Top 100 Romanian Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

100 Romanian Names for Girls and Boys

One of the most fun activities to do when expecting is thinking of a perfect name for your baby. There are different options to choose from, and zeroing in on the best one can be quite a challenge. Luckily for you, we’ve got a great list of baby names to choose from. In this article, we have compiled a list of 100 Romanian names for baby boys and girls that you can choose from.

Romanian names are considered enchanting and exotic as they’re from one of the most beautiful regions in the world. You’ll be able to get some impressive names for both boys and girls in our list below. Read on to know some cute Romanian names for your little one.

50 Romanian Girls Names With Meanings

There are many beautiful and unique Romanian names for baby girls that you can choose from our list curated below. 

1. Agrippina

This is a Romanian female name that means ‘the one who is born feet first.’

2. Alexandrina

This is another variant of the name Alexandra, and it means ‘one who defends people.’

3. Andrada

This is the Romanian version of the name Andrea, and it means ‘manly and strong.’

4. Angelika

A cute name for a baby girl, Angelika means ‘like an angel’.

5. Anicuta

This is a variant of the name Anna, which means ‘God is Gracious’ or ‘gracious.’

6. Antanasia

A royal name for your little girl, Antanasia in Romanian, means ‘one who is immortal’ or ‘will be reborn.’

7. Arsenie

This is a variation of the name Arsenia, and the meaning is ‘virile.’

8. Byni

Byni is a name given to Roman cognomen, and it means ‘sabine.’

9. Catina

An innocent name for a Romanian girl, Catina, literally means ‘pure.’

10. Cici

Cici means ‘someone born at daybreak.’

11. Cipriana

Romanian names also extend to people from other countries. This name means ‘from the Island of Cyprus.’

12. Crina

Crina is a popular Romanian name that means ‘lily flower.’

13. Daciana

Daciana is a great Romanian name for a girl, and it means “full of strength.”

14. DeLorean

This name is a surname but has become a choice of the first name lately.

15. Mihaela

The name Mihaela means ‘one that is God’.

16. Dol

This is a variant of the name Dorothy, which means ‘Gift of God.’

17. Dorotthea

This is another variation of the name Dorothy, and it means ‘Gift of God.’

18. Dumitra

This name is derived from Dumeter, which means ‘earth lover.

19. Elenuta

Elenuta is one of the variants of Helen, which means ‘bright’ or ‘shining one.’

20. Elisabeta

In the Romanian version of the name Elizabeth, Elisabeta means ‘God is my oath.’

21. Enrieta

Enrieta is a variation of the name Henrietta, and it means ‘state ruler.’

22. Fisseha

A lovely Romanian Female name, Fisseha, means ‘mirthful’ or ‘blissful joy.’

23. Fitrat

A deep name, Fitrat means ‘the inherent temperament or the basic nature of a person”.

24. Francise

A derivative of the English name Frances, Francise means “free man.”

25. Georgeta

Georgeta basically refers to “rancher” or “grower.”

26. Ioana

A lovely female name, Ioana, means “God is gracious” in Romanian.

27. Iolanda

This is the Romanian derivative of Yolanda, and it means the color “purple.”

28. Irini

Irini is a derivative of the English name, Irene and it means “peaceful.”

29. Iudita

This name is derived from another name Judith. It means a woman from Judea.

30. Juliani

A lovely name from Romania, Juliani is “someone who possesses many qualities.” These can include generosity, kindness, and nobility.

31. Luminita

A name that means “the guiding light,” Luminita is an old Romanian name for girls.

32. Marioara

Marioara is a Romanian name that means “a wished child.”

33. Miriana

This name is a derivative of Mira, and this means “wonderful.”

34. Petronela

The Romanian variant of Petronilla, Petronela, is a common girl’s name that means “rock.”

35. Relia

Relia is derived from Aurelia, and this is the name for gold.

36. Romanitza

This is a popular Romanian name, and it means “someone from Rome.”

37. Ruxandra

Ruxandra is a lovely name for a Romanian girl, and it means “dawn.”

38. Shimeka

Shimeka is a beautiful Romanian name for a little girl; it means “princess.”

39. Silviea

A derivation of the name Silvia, Silviea means “a woman of the woods.”

40. Soreana

This name means “strict and stern.”

41. Soreena

This name is similar to Soreana, and it means “strict” or “stern.”

42. Sorina

Someone who is radiant like the sun is named Sorina in Romania.

43. Stefana

In Romanian, a beautiful and royal name for a little girl, Stefana, means “crown.”

44. Tait

If someone brings joy, Tait is the name you must bestow upon them.

45. Talyssa

The name means “consecrated to God.”

46. Tassa

Tassa is a popular Romanian name that is a shortened version of Natasha. It means “born at Christmas.”

47. Tatum

This is a cute little name for a Romanian girl, and it means “someone who brings joy.”

48. Teagen

For your little girl, this is a suitable name as it means “good looking.”

49. Ursule

Lovers of animals can name their little girl Ursule, and it means “little bear cub.”

