130 Unique Arabic Girl Names With Meanings

130 Unique Arabic Girl Names With Meanings

Are you inspired by the uniqueness and ingenuity of Arabic names for baby girls? If yes, then let us tell you that you are in for a treat here! Arabic names for baby girls are simply gorgeous! They are unique and stylish in their way. Each name you’ll find will have some respectable and influential meaning attached to the traditions of the Islam culture of Arabic regions.

Discover the most popular modern Arabic baby names for girls, which will surely impress you. Did we hear unique? Yes, along with the most popular ones, you will also get inspiration from the unique Arabic names for your little princess! So, wherever you are in the world, east or west, finding a modern and culturally sound name is one step easier now as we have compiled the list of the best Arabic baby girl names for you. Happy name-picking!


Most Popular Arabic Baby Girl Names

Here we have cited the top-rated Arabic names which are quite popular in India and Arab countries. Most of us prefer the tried and tested names which are pretty common and also borne by famous personalities. So read on to follow the most popular 65 Arabic baby girl names!

1. Aaliyah

Aaliyah means ‘highest social standing.’ Aaliyah is probably the most commonly used Muslim name across the globe!

2. Aisha

A trendy Arabic name that is quite popular everywhere, Aisha means ‘living or prosperous.’

3. Amal

A beautiful Muslim name, Amal means ‘hope.’ Amal is also a unisex name.

4.  Amani

A cute and stylish name, Amani in Arabic means ‘wishes’ and ‘aspirations’. This is undoubtedly a modern name for your Gen-Z daughter.

5. Amara

Amara makes an excellent choice for a name; it means ‘mercy, kindness or grace,’ all the qualities you would want your daughter to possess.

6. Amina

Amina, also spelt as Ameena or Amineh, is an Arabic feminine name which means ‘honest’ or ‘trustworthy.’

7. Arwa

If your daughter shows a liking for animals, then Arwa is an excellent choice for your daughter. In Arabic, Arwa means ‘mountain goats’. However, some Muslim interpretations have related this name with the meaning ‘nice looking’.

8. Aya

A popular Arabic name among girls worldwide, Aya means different in different countries. Aya in Arabic refers to ‘a verse in a religious scripture’. In Turkish, it means ‘angel’ and in German, it means ‘sword’.

9. Basma

Basma is a beautiful Muslim girls’ name meaning ‘smile’.

10. Calla

A cute and contemporary name for girls, Calla means ‘beautiful.’ The pronunciation of this lovely name goes by ‘KAELLaa.’ If you prefer a slightly modern and more extended version of this name, then you may also consider ‘Callahan’.

11. Celina

An ancient feminine name, Celina means ‘heaven.’ The pronunciation of the name goes ‘seh-leen-ah.’ The other variant of this name is Selena which is also pronounced similarly.

12. Cyra

A one-of-a-kind Arabic feminine name, this means ‘sun or Lord or throne.’ Make sure you get the pronunciation correct: ‘Seer-a.’ Cyra is also the feminine version of the name Cyrus, which is of Greek or Persian origin.

13. Dalia

Pronounced like Dahlia (the flower), Dalia in a popular choice among Arabic girl names. The name relates to ‘slender branch’ or ‘a grapevine’.

14. Dani

A sweet and cute feminine name, this name means ‘merciful or kindness’ in Arabic. Dani is also the variant of the name Danielle which is a Hebrew name.

15. Djamila

A silent twist to the common name Jamila, Djamila stands for ‘beautiful and radiant.’ Remember to pronounce it as ‘Juh-meel-ah.’ The ‘d’ remains silent.

16. Ezra

A simple, elegant and lovable name, it means ‘humble or salvation.’

17. Elena

As a baby illuminates the life of her parents, this name is perfect as Elena means ‘light or sun’s rays’.

18. Farrah

A baby brings in unparalleled joy and happiness in the lives of parents, and so this trendy Muslim baby girl name will be a perfect fit as Farrah means ‘happiness’.

19. Fatima

Fatima was the name of the daughter of Prophet Muhammad. A highly popular Arabic name, it means ‘captivating’.

20. Gamila

Gamila is a classic Arabic name, which means ‘gorgeous or beautiful.’

21. Giaa

Giaa means ‘sweetheart,’ and that’s just what your daughter is to you!

22. Gul

Three letter names with a beautiful meaning are pretty rare to find! Gul is a Persian or Turkish origin name which means ‘rose’.

23. Habiba

Another one of the more powerful Arabic girl names, Habiba is a strong name meaning ‘love’ in Arabic.

