Amazing Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot Ideas

Best Baby Milk Bath Photo Ideas and Tips

When it comes to baby pictures, the internet is full of trends, but a personal favourite of many parents is the concept of milk baths. Milk bath baby pictures are simple to create. The milk is healthy for the baby’s skin and the pictures are divine-looking. They accurately capture the purity of infancy and are just so much fun to create!

Tips and Tricks for an Amazing Baby Milk Bath Shoot

1. Choose a Great Theme

To create a successful and unique photoshoot, the first step is to pick a theme. The theme can be colour specific, or fruit centred. You can even base it around the little one’s favourite toys! For example – a blue-themed milk bath photography for a baby boy will have blueberries and a matching blue outfit, or have a blend of multiple fruits. Fruits like oranges, berries, strawberries, and peaches are commonly used by photographers as they are easily available and have bright, beautiful colours.

2. Get the Supplies Ready Beforehand

The best way to ensure a flawless and easy photoshoot is by being thoroughly prepared. A basic set of supplies includes the container in which the bath will be fixed, it could be a bucket or a tub. Next, you’ll need your props. The number of props you need varies from theme to theme. In the case of flowers or fruits, make sure they’re fresh and bright for the best results. You will also need a towel and a set of toys to keep the baby comfortable and happy. And finally, the most important thing, milk!

3. Have at Least Three People Around You

A photoshoot is a lot of work and is nearly impossible to pull off alone. Therefore, its best to have a minimum of three people around you. This way you can ensure the baby is safe and have an additional person to help you with the props, lighting etc.

4. Prepare the Milk Bath

Preparing the bath is easy but can get messy. First, fill half of the container with warm water. Next, add the milk (whole milk gives the best results) and stir until you reach the desired consistency. Put a bunch of towels at the bottom of the tub and then gently place the baby inside. Once everything is in place, add your props. Props should always be the last part of the process because, without the bath of the baby set, it’s difficult to deduce how to achieve the best aesthetic.

5. Take a Few Test Photos Without the Baby

Before adding the baby to the mix, it always a good idea to take a few test shots. These test photos help you see if the desired effect had been created if the milk consistency is accurate and if the camera can accurately capture all the minute details. The minute you place your baby in the tub, you need to immediately get into action and get through the shoot as fast as possible to ensure the baby does not get irritated, and leave you with no time for test photos or making any changes.

6. Use Flash to Make the Milk Look Brighter

To make the milk look brighter or whiter, you can opt to use the flash but you must ensure that the photo is taken from a subtle angle so that the flash doesn’t cause a reflection.

7. Rinse Your Baby With Water After the Photoshoot

Residual milk sugars can cause skin infection and possible yeast growth. Thus, to ensure that the baby is safe, it is important to thoroughly clean and rinse the baby.

Creative Ideas to Give Your Infant a Milk Bath

Needless to say, milk baths have many benefits, besides looking gorgeous. For example, it moisturises and nourishes the skin and helps strengthen immunoglobulin. Make sure the water temperature is right and that the water level is low enough for the baby to lie/sit in comfortably. Down below are some interesting and creative ways for you to experiment with:

1. Outdoor Milk Bath

Outdoor Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest

  1. Outdoor areas are an ideal location for your photoshoot and, if the weather allows it, there is no way you can miss it. The sunlight adds greater depth and an angelic energy to the pictures. The perfect time to take your pictures is during the first hour post sunrise or the last hour before sunset, commonly called the golden hour.
  2. Pair the backdrop with your aesthetic. If you are going for a flowery look, try and set the tub in a grassy forest like a patch. You can also set it up in front of a wall and add some confetti, glitter or cereal to help the colours pop.
  3. Since babies are very small and easily distracted, its difficult to maintain them in specific poses. Thus, the best way to have a joyful and tearless photo shoot is to let the baby enjoy and play in the bath. You will be able to capture some beautiful candid shots while the little one has a gala time.
  4. When it comes to dressing the baby, its best to go with a classic white or off-white cloth, loosely tied around their waist. It pairs perfectly with the milk and is much more cost-effective.
  5. Milk bath shoots can be messy, so taking it outside can help reduce the amount of effort that will go into the clean up later.

2. Fruit Milk Bath

Fruit Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest

  1. While a simple milk bath would allow the subject (the baby) to be more in focus, adding props such as fruits can help create an interesting contrast. You can experiment with this in countless ways, such as filling up the tub or pool with floating fruits or spreading them outside the container.
  2. Even though artificial fruits float better, natural fruits bring out more colour and help in giving greater depth to the photos.
  3. Another way to spice up the shoot is by changing the milk’s colour. This can be done using flavoured milk which will retain the milky texture but with a splash of colour. You can now make matching and contrasting color combinations like strawberry flavoured milk for strawberry baby bath photography.
  4. The fruits can also be props for the baby to play with as they’ll add a candid and playful touch to the shot.

3. Baby With Mom Milk Bath

Baby with Mom Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest

  1. Milk baths are also popular with the new mothers and soon-to-be mothers as well. The concept is absolutely pure and beautifully captures the essence of motherhood.
  2. Baths are a great method to bring greater emphasis to the baby bump. The milk adds a touch of serenity to an already angelic shot. Add a few flowery touched and a leafy crown, and the look is heavenly. Milk bath shoots are extremely popular for maternity shoots and can be easily done from the comfort of your home.
  3. Mother and child photoshoots are nothing short of divine. For the most classy and angelic shot, bathtubs are preferred, though you can also do the same in a kiddie pool. Professional photographers prefer natural light due to the natural touch and warm glow. You can also recreate such lighting indoors with yellow lights and candles to add a calming touch.
  4. A lightweight and the pale flowing dress is your best bet for milk baths, as it allows for easy movement while creating a simple yet elegant aura.
  5. Allow the mother and child to naturally move and play to get the most beautiful shots. The mother nursing her child is also a popular pose and goes a long way in normalising breastfeeding.

4. Floral Milk Bath

Floral Milk Bath

Source: Pinterest

  1. Flowers can make absolutely anything better, especially milk baths. They create a contrast and add to the beauty of the photograph. They contribute to the texture and help create a simple, elegant, and aesthetic look.
  2. Synthetic flowers are more durable but tend to sink faster, unlike natural flowers which have a richer colour and better buoyancy.
  3. Depending on the aesthetic you have in mind, you can opt for big flowers like sunflowers or small ones like peonies. Pairing peonies with a bunch of leaves, herbs, and shrubs can help create a beautiful pallet for the baby.
  4. You can source the flowers from your garden or if you’re looking for something that isn’t particularly in season, you can always approach the nearest nursery. A bunch of different-coloured flowers also look amazing, such as roses and daisies with a few herbs and shrubs.

Milk bath photography is incredibly popular right now and super easy to do. With the right set of equipment, you can easily recreate magical pictures of your baby, simply at home. Try these tricks and enjoy the marvellous results!

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