Top 70 Druid Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

70 Popular Druid Names for Boys and Girls

The word Druid will surely ring a bell if you are into reading fantasy novels, shows, and movies. Druids are Celtic religious leaders involved in meditation, mysticism, and magic according to the book “The Druids” by Nora K Chadwick. Some people follow Druidism as a spiritual awakening or a religion. Derived from “Dru” (Celtic word) meaning “oak” and “wid” (Indo-European word) meaning “to know”, Druidism is a storehouse for names. Druids served as the guardian of the world and used their magic to protect and preserve places where beasts still existed. Good Druid names can have a deep meaning and significance to those who pursue the philosophy.

Druids are known to have magical powers. Their powers are very close to nature, and they also have the skill to transform into animal forms. Druid names originated from the pre-Christian Celtic priests who were also called druids.

Druids are famous because of their power to invoke the forces of nature and shift into creatures of the animal kingdom. They are considered to be symbolic of resilient solid nature and are also known for their wrath and cunning nature. They are respected as they possess no arrogance or vanity and do not in any way control nature. Druids consider themselves to be an extension of nature and pride in being able to coexist with it.

If you want to name your little one with a moniker that is mysterious and alluring, great Druid names are an excellent option. Below is a list of well-curated decent Druid names that will catch your fancy!

35 Famous Druid Baby Boy Names With Meanings

If you are going to have a boy or secretly wish for a boy. You wish that your boy is similar to the character of your favorite fantasy character. What do you name him? Do you want to name him after a wizard, sorcerer, mighty king? Have you thought of a druid? Druids were magical characters appearing in fantasy novels and series. Popular in Ireland, Scotland, and Celtic regions, druid folklore has several names for boys that sound different. You could choose from the names listed below for your boy if you follow the Druid philosophy:

1. Acheron

The name of Greek origin, means “river of woe or sorrow”. Although the meaning seems to sound depressing, the name has a definite effect when it is spoken. The very sound of it makes it seem like addressing a warrior.

2. Adriel

The name means “God’s helper” and is of Hebrew origin. If you are a firm believer in God, then the name sound angelic.

3. Aglain

Leader of the Druids and one of the best Druid boy names is considered to be of Moorish origins. It means “born again”.  The name has a resounding effect to it when said and will go well with any family name.

4. Ari

A druid sorcerer, Ari is an ally with Morgana and the arch-rival of Merlin. In Nordic ancestry, the name means “eagle”. Short, sweet, and concise, it can make a great name for a boy.

5. Balfor

Meaning “pasture” or “grass”, the name is of Gaelic origin. The name has a rustic appeal to it and will be good for someone who is raised in the countryside or woods.

6. Ballar

Another one of Gaelic origin, the name means “noisy” or “boastful”. Although the name does not have a very pleasant meaning, the sound of it seems different and classy.

7. Beiric

Beiric is an English name meaning “grainy farm”. So, if you happen to be a farmer and want to continue the lineage, then start with this name.

8. Cailte

In the Fenian cycle mythology, Cailte got his powers by slaying werewolves. Of Gaelic origin, the name means powerful and definitely

9. Cathbad

The name has its roots in Irish origin and means “the chief druid in the court of King Conchobar”. Cathbad was known for his knowledge and wisdom on herbs and potions.

10. Cerdan

A war expert and druid master, Cerdan was executed by King Uther. Cerdan was also the mentor for the druid Mordred and the name is of Spanish ancestry. It means “wise” or “prudent”.

11. Daegal

A young druid from the royal city of Camelot, Daegal was known to be brave and selfless in Arthurian lore. He sacrificed himself to save the kind and the name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “dweller by the lake”. If you have a home by the lake then this name will be ideal for your boy.

12. Dax

Of French origin, Dax means a leader. If you think your little boy is born to be one, then this short yet powerful name is the ideal one.

13. Diarmuid

One of the fiercest members of the Riannna, Diarmuid had powers that he used in battles and wars. The English version of the name is Jeremy and it means “one loved by all”.

