60 Most Popular Amish Baby Names For Boys And Girls

60 Most Popular Amish Baby Names For Boys And Girls

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Are you someone who loves the old world charm and everything about the ancient, bygone era. Then traditional Amish names would appeal to you. Amish are people who mainly dwell in the US and some other parts of the world. They speak Pennsylvania Dutch and are a close-knit community. Devout, sombre and pious, religion is an integral part of their life and determines a lot about their lifestyle. Amish names reflect beliefs and ideologies that are important to them and are often inspired by the Bible. Most popular Amish names have beautiful meanings and embody their tradition.

Amish Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Dig deep into this exhaustive list of common Amish names for boys to pick a name that reflects the traditional lifestyle of the Amish.

1. Aaron

Aaron in Hebrew means “lofty” or “mountain”, and he was also the oldest brother of Moses according to the Bible.

2. Abram

A biblical variant of the name –Abraham and means “high father” or “father of many”. You can opt for different versions like Abe, Avram or even Bram.

3. Benuel

A variant of Emmanuel, the meaning of the name is unknown. However, the name spells with just two syllables which is a significant determinant to name a baby.

4. Caleb

The name means “ fearless” or “bold” and is perfect if you want your son to grow up as a courageous human.

5. Conrad

Of German origin from Konrad, it means “brave counsel”. An excellent pick for your boy if you want him to grow strong and courageous.

6. Daniel

In Hebrew, it means “God is my judge”. The name is contemporary but has a philosophical meaning to it.

7. Eli

Short and sweet, the name means “my God” or “ascended”. It is believed that the Biblical High Priest Eli judged the kingdom of Israel for 40 years and mentored young Samuel.

8. Freeman

Meaning “free man”, this is for the liberated spirit in your son.

9. Gabriel

With deep biblical roots, Gabriel was the angel who told Mary that she would be giving birth to Jesus. It means “God is my strength” in Hebrew.

10. Harley

The name means “ from the hare’s meadow” and is of English origin. But the name is prevalent among the Amish.

11. Hannes

Short form for Johannes, the name has German and Hebrew roots. It reflects the cultural mix of the Amish tradition.

12. Iddo

A biblical name, the sound of the name is uber cool and hipster. This name is sure to put you, son, on the top of popularity charts.

13. Ivan

A different name, Ivan, means “ gift from God”. If you believe your son is one, then go ahead and zero in on this one.

14. Jeremiah

Once again a name with biblical reference, the name a prophet and means “ exalted of the Lord”. 

15. Jonah

The name means “dove” and appears in the Book of Jonah in the Old Testament. Jonah was one who ran away from the commands of God and got swallowed by a giant fish.

16. Kevin

The Irish meaning means “handsome by birth”, and in Gaelic, it means “gentle”. The name has a lovely lilt to it.

17. Leroy

A prevalent name in the Amish tradition, it means “ regal”.

18. Lloyd

Sounds more like a last name, but it means “grey” and is a fantastic pick for a first name.

19. Marvin

It means “one who lives by the sea”. If you are someone who loves water, then this is a great pick.

20. Noah

“Noah’s Ark” that survived the judgement day is a legend known to all. Noah in Hebrew means “rest” or “repose”.

21. Otto

The name means “the eight born”. But the sound of the name is so pleasing that you can very well choose it for your firstborn too.

22. Petrus

The name means “one of the followers of Joseph”. A different sounding name it is unique and perfect.

23. Reuben

The firstborn son of Jacob, the name means “ behold, a son” on Hebrew. It is trendy in Amish tradition owing to its deep biblical roots.

24. Samuel

The name originates from Shem Alonim and in Hebrew means “God has heard”. It is a prominent Christian name and is still very popular.

25. Sawyer

Last name of the famous character “Tom Sawyer”, the names “ one who cuts timber”. It also goes well with any last name

26. Turner

The name means “ the tournament champion” and will surely make your bonny boy a winner all through.