24. Hala

We bet you heard this name at least once on Arabic or Muslim TV shows. The name is as charming as its meaning – ‘halo around the moon’.

25. Hanifa

Pronounced as ha-NEE-fa, the name Hanifa has a strong and interesting meaning attached to it. This religious name is the feminine form of Hanif, which refers to people who maintained the religion of Abraham. The meaing of Hanifa is ‘true believer’.

26. Heba

Heba is a suitable name for your little princess. It means ‘gift’ in Arabic.

27. Heer

A beautiful name, Heer is quite popular the world over. It means ‘diamond’.

28. Hija

Hija is an ancient Arabic name, which means ‘daughter.’

29. Hyat

A beautiful feminine name, Hyat means ‘from the high gate.’

30. Ida

Yet another lovely three-letter name! Ida in Arabic means ‘prosperous and happy’.

31. Iara

A one-of-a-kind Arabic name, it means ‘watchful or vigilant.’

32. Inayat

This is an exotic Muslim name for baby girls which is quite popular. Inayat means ‘concern or attention’.

33. Jiya

A pretty name with a beautiful meaning! Jiya means ‘sweetheart,’ just what your daughter is!

34. Jumanah

Jumanah is an emerging name in the world of top Arabic names. The name shines bright just like its meaning, which is ‘silver pearls’.

35. Juri

Juri is a cute and uncommon name which means ‘the rose of Damascus in Syria.’

36. Kiah

Your daughter’s birth marks a new beginning of your life! So, why not name her Kiah which means ‘a new life or a new beginning’!

37. Kaira

Kaira is a modern name that has Latin, Irish, and Gaelic origins. It means ‘a beloved friend’.

38. Karima

Karima, popular as the feminine of Karam, in Arabic refers to the ‘one who is generous and noble’.

39. Keya

This cute and elegant Muslim name for baby girls means ‘a monsoon flower’.

40. Khalida

Khalida is one of the top choices in the bucket of popular Arabic girl names all across the world. The name means ‘eternal life’ in Arabic. It is also very popular in Turkey.

41. Laila

One of the most popular middle eastern girl names, Laila means ‘night.’

42. Leya

An elegant, feminine name, it means ‘loyalty.’ This name is just perfect for your daughter.

43. Lila

Lila is a beautiful name, which means ‘good night.’ It is the feminine version of the name Lyle.

44. Mariam

Mariam is a popular name that has various meanings, some of which are ‘lady of the sea’, or ‘a child who has been wished for’.

45. Meher

A beautiful feminine name, it means ‘benevolence’ in Arabic. You may also make it ‘Mehr.’

46. Mahek

Mahek is yet another lovely Arabic female name, which means ‘fragrance’.

47. Nadira

Go for this beautiful Muslim name, Nadira, which means ‘precious and rare’.

48. Nafisa

Nafisa is a famous name in Arabian countries and Swahili speaking countries. It means ‘delicate and valuable’.

49. Noor

Noor, also spelt as Nur, is an Arabic unisex name, meaning ‘the divine light’.

50. Pakiza

Pakiza is an Arabic name with Persian origins, which has multiple meanings. In Arabic, Pakiza means ‘virtuous or pure’.

51. Parvin

Parvin is an exotic Muslim name which means ‘cluster of stars.’ The other variations of the name include Parveen and Parwin.

52. Rukhsar

A beautiful Muslim name, it means ‘cheek’.

53. Rabia

A popular Arabic name, it means ‘the breeze’.

54. Ruhi

Ruhi is an ancient Arabic name that means ‘soul.’ In India, Ruhi is a Sanskrit-origin name that means ‘to rise, prosper, thrive, or grow’.

55. Sabah

Sabah is a unisex name but is most prefered for girls in Arabic and Turkish nations. This elegant and simple name means ‘morning’, which brights everyone around it.

56. Sadiya

Sadiya is the feminine version of the name Said. Sadiya means ‘luck or fortunate, ’ a beautiful feminine name with a positive meaning!

57. Shahnaz

Shahnaz is a beautiful name with an Arabic origin. This feminine name means ‘pride of the king’.

58. Sofi

Sofi is a cute girl name that means ‘wisdom’. It has Greek origins and is widely popular across the globe!

59. Suhana

Suhana is a pretty Muslim name, which means ‘charming, pleasant or pure’.

60. Tanaz

This one is a classic unisex Muslim name with a beautiful meaning attached to it. Tanaz is an Afghan origin name which means ‘worthy of praise.’

