10 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy (Despite Hearing All the Horror Stories)

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10 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy (Despite Hearing All the Horror Stories

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You probably have a lot on your mind now that you’re pregnant. You might be worrying about the things you should do, the foods you should eat and avoid, and the precautions you need to take for a healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, and other pregnancy symptoms might not be making things easier. But if you choose to be positive, you can make the most of your nine months. You can enjoy your pregnancy and relax before the baby is out.

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How to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Want to know how to take your mind off the worries and enjoy being pregnant? Read these tips and get ready to embrace motherhood to the fullest.

1. Start Reading

You’ll be having plenty of time on your hands when you’re expected to relax and kick back a little. It’s time to read your favourite books or perhaps try some new ones, which have been there on your reading list. When your baby comes out, you won’t have much time for your hobbies, so make the most of your nine months and read now. You’ll also have new stories to tell your bundle of joy.

Start Reading

2. Listen to Music

If you’re having a hard time relaxing, listen to catchy tunes. Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin are musical geniuses and have composed the classiest tracks you’d love hearing. Plus, music has been shown to stimulate white matter growth in the brain. And if you want your baby to be born a genius, play some tracks and let him/her listen to them too.

Listen to Music

3. Go for Walks

There’s something mesmerizing about going for long strolls outside, be it to the park, the beach, or just your neighbourhood. If you feel stressed out – just taking a walk will help you relax. Connect with nature or visit the zoo, if you have one in your city. You’ll appreciate it. Plus, the fresh air and sunshine will be good for you.

Go for Walks

4. Make the Most of Favours

Pregnancy is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask and receive favours. You’ll find your neighbours and friends being willing to help out. Make the most of these situations. If someone offers you a special seat on the bus, take it. If someone gets you takeaway and it’s healthy, eat it. Appreciate the favours you’re getting during pregnancy.

5. Meditate and Get Creative

You’ll be navigating through a storm of positive and negative emotions while pregnant. This is the time to get reflective and look back a little. Think about what attracted you to your life partner, what aspirations do you hold for the future, and what would you want your ideal family to be like. Write in a journal and if you have emotions bottled up, express it on paper. Drawing is also a fantastic way to express your emotions and create beautiful works of art too.

Meditate and Get Creative

6. Take Naps

You need to rest during pregnancy so make sure you get enough sleep at night. Along with that, you should also take naps during the day. Naps can be refreshing and you will feel powered up after a nap.

Take Naps

7. Hang Out with Your Friends

If you’re thinking of hanging out or partying a bit to relax, meet up with your friends. Get social, shop for pregnancy clothes, and show off your bump. Love yourself the way you are and socialize a little. You can even attend tea parties or go out shopping together too. It’s a nice way to take the mind off and relax, so enjoy and live in the moment without spending a lot of time in your head.

Hang Out with Your Friends

8. Go for a Spa

Pregnancy is a time when you are pampered by all, and you deserve it! But you need to pamper yourself too. Pamper yourself by going for a spa or a massage at a parlour. Try out their new skincare or haircare routines, after making sure that they are safe and follow proper hygiene practices. You won’t get a lot of room for these things once you’re busy taking care of your munchkin.

Go for a Spa

9. Watch Your Favourite Movies

Love watching movies and TV shows? Watch them during pregnancy! Now that you will have plenty of time, watch your favourite movies or try out some new shows. You may enjoy them; plus movies and shows might even take your mind off pregnancy issues and help you relax!

Watch Your Favourite Movies

10. Join Prenatal Workout Classes

Staying in shape and taking care of your body can make your pregnancy a lot easier. Working out relaxes the mind and connects you with your soul. Sign up for prenatal workout or yoga classes 4 months before conception and make the most out of them. But do check with your doctor before you join workout classes. 

Join Prenatal Workout Classes

You will feel a range of emotions while pregnant, and if it’s your first time, you are bound to feel anxious. But don’t stress yourself. Try to look at the positive things and stay happy. Enjoy your pregnancy because it’s certainly a unique phase in life, one that you can look back upon and cherish always!

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