cultural value of individuality and diversity, more uncommon variations of Marie are being used today.

Interest in Marie – Worldwide

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Over the last 10 years, search trends for Marie show consistent popularity of over 70, scoring 100 on the popularity scale in Jan 2019. The lowest interest was recorded in July 2021 at just 65.

Interest in Marie – US

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Public interest for the name Marie shows a consistent search value of over 55 reaching 100 in Jan 2019 over a period of 10 years. In July 2021, the lowest popularity was recorded at just 52.

Popularity of the name Marie


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Marie Worldwide

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Search trends show that the name has been searched the most in Reunion Island in the last 10 years. Countries like Guadeloupe, Martinique, France, Cote d’Ivoire follow to round up among the top 5. Since Marie is the standard form of the French version of Jesus Christ’s mother Mary, it is popular in Reunion, where a vast majority of its population practices Roman Catholicism.

Search trends of Marie in the US

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Most searches for Marie have been recorded over the last 10 years in the Michigan, Nevada, Louisiana, New Jersey, and California sub-regions of the US, respectively.

Middle Names That Go With Marie

The tradition of inserting middle names mostly after a saint into a child’s moniker followed by a surname began in the middle ages. Here are some of the double names with Marie that helps to maintain its appeal in a fresher way:

Louisa Katherine
Juliana Delphina
Charlotte Alexandra
Elisabeth Josephine
Fiona Scarlett
Nicola Adeline
Isabelle Valentine
Juliette Lucienne
Aveline Christabel
Grace Tasmin

Famous People Named Marie

Celebrities tend to have trendy and Avant-Garde names that set them apart from the crowd. Here is a list of famous people called Marie who have remained popular over the years:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Marie Antoinette Queen of France until 1793
Marie Louise Marguerite Beleze French botanist, taxonomist, and explorer
Marie Robinson Wright American travel writer and journalist
Marie de France French Poet
Marie Kondo Japanese author
Marie Lu American Author
Marie Avgeropoulos Canadian Actress
Marie Fredriksson Swedish pop singer-songwriter
Marie Osmond American actress, Singer, Philanthropist, Author
Marie Wilson American radio, film, and television actress
Marie Dea French Actor
Marie Nademlejnska Czech Actor
Marie Goranzon Swedish Actor
Marie Wright British Actress

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby-names like Marie that sound similar or rhyme with each other captures the smoothness of this name. Family names for Marie need to evoke religious sentiments considering its Biblical association, making it flow well in the process. Here are some of the other names for Marie that may make meaningful choices for new-age parents.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Marlene Osmund
Maia Llyod
Madeline Laveau
Marilyn Curie
Maura Claire
Maureen Bell
Melanie Dressler
Mia Wilson
Molly Moore
Mya Tussaud
Mairi Wann

Names That Sound Like Marie

If you’re looking for something that has a similar ring to Marie, here are some names that rhyme with Marie that differ in tone and spelling but capture the same refinement:

Marra Maryl
Margie Marcella
Marleina Marabel
Marea Margaret
Marcienne Marinda
Marlenne Marianne
Marcee Mariano
Marium Marisa
Mariah Margarita
Marline Maribeth

Sibling Names Related to Marie

You can match up sibling names with kind of combinations to create a sense of unity. Here is a list of some of the most suitable sibling names that go with Marie:

Sister Names for Marie Brother Names for Marie
Daisy Robin
Juliet Vivian
Adelia Joseph
Eva Thomas
Alice John
Laila Samuel
Lilian Leo
Flavia Stephen
Esther Benjamin
Silvia Charles
Emilia Maxmillan

Nicknames for Marie

Nicknames represent a familiar alternative for a proper name that describes a person’s qualities and are used as a term of endearment. Here are some of the unique nicknames for the name Marie:

Mia May
Merry Mamie
Ria Ree-Ree
Mimi Mae
Ari Marykins
Mariah Mar-Mar
Mary Poppins Marinate
Marika Airam
Masha Murie

A distinguished and elegant name like Marie is undeniably important both spiritually and culturally for the English-speaking countries worldwide. Even if it may not be considered exactly as a stylish baby girl name, the name continues to carry an aura of sophistication and femininity that lends it an enduring appeal.


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