50 Popular Somali Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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A name is one of the first, and also the most important things, parents bless their babies with. Now, it may sound like a tough job being a parent as choosing a name can be really confusing sometimes. In this article, we have collated a list of some of the most popular Somali names you can choose for your newborn. Somali names are not really popular in the American and European regions as such, and this means that they are unique too. Let’s take a look at some Somali names for baby boys.

Somali Names for Baby Boys

1. Aaden

Aaden is a common name among Somali boys these days. It draws close with the Biblical name ‘Adam’. The meaning of Aaden is ‘to create’.

2. Abdirahim

Abdirahim is the Somali version of the Arabic moniker ‘Abdul- Rahim’. The meaning of this unique name is ‘one who serves God’.

3. Absame

The name Absame is used in some particular Somali clans. It refers to ‘the great one’.

4. Abshir

This is a beautiful and simple Somali name for your baby boy. The name means ‘congratulations’ in the Somali language.

5. Assad

Assad is a common Arabic name which is used by Islamic communities mostly. The meaning of the name is ‘a lion’.

6. Axmed

This name is a Somali variant of the name ‘Ahmed’. Doesn’t the ‘x’ in the middle add a bit of swagger to the name?

7. Bashiir

Bashiir is also a beautiful name for a boy. The meaning of this name is ‘one who brings good news’.

8. Burhaan

The meaning of the name Burhaan in Somali is ‘an unbelievable charisma’.

9. Cumar

This name is a form of another popular name ‘Omar’. The meaning of this name is ‘one who is a glib speaker’.

10. Diric

This is a strong and powerful choice of name which means ‘someone who is bold and courageous’.

11. Filsan

Filsan is an attractive unisex name which means ‘someone who is the best compared to their counterparts’.

12. Geedi

This is an unusual choice of a name which means ‘free-spirited’ or traveller’.

13. Gurey

This unique name is not really popular in Somalia; however, is used to refer to ‘someone who is left-handed’.

14. Liban

This again is a decent choice of a name. The name in Somali means ‘to preserve something precious’.

15. Magan

The meaning of the name Magan is ‘to offer refuge or to protect someone or something’. 

16. Shermake

This lovely sounding name is in common use in Somalia. The meaning of this name is ‘someone who is really lucky and brings good fortune along with them’.

17. Tahiil

This name has a mellifluous feel attached to it. The meaning of Tahiil is ‘someone who is well balanced’.

18. Tadalesh

This is an intriguing name that is used to refer to ‘a person who possesses a lot of good luck’.

19. Taifa

Taifa is a classy name that is used to refer to ‘a nation’ or ‘a clan’.

20. Tawfiiq

Bless your baby boy with this pretty name which means ‘success’.

21. Warsame

Warsame is an orthodox Somali name, which means ‘bearer of good news’.

22. Xirsi

Pronounced as ‘Hir-Si’, this name is derived from a Somali word which literally means ‘protect’ or ‘safeguard’.

23. Yasir

The name Yasir means ‘someone who is prosperous’ or ‘rich’. It is a good choice of a Somali name for your baby boy too.

24. Yuusuf

The name Yuusuf has a divine vibe attached to it. The meaning of this name is ‘God is bountiful’.

25. Zahi

The meaning of Zahi is ‘splendid’.

Let’s now take a look at some beautiful Somali names for girls.

Somali Names for Baby Girl

1. Aamiina

This name is the Somali variant of the commonly used name ‘Aminah’. The meaning of this name is ‘a feeling of safety’.

2. Amburo

This unusual sounding name refers to the gemstone ‘Amber’. Isn’t it beautiful?

3. Barkhado

This is a highly popular Somali name for girls. The meaning of Barkhado is ‘sunbeam’.

4. Beydaan

Beydaan is a cool sounding Somali name for your baby girl. It is used to refer to ‘Badaam’ or ‘Almonds’.

5. Bishaaro

The name Bishaaro is a bright name that means ‘someone delightful’.

6. Caaisho

This adorable name for girls is used to refer to ‘someone who has a long life’. Some believe it to be a form of another name, ‘Aisha’.

7. Calaso

The name Calaso means ‘someone who is fair-skinned’. It is a common name for girls in Somalia.

8. Casho

This interesting name rolls off the tongue easily. The name means ‘life’; perfect to describe the new life you brought into the world.

9. Faduma

Faduma is the Somali variant of the name ‘Fatima’ which means ‘to refrain or abstain from something (bad)’.

10. Fowsio

This beautiful name for your baby girl means ‘success’.

11. Hani

The name Hani is an adorable name which is not used so commonly in Somalis. The name means ‘happiness’.

12. Hibaaq

This name is the Somali variant of the commonly used ‘Hiba’, which means ‘some gift from the almighty himself’.

13. Idil

This again is a short and simple name which means ‘someone or something which exudes perfection’.

14. Jamilah

This unique sounding name means ‘beautiful’.

15. Khadiija

Khadiija was the name of Prophet Muhammad’s first wife. The name means ‘someone who is a premature child’.

16. Leylo

This unique name is a variant of the name ‘Layla’ used to refer to ‘a beautiful night’.

17. Sagal

This unusual Somali name means ‘a ray of the sun during rains’.

18. Sahra

This name is used to refer to ‘the magnificent Sahara desert’.

19. Shamshi

Shamshi is an orthodox name with Persian origin. It is pretty common in Somali, and it means ‘my sunshine’.

20. Uba

This simple name means ‘a flower’; perfect for your little flower.

21. Ugbad

This unique Somali name is not much in use at present but can be a great choice for your little princess. It means ‘a bouquet of roses’.

22. Waris

This name can be a unisex name. It means ‘a flower which blooms in the desert’.

23. Xalwo

Xalwo is a common name for Somali girls. It means ‘someone who is sweet’ and is also the name of a Somali dessert.

24. Xoriyo

This name has a certain exotic feel associated with it. The meaning of Xoriyo is ‘freedom and liberty’.

25. Yasmiin

This beautiful sounding name has the closest meaning associated with ‘the flower jasmine’.

Choosing a name for your newborn can obviously be a bit tough. This list of Somali names can give you some unique options to choose from. The name of a person has an immense influence on his/her persona. It is, therefore, imperative that you put some thought into it before you choose one for your little bundle of joy. You can factor in a lot of things before actually coming to a conclusion, whether a name is too common/ uncommon, easy/ difficult to pronounce, has an exotic vibe or not, or whether it is a meaningful name. Shortlisting names is a journey, and we hope you make the best out of this journey as a parent. Happy parenting!

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