Jayden Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Jayden Name Meaning and Origin

Jayden is a non-traditional name variant of the Biblical name Jadon that has a Hebrew origin. It may have come from the English name Jaden or Jade or maybe a compound form of Jacob and Aidan. This modern version of the name combines the “jay” sound found in Jason with the -den suffix used in names like Aiden and Hayden. It has multiple variants with other spellings like Jaydan, Jaydyn, Jaydon, Jaydin, Jaden, and the more legitimate Aidan/Aiden and Hayden. Meaning “thankful,” Jayden as a given name can be used for both boys and girls, though it has gained more acceptance as a boy name.

What Does Jayden Mean?

Presumably created in the US, this new name came into prominence only in the 1990s. The meaning of Jayden can be translated into ‘God has heard’ or ‘thankful’ or might refer to ‘the green semi-precious stone Jade.’ Jadon finds a mention in the Old Testament where he rebuilds the walls of Jerusalem.


This gender-neutral name of American origin is a form of Jaden. Jayden might also have been a descendant of trendy names of the last generation, such as Jason and Jay. The Hebrew name Jadon or Yadon means “he will judge,” and it appears in the Bible in Nehemiah 3:7.




  • Ja(y)-den
  • JAY dun


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Jayden name variations offer several choices to your baby naming table. Here are some of the other spellings for Jayden that have become widely used in different languages and cultures:

Name Origin
 Jade Spanish
Jayde Spanish
Jaden Hebrew
Jadon Hebrew
Jaedon Hebrew
Jaiden Hebrew
Jaydon Hebrew
Aidan Irish
Ayden Irish
Aydan Gaelic
Jaysen Hebrew
Jayven Hebrew
Jace American
Jameson English
Jaxon English

How Popular Is the Name Jayden?

Jayden is a stylish name that is a part of the suffix -ayden trend wearing well on any little boy. An updated version of yesteryear’s Jason and Jordan, Jayden exudes a cool and familiar feel with its charming inner ‘Y.’ According to Social Security Administration data, the name entered the Top 1000 names of US in 1994 at the 850th spot. The Jayden popularity ranking soared to epidemic proportions through the late 1990s until it peaked, entering the top 50 names since 2006 and maintaining a spot in the top five in 2010 and 2011. The baby name ranking climbed to number 62 and peaked at number 4 in 2011 with 16,979 newborns named Jayden. Jayden ranked at number 26 in the United States in 2017. The frequency of usage of a unique name like Jayden and its variants is seeing a sudden surge in interest in the US. Moreover, the usage of ‘J’ names, the popularity of two-syllable names ending in ‘N’ and celebrity parents like Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith and pop star Britney Spears choosing this name for their sons has made Jayden a favorite among new parents.

Interest in Jayden – Worldwide

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Over the last seven years, search trends for the name Jayden have recorded a value of over 60 in the popularity index reaching 100 in July 2017. The lowest value was recorded in April 2021 at just 32.

Interest in Jayden – US

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Over the decade, search trends for Jayden have recorded a value of over 35 in the popularity index reaching 100 in July 2017. The name gained the lowest interest at 27 in August 2021.

The Popularity of the name Jayden

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Jayden – Worldwide

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Search trends show that the name has been searched most in El Salvador in the last ten years, followed by Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras. Jayden, as a name with a voguish appeal and the gratitude shown to God in its profound meaning, can be stated to appeal to new parents across such a variety of countries and cultures.

Search trends of Jayden – US

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The sub-region of Hawaii in the US is leading in terms of the most searched city over the last ten years. Following this, North Dakota, Arizona, Mexico, and Nebraska are some of the top 5 cities of the US where the most searches for Jayden have been recorded over the last decade.

Middle Names That Go With Jayden

Despite the primary focus on the first name, the middle name can be equally important as well. Here are some of the quirky, short, and sweet double names with Jayden that can augment your baby’s forename:

Archer Asher
Bruce Blake
Cole Charles
Gabriel Joseph
Miles Rhys
Elliot Spencer
Henry Quincy
Eric Xavier
Felix Tyler
Cedric Jude
Joshua Elijah

Famous People Named Jayden

Celebrity names get instant recognition due to their wide presence in the media. Here are some of the popular famous people called Jayden:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Jayden Antwi-Nyame English Footballer
Jayden Attard Australian Footballer
Jayden Brailey Australian Rugby Player
Jayden Stockley English Footballer
Jayden Yuan Chinese Actor
Jayden Walker Italian Rugby Player
Jayden Short Australian Footballer
Jayden Levitt South African Cricketer
Jayden Hunt Australian Footballer
Jayden Hodges Australian Rugby Player
Jayden Bartels American You Tuber
Jayden Hadler Australian Swimmer
Jayden Hayward New Zealand Rugby Union Player
Jayden Ngamanu Australian Rugby Player
Jayden Pitt Australian Footballer
Jaden Smith Actor
Jaden Betts Voice Actor

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Jayden can be a perfect mix of classic and contemporary. Family names for Jayden offer a lot of history about any particular family tree. Here are some of the other names for Jayden that may bring a touch of style to your child’s overall persona.

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Justin Johnson
Jacob Martinez
Joshua Taylor
Jared Moore
Jaiden Hernandez
Jason Gonzales
Ashton Lee
Devon Davis
Madison White
Brooklyn Harris
Logan Robinson

Names That Sound Like Jayden

Names rhyming with Jayden have a similar gentle sound and vibe. Here are some names that may possess a lyrical quality perfect for your happy and bouncing Jayden:

Brayden Kayden
Ryan Jaykob
Jayronn Jayvyn
Jaylonn Jayelen
Jayvee Adam
Jaydon Jaye
Aaden Jaydian
Jaydn Peyton
Kason Brayden
Landon Keaton

Sibling Names Related to Jayden

Sibling names are chosen to create a consistent style and well-coordinated balance between them. Here is a definitive guide to some of the best sibling names that go with Jayden:

Sister Names for Jayden Brother Names for Jayden
Lacie Jenson
Paige Tylan
Ellie Tyler
Olivia Isaac
Casey Robbie
Jasmine Bryony
Jesse Justin
Joel Jonathan
Jace Jack
Katherine Geoffrey

Nicknames for Jayden

Nicknames are unique in their way as they are a form of endearment and sometimes amusement. Here are some unique nicknames for the name Jayden that will make a definitive mark in your baby’s childhood memories:

J Jay
Jade Jadie
Judy Mr. J
Adan Jadon
Jenga Jelly-Bean
Jambo Jojo
Dojo Jewel
Genie Juice Box
Juju Bean Papa Jones
Jun Jean

Used mostly in English-speaking countries, Jayden is a name that signifies thankfulness and gratitude towards the lord. Considering its beautiful meaning that relates to the baby as a God’s gift, this inventive name is surely witnessing a surge in popularity that’s hard to ignore.


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