Tips to Prevent Jealousy in Your Toddler Towards a New Sibling

Sibling Jealousy in Young Toddlers

Jealousy is a very normal emotion, in both children and adults. So, if your 15-month-old baby is feeling jealous of someone, say his new sibling, consider it normal. Make sure you assure your child of your unbiased love that will never decrease!

Jealousy in young children is very common especially in families with more than one child. This feeling is a natural tendency in toddlers, especially when it comes to a new sibling. Such sibling rivalry stems in an elder sibling who may think that somebody else is overtaking his position or his share of love is being given to someone else. If you’re in the middle of this storm, we have a few ways to get you to the shore safe.

Dos and Don’ts for Preventing Jealousy in Your Toddler

  • Every Child needs Attention

Pay each child enough attention- enough according to the child and not you. Spend time with each child separately, one-on-one, so that each child gets an equal amount of time with you. Make sure that the other child is constructively occupied so that they don’t interfere in your one-on-one time with the other sibling or worse, feel ignored.

  • Praise your Children

Every child likes to be praised and appreciated. Praise each child to his/her face. Tell them what you like about them, and if they have done well in something don’t hesitate to express your appreciation. Each child has praise-worthy qualities – focus on them especially if there’s a new baby’s in the house.

Praise your Children

  • Give the Elder Child Importance

If you’re getting home your newborn, try to have daddy or some other relative carry him in. As a mother, you should go straight to the older child and hug him to assure him of your love. Also, it’s a good idea to carry a gift for the elder one from the new entrant to break the awkwardness.

  • Prepare the Child in Advance

Prepare your child and help him understand how a new member is about to join the family. Don’t tell the child that you wanted another baby like him. Also, don’t tell the older sibling that you’re getting a baby so he can have someone to play with. The baby is not going to be able to play with your older one before a few years, and that’ll just bring disappointment to the elder child

  • Let your Children Bond

Let the older child bond with the new entrant in the family. Let him hold the baby, with your help, of course. Experts say that a baby’s head gives off pheromones and when we inhale them we fall in love with the baby and begin to feel protective. Let your older child help you with the baby as much as he wants, under your supervision.

It’s not easy to handle jealousy in toddlers, especially if it’s jealousy against a newborn sibling. As a mother, you’re occupied with the newborn and your elder one demands attention too. However, if you can nip this jealousy in your toddler in the initial stages, you’re sure to have very well bonded siblings, who’ll make great playmates for each other in the future.

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