27. Uri

A short and sweet name that means “God is my Light”. The sound is lilting and melodious too.

28. Victor

Short and powerful, Victor is Roman for “conqueror”. A popular name, it is equally common among the Amish.

29. Wayne

An ancient Amish name that is popular in modern times, it means “wagon driver” or wagon-wright”.

30. Willis

It means “resolute protector” and is of English origin. It is also short for William.

Amish Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Amish Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Fancy bringing up your girl with a vintage yet contemporary demeanour, pick from these popular Amish girl names.

1. Abigail

In Hebrew, it means “ father’s joy” and a perfect pick for daddy’s little girl.

2. Almeda

The name is of Spanish origin. It also comes from the Arabic name al-medina. It also has Welsh roots.

3. Barbara

The name means “Stranger “ or “foreigner” and is a lovely sounding name that often appears in classic novels.

4. Bridget

In Gaelic, Bridget originates from Brigid which means power, strength, virtue or courage.

5. Colette

The name is one among the common Amish girl names and means “ people’s victory”.

6. Cevilla

The name is of Spanish origin and can be pronounced in three different ways – Sa-V-Yah; Se-V-yah or Sa-Villa.

7. Dawn

Meaning “dawn”, the name is perfect for someone who will bring sunshine into your lives.

8. Dorothy

Formal and old-fashioned, the name is derived from old English and means “gift of God”.

9. Eleanor

Now a rare name, it has Greek origins and means “bright or shining”.

10. Eliza

The name has a powerful meaning and means “ consecrated or set aside to God”.

11. Faith

Derived from the Latin word “fiere”, it is popular among Amish and means confidence, trust and belief.

12. Fern

Fern may be a non-flowering plant, but the very sound of it makes you want to pick it. There have been several accomplished personalities with the name.

13. Gertrude

The name means “from the protected farm” and has a classic appeal to it. Sounds complicated but has a unique charm.

14. Greta

Apart from being the name of the popular Hollywood actress, the name means “precious pearl”.

15. Hadassah

Very rare, the name means “female myrtle tree and compassion” in Hebrew.

16. Henrietta

The female variation of Henry, it means “powerful ruler”. The name may be long but is rare.

17. Irene

Amish name for “peace”, it is an ideal choice for those who want to bring a peaceful soul to this world.

18. Iris

With roots in Greek mythology, it means an array of colours or rainbow. It is a popular Amish name that is common in England.

19. Jesse

The name means “wealthy” and sounds modern but is a traditional name with biblical origins.

20. Joyce

Joyce is an extension of the word “joy” derived from Saint Jodic from Medieval England.

21. Kathryn

A variation of Katherine, it means purity. A very benevolent name, the spelling twist is what makes it a winner.

22. Lovina

A beautiful sounding name, it has Latin origins. It soared in popularity for a while but then died down. But a great choice.

23. Lior

The name can be extended to Leora and is such a delicate and pretty name. Hebrew word for “light”, it is a perfect pick for a short name.

24. Mildred

Of Old English origin, the name means “ gentle strength” and is famous only within the Amish circles.

25. Naomi

Naomi means pleasant and has biblical references and is of Jewish origins. Just the sound of the name is so pleasing.

26. Oneida

The name means rock and is of Native American descent. If you want a strong-willed girl, then go for this one.

27. Patience

Patience is a virtue that everyone must possess and one of the three fundamentals of Christianity.

28. Rhoda

Rhoda means “rose” and a perfect choice for a delicate and pretty baby girl.

29. Sereta

A familiar name in the past, it is of Kurdish origin and means elite, first or exquisite. Pick this for a different and unique choice.

30. Trina

A short version of Katrina, it is derived from the Latin word “triple” and has reference to the Holy Trinity.

It is very popular for naming children with profound meaning in several cultures as it is believed to set a precedent to how a child’s life will pan out. The Amish have a firm culture and picking an Amish name might just be the right choice for your baby!

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