61. Tahira

An exotic Arabic name, it means ‘pure and chaste’. Tahira is a common name in Muslim countries and is the feminine version of the name Tahir.

62. Wafaa

Wafaa is a popular choice among millennial parents looking for an elegant and unique name. Wafaa in Arabic means ‘loyalty’.

63. Yara

A popular Arabic feminine name, Yara has different meanings in different origins. In Arabic, it means ‘friend’, and in Persian, it means ‘helper’.

64. Zara

The name Zara in Arabic means ‘flower.’ This name is another variant of Sarah which means ‘princess’.

65. Zoya

Zoya is a cute Arabic name for girls, which means ‘alive, loving, and caring’. The name Zoya is believed to have Russian and Ukrainian origins, and is a variant of the name Zoe, which means ‘life’.

Pretty and Unique Arabic Baby Girl Names

If you are looking for a name that is rare, unique, and out of the ordinary, take a look at these lovely names below:

1. Aabidah

One of the cutest Arabic names for girls from the Quran, Aabidah is a name perfect for your daughter if you are looking for a traditional and religious name. It means ‘worshipper of God’.

2. Aasma

A classic Muslim name with a lovely meaning. It means ‘excellent’ or ‘sky.’

3. Adara

If your daughter’s sun sign is Virgo, then Adara name is just perfect for her. Adara means ‘virgin.’

4. Amira

A classy Islamic name, Amira or Amirah, is the feminine form of Amir, which means prince. This beautiful name in Arabic means ‘princess’.

5. Anisah

If rare Arabic baby girl names are what you are looking for, then this is just the one for you! A trendy feminine name which means ‘one who is a good friend or an intimate friend.’

6. Basimah

Basimah means ‘smiling’ in Arabic. It’s a unique name with a beautiful meaning.

7. Badia

Badia means ‘unique,’ perfect for folks looking for a unique name for their daughter.

8. Bayan

Bayan is an elegant Muslim name which means ‘someone who is well-spoken or who speaks with eloquence’.

9. Benazir

A pretty Muslim name, Benazir is a name fit for a princess; it means ‘incomparable or matchless’.

10. Bilquis

One of the most exotic Arabic names for girls, Bilquis means ‘the queen of Sheba’.

11. Dareen

If you are looking for pretty and cute names for your little girl, Dareen is a good choice. The name in Arabic means ‘wisdom’.

12. Dariya

A contemporary Muslim name, Dariya has Persian origins, and it means ‘river’.

13. Elham

A unique name, in Arabic, Elham means ‘inspiration.’

14. Faizah

Make sure that your daughter comes out victorious every time, by naming her Faizah! It means ‘winner or victorious’.

15. Falak

A cute name with a beautiful meaning, it means ‘beautifully lit sky.’

16. Farida

Farida is certainly a one-of-a-kind Arabic name which means ‘unique’. This name will be a perfect suit for your little girl because she is definitely a unique person in your life.

17. Ferozah

A pretty name with a beautiful meaning, Ferozah means the colour turquoise.

18. Halima

Halima, a feminine version of the name Halim, is associated with the foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad. It is also pronounced as Halimeh, Halime, and Halimah.

19. Haniya

An easy-going and cheerful name, Haniya means ‘happy.’

20. Hawa

Certainly, a unique and rare name to find, Hawa in Arabic means ‘life’ and ‘desire’. It could be a perfect choice if your daughter is full of life and energetic.

21. Hidaya

Hidaya is an unusual Arabic name that means ‘instructions or guidance.’

22. Ibtisam

Pronounced eeb-tee-SAM, the unique and rarely found Arabic name, is popular in Northern African regions. This cute name means ‘smile’.

23. Iman

Iman is a highly in-demand Arabic name among today’s parents. Pronounced ee-MAN, Iman means ‘faith’.

24. Inaya

A rare and exotic Arabic name, which means ‘concerned.’

25. Jalilah

Jalilah, a beautiful Arabic name which means ‘illustrious’ is perfect for parents looking for a stylish name for their daughter.

26. Jamilah

Jamilah is a happy choice among our Arabic girl names. A unique and pretty name to pronounce, Jamilah means ‘lovely’ in Arabic.

27. Jannat

What could be better than naming your daughter after the beautiful heavens? Jannat in Arabic means ‘paradise.’

28. Jazmin

This is a stylish and elegant name which means ‘jasmine flower.’

29. Jude

Jude is a beautiful Arabic female name which means ‘generosity’ or ‘praise’. The name is very popular in western countries as well.

30. Kalila

A perfect name for your darling daughter, Kalila means ‘darling or sweetheart.’

