School Success Tips for Divorced Parents

Effective Tips for Divorced Parents to Interact With Kids’ Schools

Divorce puts a family in the most painful situation. The worst effect is on the children and their studies. But efficient planning by the parents will enable a successful schooling for their children. Take a look at these back to school strategies and school success ideas for divorced parents.

Divorce is a tough decision and makes the couples loose their focus on children. Children are often stranded in between their parents which affects their performance at school. But with careful planning and efforts, parents can work on a smooth transition and emphasize on back to school essentials. Divorced parents should keep aside their anger and ego and work together for the welfare of the children. Although it is really difficult to let go of the bitterness of the past, keeping your kids as center of focus really helps in getting back to normal life.

Back to School Strategies for Divorced Parents

1. Communicate with the School

Both the parents should inform the school about the divorce and ask for special attention for their children till they spring back to their usual form. Informing the school about the custody arrangements and providing contact details of both parents will help the school in getting touch with either of the parents. Request the school to send two copies of all announcements so that both parents are aware of the happenings in the child’s school life. Parents can also keep in touch with the teachers to know the progress of the child’s studies.

2. Separate the Duties Equally

Both the parents should share the school duties of children equally. Keep the essentials for homework at both the houses. Both mom and dad can try to attend the parent teacher meetings and any other events in school.

Separate the Duties Equally

3. Be Sensitive to the Children

Children undergo a lot of mental trauma because of divorce. They are confused about the things happening around them and try to stay away from both parents. They need a lot of emotional support. So, be sensitive to their feelings. Spend quality time with them and help out with their studies and homework. Co-parenting after divorce is the key to success.

4. Lay the Rules and Provide Support

Divorced parents usually tend to loosen the rules and neglect the undisciplined behavior of the children due to their own stress. But this attitude is wrong. The experts and family counselors advice divorced parents to lay the rules strictly and adhere to it.

5. Schedule the Activities

Make a list of activities the children like — school projects, sports coaching, dance class or gym, and divide the schedule among both parents. In joint custody arrangement, judicial dividing of the child’s time is very important so that there is less transition. For some parents, the nesting arrangement works, where the child is permanently stationed at one house and the parents alternate to be with the child.

It is the responsibility of the parents to provide an amicable environment to live in, for their children. Proper co-parenting makes the children feel secure, consistent and supportive. Divorced parents should discard the past and consider the present as a new life dedicated entirely for the wellness of the children. A healthy handling of relationship sets an example for the children about problem solving and mutual understanding. Like good and bad marriages, there are also good and bad divorces. Divorced parents should work in a team to show their children that life can still be good after a divorce, setting aside their emotional disturbances of the past.

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