14. Domingo

The name means “of the Lord” and is of Spanish origin. If you belong to a family that believes in religion and visits the Church regularly, then this would be a nice name.

15. Dubhtach

A name of Celtic origin, means “black”. A very rare-sounding name, it definitely seems like a name out of a fantasy book.

16. Emrys

Of Welsh origin, one of the old Druid names, it means immortal. It has been derived from mythological figures.

17. Enzo

If you want your sunny boy to be a winner, then name him one. Of Italian origin, Enzo means “winner.” The name sounds different and seems rare too.

18. Fintan

The name appears in Irish folktales and in Gaelic means the “fair one”. Fintan also known as the wise one was the druid seer with the ability to transform into animal forms. Just two syllables,one can also shorten itd to Fin for a nickname.

19. Fionn

Legendary stories of Fionn mac Cumhall are popular in Ireland and Scotland. A druid, warrior, and adventure seeker, Fion and his followers called Fianna are part of the literature called the Finian cycle. The name is of Gaelic origin and means “fair-haired”.

20. Gilmac

The name Gilmac is of Gaelic origin and means “stronghold.” Gilmac was a member of the Fianna, the druid army and followed Fionn mac Cumhall, the legendary hero. He was more of an uneasy ally.

21. Iapetus

A war-God, appearing in the shape of a wolf Iapetus pierces the stars to ooze blood. He was worshipped by the Gauls and is of Celtic origin. If you seem to be in awe of curious-looking creatures and their names, then this one is a great choice.

22. Iseldir

A reputed druid chieftain who kept several closely guarded druid secrets, Isledir was a seer and a gifted fortune teller. He aided King Arthur in keeping things in order. Of Celtic origin, the name roughly means “soldier” or “brave”.

23. Kent

A name of English origin, it means “coastal land.” The name will remind you of Clark Kent, a powerful character from the Superman movie. Although, it sounds English the name is a great first name and will go well with any family name.

24. Kian

A bard who wrote famous poems, Kian is popular as a literary figure even today. The name is of Gaelic origin and means “ancient.” The beauty of this name is that it sounds contemporary and trendy even today.

25. Lochru

The name does not have any origin and is fictional. But the name means a “Druid seer.”

26. Lugh

In Irish mythology, Lugh is another name for the Sun God. It means “bright and shiny,” which denotes the sun. Lugh was also a shy herb master and druid known to heal and create different potions in the Irish Fenian mythology.

27. Merlin

A legendary mythical figure, Merlin always appears alongside King Arthur. Considered as a powerful and intelligent wizard, Merlin used his gifts for the better of mankind. The lore of Merlin originates from Welsh mythology and means “fortress near the sea.” Merlin belonged to the order of the druids where he was trained to become a wizard.

28. Mordred

A luminous figure in druid mythology, Mordred had to make some hard decisions owing to circumstances even though he had a kind heart. An important character in the legend of King Arthur, the name Mordred is of Latin origin and is derived from Mordredus and means “brave”.

29. Nuada

Nuada is an important figure in Irish folklore and translates to “cloud maker.” Nuada was respected as one of the first Nuadat family and trained many druids and warlocks.

30. Oisin

A famous poet and bard, Oisin contributed immensely to the literature of the Fenian cycle. His work is respected across Scotland and Ireland and sheds a lot of light on the lifestyle of the druids.  Of Irish origin, it means “a small deer”.

31. Ruadan

If you have a boy who has red hair, then this name is perfect. Or Irish descent, the name means “red-haired.” Red hair to the druids was an initial sign of magical ability, and the name became very popular.

32. Sylvan

A beautiful name, it is for someone who loves nature and its bounty. The name is of Latin origin and means “of the forest.” Your boy could well be on his way to be adventure seeker if you name him so.

33. Tadg

Tadg in Irish mythology was a druid who possessed the power to foresee the future and advise rulers and kings accordingly. Spelled also as Tadhg, the name means “poet” or “bard: in Celtic dialects.