31. Khadija

Khadija in Arabic means ‘a trustworthy person.’ Khadija was the name of the first wife of Prophet Muhammad.

32. Latifa

Latifa is a top choice among high-profilers like UAE princess Latifa bint Mohammed Al Maktoum and singer Queen Latifah. This Arabic girl’s name means ‘pleasant’ and ‘gentle’.

33. Leah

Your daughter is going to be the ruler of your heart forever, so you can name her Leah which means ‘ruler.’

34. Lija

This is an exotic short name which means ‘sweet or beautiful’.

35. Malala

Malala is a rare and pretty name which means ‘sad or aggrieved.’ One of the famous bearers of this name is the Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousefzai!

36. Myza

A trendy Arabic name, it means ‘graceful or to walk with pride.’

37. Naaz

Naaz is an excellent option if you are looking for a name that’s unique, short and has a beautiful meaning. It means ‘pride or delicacy.’

38. Naisha

A beautiful feminine name, it means ‘special’ or ‘gift of God’.

39. Nury

An Arabic or Hebrew origin name, Nury means ‘my light or my fire’.

40. Nadia

An exotic Arabic name which has Russian origins, it means ‘an announcer’.

41. Noushin

Noushin means ‘sweet,’ a perfect name for your most adorable little bundle of joy!

42. Omaira

Omaira means ‘red’. It is a rare and beautiful name just like your daughter!

43. Omana

Omana is an unusual name, which means ‘help and kindness.’

44. Pariza

Pariza or Pareeza, is a lovely name, which means ‘light, flower, or fairy’.

45. Qadira

Just like the name, Qadira means ‘powerful and capable’. Qadira is a trendy name which is pretty uncommon!

46. Qiana

Qiana means ‘gracious.’ It also means silk-like material in Latin.

47. Rihana

Rihana means ‘sweet basil’. Inspired by the famous singer, Rihanna, this name is simply a classic choice.

48. Refa

A trendy Arabic name, Refa stands for ‘happy’.

49. Rooh

A rare and unusual Muslim name, it means ‘spirit’.

50. Sahara

This name means desert and is of Arabic origin. It is also the name of a desert in North Africa.

51. Saida

A beautiful Arabic name, it means ‘the lucky one’.

52. Sakina

Also spelt Sakinah, Sakina is a religious name which is derived from the Arabic word sukun, meaning ‘peace’.

53. Sherine

A cute and modern name just like its meaning, Sherine could be the perfect name for your little princess. Sherine in Arabic means ‘sweet’ and ‘pleasant’.

54. Shokoufeh

A rare name, Shokoufeh has Persian origins and means ‘blossom’.

55. Soheila

This beautiful name has a more beautiful meaning, ‘star.’

56. Sufia

A cute feminine name, Sufia in Urdu means ‘a person who follows Sufism with a clean and pure heart’.

57. Siddiqah

Siddiqah is an Arabic name that means ‘a person who keeps her word or promise’.

58. Taima

Cute, unique and short, Taima stands for ‘thunder’ or ‘oasis’.

59. Tala

A worldly name, Tala has many origins. In Arabic, this short and cute name means ‘palm tree’. In Persian, this name means ‘gold, and in Norwegian and Swedish, it means ‘noble natured’.

60. Talibah

An unusual Arabic name for girls, Talibah means ‘the one who seeks knowledge’.

61. Tasnim

Tasnim refers to one of the several sacred rivers mentioned in the Quran. It is an Arabic religious name which means ‘a spring in paradise’.

62. Tehzib

A beautiful feminine name, Tehzib means ‘grace’ and ‘elegance,’ a perfect name for your daughter!

63. Yamama

A pretty unusual name, Yamama is an Arabic origin name which means ‘wild dove’ that denotes speed and agility.

64. Yasmin

One of the cutest girl names in Arabic, Yasmin is the Arabic name of the jasmine flower.

65. Zakiyah

Zakiyah is a lovely Arabic name for girls that has multiple meanings, one of which is ‘intelligent’.

The list of trending and unique Muslim names is simply never-ending! Since there are so many names available, choosing one out of the many is what makes it all the more difficult! But the cumbersome task of selecting a name that suits the personality and gives an identity to your little bundle of joy is something every parent has to go through. Sometimes you just come across a name that simply clicks in your mind that this is the one! So keep looking for the right one, and you would know once you get it. We hope the above list will help you choose one such a beautiful name for your daughter. All the best and happy parenting!

Infographics: Beautiful Arabic Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

Beautiful Arabic Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

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