Top 75 British Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Popular British Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

The baby name selection process can be a stressful yet memorable experience for all parents. Christianity, colonization, and the traditions of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland have deeply impacted the British culture. Cultural differences between these countries are most visible in each of these countries’ unique history, heritage, regional dialects, and accents. Similarly, the British naming conventions have evolved to achieve a distinct entity that applies to medieval and modern European rulers and nobility. Most often, the same given names are often shared between people of neighboring countries. The most common names of Britain can range from traditional to offbeat, keeping up with the latest trends. Unique names carry a certain degree of ambiguity that may set a person apart from the crowd and help to trace their national identity. Here is a comprehensive summary of the naming tradition of Britain that throws light on the different origins, variations, and usages of given names.

Naming Tradition in British Culture 

Rampant Immigration over the past two decades has contributed to the multicultural identity of the UK. British names are mostly taken from the Old English, which makes them quite graceful and strong. Although their origins are rooted in history, most have a wide range of alternative versions that offer more versatile choices to parents. Here are some of the naming traditions that are followed in British Culture.:

  • Biblical names or names taken from religious principles are common in British culture.
  • The most aesthetically appealing names are taken from popular culture.
  • Shortened versions of traditional names are chosen.
  • British ‘royal’ names or ones used by the British monarchy are also commonly chosen.
  • British names are arranged as the first given name followed by the middle name and then the family name.
  • The ‘first name’ or a ‘personal name’ or ‘given name is chosen at birth.
  • British names are traditionally patrilineal. Although this custom is not necessarily enforced upon an individual.

Popular British Baby Names for Boys

Whether old-fashioned or modern, popular British Baby names for boys have a distinctive style. Here is an engaging list of some of the best British baby boy names that can be an inspiration while naming your little champ.

1. Abigail

Derived from Hebrew, Abigail means ‘the cause of joy.’

2. Ashton 

Derived from Old English, Aston means ‘from the ash tree’ or ‘ash tree town.’

3. Archibald 

Archibald means genuine or ‘precious’ and bald ‘bold’ composed of the Germanic elements.

4. Brooks 

Derived from the Germanic origin, Brooks translates to ‘water’ or ‘small stream.’

5. Balthazar 

Balthazar is a Biblical name traditionally referred to as ‘the King of Macedonia’ and ‘gave the gift of myrrh to Jesus.’ It also means ‘god protects the king.’

6. Berty

Derived from Old Germanic origin, Berty means ‘noble’ or ‘bright light.’

7. Colt 

Derived from Latin origin, Colt means ‘young horse.’

8. Casper 

Derived from Aramaic, Casper means ‘Treasurer.’ 

9. Daxton 

Originating from French, Daxton means ‘from the town of Dax’ or ‘Warrior who conquers great obstacles.

10. Digby

Digby comes from the Old English did meaning ‘dyke, ditch’ and Old Norse word meaning ‘farm, settlement.’ Thus Digby means ‘town by the ditch.

11. Edward 

Derived from the Anglo-Saxon Éadƿeard, Edward is composed of the elements  ‘wealth, fortune, prosperous’ and ƿeard ‘guardian, protector.

12. Fraser 

This Scottish name refers to ‘Strawberry flowers.’

13. Freddie 

Freddie has a Germanic origin and means ‘Peaceful Ruler;’ or ‘Power.’

14. Guy 

Guy means ‘guide, leader’ in French.

15. Hugh 

Derived from British origin, Hugh is the English variant of the German names Hugo and Uwe and means ‘soul,’ ‘mind,’ and ‘intellect.’

16. Jovan 

Derived from Slavic, Hebrew, and Latin origins, Jovan means ‘God is Gracious’ and ‘Father.’

17. Kit 

Kit means ‘pure’ in English.

18. Landen 

Derived from Latin, Landen means ‘Open’ or ‘grassy meadow.’

19. Munro 

Munro is a Scottish name that means ‘man from the River Roe.’

20. Ned 

 Ned means ‘guardian of the riches’ or ‘wealthy’ in Old English.

21. Otto 

This Germanic name means ‘wealth and prosperity.

22. Percy 

Percy means ’one who pierces the valley.’

23. Rex

Rex means ‘king’ in Latin.

24. Stanley 

Stanley means ‘stony field’ in English.

25. Terrell 

This English name means ‘Thunder Ruler.

Popular British Baby Names for Girls   

Ranging from the gamut of elegant classics to cute names, the sweet meanings of British names make them extremely popular and seal their place in the popularity charts in the present times. Here are some of the best British names for baby girls that parents may consider during the name selection process for their little angel.

1. Agnes 

Agnes is a Latin name that means ‘pure’ or ‘holy.’