34. Taliesin

Or Welsh mythology, the name means “radiant brow.” Taliesin was also one among the three chief bards in Britain alongside Aneirin and Cian.

35. Tiago

A Latin name meaning “supplanter,” it has a unique charisma to it. The sound by itself is enchanting and is instantly likable.


35 Adorable Druid Baby Girl Names With Meanings

In Druid folklore, women were considered to be strong species. Most druid women possessed powers to whip up herbs and potions and also rose to the status of warriors. Many Druid women were also involved in creating armies of warriors to protect the kingdom. Druidesses as women are known in Druid folklore are strong, ethical, and powerful characters. Some popular druid names for women are listed below:

1. Amaris

One of the famous Druid girl names, Amaris is a sweet name of Hebrew origin. It means “gifted by God.” Amaris is a minor character and a member of the Fianna. Eventually, Amaris quits Fianna and leaves the druidic life.

2. Aria

Aria, a name of Gaelic origin, it has a pleasant tone to it. Short and sweet, it means “music” or “song.” A very common name across Europe, it is a very popular name among druids for women.

3. Aviana

If you want your daughter to soar high in the sky like a bird, Aviana is Latin for “birdlike”. Just name her that and your little one is sure to scale heights.

4. Becuille

A sorcerer and druid in the Greek mythologies, Becuille is a kind-hearted warlock. She joined forces with two other sorcerers and takes on the evil rulers of her time. Originating from Greek, and means “pleasant” or “calm.”

5. Bertha

A popular name in the Arthurian era, it is very common for Druid families to name their child Bertha. The name is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means “bright one”.

6. Birog

The name sounds male but Birog was a druidess known for her kindness. Considered part human and spirit, Boirag guides the king in making the right decisions for the future and the betterment of the kingdom. A name belonging to the gypsy ancestry, it means “strong” and “large”.

7. Brenonna

Of Gaelic origin, the name means “ virtuous, strong and noble”.  Slightly long, it has a wonderful feel to it. The name has a fairy tale-like quality to it too.

8. Bryrona

Of English origin, the name means “from the barns” and is suitable for someone who has a large farmyard to tend to. If you want your daughter to be the fiery kind, brazens those stormy nights to look after the barn, then this could be the best name.

9. Camma

A variant of the Latin name Camilla, it means “a religious person”. A mythological figure, Camma was a Celtic druidess who was an assistant to the master Tadg. A very rare name, it is ideal for one who wants a different name.

10. Celestina

Of French origin, the name has an English aspect to it. It means exactly what it means in English – heavenly. Your daughter is certainly a gift from heaven and what better way to name her.

11. Dornoll

A famous druidess known to train young druids and warlocks; she was famous for churning out epic heroes who served King Arthur. Of Gaelic origin, the name means “courageous “ or “brave.”

12. Druidia

Meaning “knower of the Oak tree”, the name is of Celtic origin and is a wonderful sounding name. With just over three syllables, the name has a feminine feel to it.

13. Ella

A shortened version of Eleanor and of German origin, the name has a great meaning. It means “bright light” and also has a fairy tale feel to it. Very popular in Ireland and Scotland the name is very popular as a nickname in old druid folklore.

14. Faustina

A beautiful sounding name, the name means “fortunate.” Of Latin origin, it is a lovely name for your gorgeous bundle of joy. A very rare name, it is prevalent in Druid philosophy.

15. Flidais

Similar to Roman Artemis, Flidais is a druidess and goddess. She was known for her affable temperament and intelligence. She could wield the power of invisibility as a druidess. The name is of Irish origin and means “beautiful flowing hair.” If your girl is born with lovely hair, then this could be a great pick.

16. Gaine

Originating from Norman, the name means “ingenious person or crafty.”  The name may not be appealing but has a wonderful sound to it.

17. Guinevere

A respected figure in Irish lore and mythology, Guinevere is one who starts from a humble beginning to achieve great power after becoming the wife of King Arthur. Of Welsh origin, it means “fair one”.