50. Wannetta

This is a popular Romanian name, and it stands for someone fair and light.

The above list includes some of the Romanian girls’ names you can choose from. Now, let’s take a look at some Romanian boy names.


50 Romanian Boys Names With Meaning

We’ve also curated a list of cute Romanian baby boy names for you to choose from. Check out this list of names –

1. Alexandru

Alexandru is a great old Greek name that means “defender of men,” It is also a variant of the name Alexander.

2. Anatolie

Anatolie is a popular name for boys, and it means “someone from the East.”

3. Anghel

This is the Romanian form of the word “Angel.”

4. Atanase

Atanase is a powerful name for Romanian boys. It means “someone immortal.”

5. Avram

Avram is a common name in Romania, and it means “Father of the multitude” in Hebrew. It is a derivative of the name Abraham.

6. Benedikte

This is also a variant of the name Benedict, and it means “blessed one.”

7. Bogdi

A derivative of the common name Bogdan, Bogdi means “given by God.”

8. Boian

Boian is a name that’s given to someone who is a warrior or soldier.

9. Caturix

This is the name for the Helviti war God.

10. Codrin

Codrin means “of the forest.” It is a perfect name for those who associate themselves with nature.

11. Corneliu

Corneliu is a Romanian name, and it is the derivative of Cornelius, which means “horn.”

12. Costache

In the Romanian version of the name Constantin, Costache means “steadfast” or “constant.”

13. Cristian

Someone who is a disciple of Christ is called Cristian.

14. Cristofor

This is the Romanian form of the name Christopher, and it means “follower of Christ.”

15. Danut

This is the Romanian form of the name Daniel, and it means “someone beloved.”

16. Decebal

If you’d like your son to have a strong name, then you can name him Decebal. It means “powerful” or “strong.”

17. Dela

This is a variant of Andrew in English, and it means “brave.”

18. Denis

This name means “Greek God of Wine” and is the Romanian form of Dionysus.

19. Dinu

This is another name given to the Greek God of Wine. It is the Romanian version of the name Dionisie.

20. Dorin

This is a strong name for a Romanian boy, and it means “someone determined and still tender-hearted.”

  1. Ionuţ

This is a Romanian name that means “God is Gracious.”

22. Ferka

If you’re inspired by French culture, then Ferka is a good name to give your kid as it means “French” or “Frenchman.”

23. Fiora

This is the name for the Roman Goddess of Spring, and it means “a blossomed flower.”

24. Flaviu

The name means “golden” or “yellow-haired,” and it is the Romanian form of Flavius.

25. Florin

This name means “flower,” and it is the diminutive of the Latin word Fiore.

26. Garridan

Someone who keeps secrets within himself is called Garridan.

27. Geofri

A name that means a “peaceful ruler” and is a great choice for a baby boy.

28. Ghenadie

It’s the Romanian name of Gennadias, and this means “generous” or “noble.”

29. Gheorghe

A popular name in Romania, it is an occupational name, and it means “farmer.”

30. Godoired

This is a variation of the name Godfrey, and it means God’s peaceful ruler.

31. Grigore

This name is the Romanian version of Gregory, and it means “alert” or “watchful.”

32. Haralamb

This name means “to shine from happiness.”

33. Horatiu

The Romanian variant of the name Horatius, this name means “hour,” “time,” or “season.”

34. Horea

This name comes from a type of dance, which is performed in a closed circle. Some also recognize it as a circle dance.

35. Iancu

This is the Romanian version of John, and it means “gracious.”

36. Ilei

The name means “my God is Yahweh.”

37. Ion

This name is a variant of Ioanenes, and it means “God is gracious.”

38. Ionatan

This name is a version of Jonathan, and it means “God has given.”

39. Ionel

This is the pet version of Ioan, and it also means “God is gracious.”

40. Ionut

The Romanian version of the name John. The name also means “God is gracious.”

41. Iorghu

Georgios is the English version of this name. It means “farmer” or “earth-worker.”

42. Iosif

This name means “God shall add another son.”

43. Iosua

A variant of the English name Joshua that means “salvation.”

44. Iulian

Being the Romanian version of Julian, this name means “youthful.”

45. Ivantie

This is a nice Romanian name, and it means “a Glorious gift.”

  1. Luca

A derivative of “Lucas,” this word means light.

47. Ladinas

This is a brave name, and it means “Warrior Chief.”

48. Laurentiu

Being the Romanian version of Laurentius, this name means “laurel.”

49. Mircea

This name means “a peaceful person.”

50. Marku

This name is a unique name that means “defender of the sea.”

These are some of the most popular Romanian names for you to choose from. Whether you have a boy or a girl, we’ve got you covered with an extensive list from which you’ll be able to give your child an exotic name they can be proud of.

Make sure you go through the entire list and understand the meaning properly before you decide on one. It’s a fun process to do with your partner or other family members to find something that fits your little one perfectly. Good luck on the wonderful journey that awaits you!

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