2. Annabelle 

Derived from French origin, Annabelle means ‘favored grace.’

3. Bertha 

Derived from Old High German bertha, Bertha means ‘bright one.’

4. Bella 

Bella means ‘beautiful’ in French.

5. Chloe 

Chloe means ’blooming’ or ‘fertility’ in Greek.

6. Clara 

Clara comes from the Late Latin name Clarus which means ‘clear, bright, and famous.’

7. Daisy 

This Old English name means ‘Day’s Eye.’

8. Eva

Derived from a Hebrew name, Eva means ’life’ or ‘living one.’

9. Florence 

This Latin name means ‘Blossom.’

10. Gracie 

Derived from Latin origin, Gracie means ‘Favor,’ ‘Blessing,’ or ‘grace of god.’

11. Georgia 

Georgia means ‘agriculture’ in Greek.

12. Hazel 

Derived from English origin, Hazel means ‘the hazelnut tree.’

13. Hannah 

This Hebrew name means ‘grace’ or ‘favor.’

14. Ivy 

Ivy means ‘vine’ in Latin.

15. Jemma 

This Hebrew name means ‘gem.’

16. Katherine 

This Latin name means ‘pure.’

17. Lucy 

Derived from the Latin name Lucius, Lucy means ‘as of light.’

18. Marigold 

Marigold means ‘golden flower’ in English.

19. Neve

Derived from Irish and Latin roots, Nancy means ‘snow,’ ‘bright,’ or ‘radiant.’

20. Ophelia

Ophelia means ‘aid’ or ‘benefit’ in Greek.

21. Primrose 

Derived from Latin prima Rosa, Primrose means ‘first rose.

22. Ruby 

Derived from Latin and French origin, Ruby means ‘deep red precious stone.’ 

23. Saffron 

Saffron means ‘yellow flower’ in English.

24. Tiffany 

Tiffany means ‘manifestation of God’ in Greek.

25. Una 

Derived from the Irish word ‘lamb, Una means ‘the personification of truth, beauty, and unity.’

Gender Neutral British Baby Names  

Irrespective of their gender, Beautiful names in British have an understated charm that makes them extremely popular. Moreover, modern parents are keen to avoid monikers that reveal the gender of a child. Here are some of the best unisex British names that have made their way into the hearts of new-age parents.

1. Audrey 

Audrey means ‘noble strength’ in Old English.

2. Avery 

Based on the names Alberich and Alfred, Avery means ‘elf power’ and ‘elf counsel,’ which has a Norman-French origin.

3. Bronte 

Bronte means ‘bestower’ in Gaelic.

4. Bryn 

Bryn is Welsh in origin and means ‘hill’ or ‘mound.’

5. Carmel 

Carmel means ‘vineyard’ in Celtic.

6. Chelsea 

Chelsea means ‘chalk landing place’ in Hebrew.

7. Dakota 

This striking gender-neutral name comes from a Native American Sioux tribe and means ‘friend’ or ‘ally.’ 

8. Eden 

Eden means ‘place of pleasure’ in Hebrew.

9. Effie 

Effie means ‘well-spoken’ in Greek.

10. Garnet 

This Germanic name means ‘a red semi-precious stone’.

11. Indigo 

Indigo means ‘purple blue’ in Greek.

12. Janae

Janae means ‘God has answered’ in Hebrew.

13. Kendall 

Kendall means ‘valley on the River Kent.’

14. Kelly 

This Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Ceallaigh, ‘descendant of Ceallach’, is an ancient Irish personal name that means ‘bright-headed.’

15. Lindsay 

Lindsay means ‘Lincoln Island’ in Old English.

16. Parker 

Parker is a unisex name of Old English origin, meaning ‘park keeper.’

17. Quinn 

This Irish name means ‘wise.’

18. Rowan

Derived from the Anglicized Irish surname O Ruadhain, Rowan means ‘descendant of Ruadhan.’ It also stands for ‘Rowan tree.’

19. River 

The river is a gender-neutral name of British origin that means a flowing body of water.’

20. Shelby 

This historical gender-neutral name, Shelby, means ‘willow farm’ in Old Norse.

21. Stevie 

The Greek name comes from the word Stephanos meaning ‘crown.’

22. Verity 

Verity means ‘truth.’

23. Whitney 

Whitney means ‘White Island’ in English.

24. West

West is a gender-neutral name of Old English origin, meaning ‘western stream.’ 

25. Zoe 

Zoe means ‘life’ in Greek.

From straight-up classics inspired by noble families and tradition to trendy, British names can play a significant role in your child’s life and ensure they remain as unique as them for the rest of their life. 

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