18. Isolde

Very popular and respected in Irish localities, the name means “ice ruler.” People associate with the epic character of Princess Isolde in the play “Tristan and Isolde.” Isolde was also a druidess and known for her kindness.

19. Joyce

The name means “Joy” and is of Latin origin. It also means “ the Almighty.” The name is very popular in the Irish region and St Patrick has known to mention the name Joyce in the olden days.

20. Keyleth

A druidess who also is a half-elf, the name has origins in Ireland and Scotland. It is loosely thought to mean “courage.” It is a very lilting name and sounds like the name of a princess.

21. Kyrie

In Greek, the name means “the Lord.” If you are of Greek descent, then this name could be a different and nice-sounding one.

22. Lynet

A druidess from the fantasy series Redwood Realms, Lynet is a healer. Known for her knowledge about herbs and potions, she is revered as a character. Of Celtic origin, it means “grace.”

23. Milcah

Your daughter is your queen, and undoubtedly you would think so. But why not call her so in Hebrew. Milcah in Hebrew means “queen,” and what better name for the queen of your life.

24. Muirne

Appearing in the Fenian cycle of Irish mythology, the female druid, Murine, is the mother of the druid warrior Fionn mac Cumhall. She is the daughter of Tadg and the name means “high-spirited” in Irish.

25. Niamh

Another one of Irish origin, the name means “radiant” or “bright” and is pronounced as “Neev.” Druid families used to name their children Niamh because of its alluring and eluding sound.

26. Ono

Of Japanese origin, the name means “small field.” Short, sweet, and with just one syllable, the name packs quite a punch. The beauty of the name is that it will go well with any family name.

27. Oriana

A name of Roman origin, the name has witnessed unprecedented popularity. It is popular in Italy and very popular among gypsy communities. Gypsies were known to practice the druidic arts and sorcery and the name means “dawn” in Latin.

28. Relbeo

A Greek druidess means “red fierce.” If you have the slightest inclination that your daughter is going to be one feisty girl, Relbeo was known to have the prowess of handling fire. As per legend, she is born to royal parentage and heir to the Greek throne.

29. Salali

The name means “squirrel” in Native American and is a name with a rustic touch to it. Rhyming and lyrical, the name is different and sounds very feminine.

30. Sallyanne

The name is long but sounds lilting. In Hebrew, the name means “blossoming princess.” Your daughter is a blossoming princess in the making, and what better way to address it. The name is also quite close to sounding English, with both Sally and Anne being very common names.

31. Sefa

Sefa in Irish mythology was the handmaiden to Queen Guinevere, who possessed druidic powers even though not fully trained. It is a short form of Josephine and means “pure” in Jewish.

32. Sloane

Sloane is a popular protagonist in the book series and a warrior. The name means “little raider” and is of Gaelic ancestry. A very integral part of Druidic lore, Sloane sounds easy yet fierce.

33. Tuirne

Tuirne was the sister of the Muirne and aunt to Fionn mac Cumhall as per the Fenian cycle of mythologies from Ireland. In literature, it is also called “Uirne.” Of Celtic origin, the name means “strength and thorn.”

34. Valmoria

If you want your daughter to write her own destiny, then this is the name you must pick. Of Greek origin, the name itself means “strong destiny” and sounds regal.

35. Wynna

A short form of Winona, the name is of Welsh origin. The name means “pure or fair.” Wynna was a druidess and had a lot of mention in the literature of druidic lore.

Fantasy and adventure are exciting, enchanting, and eluding. Mythological figures, historical achievers, and mystical characters have a mesmerizing effect on us. Be it knights, wizards, druids offer us a glimpse into the surreal world and their experiences pique our curiosity. Their stories and movies provide us an opportunity to delve into a world that we can only imagine in our heads. A druid name derived from druid folklore and mythology will be an excellent choice for someone who loves to live in the fantasy world. With their ability to influence and encompass the whole world, their magical existence seems like an extension to the planet.

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