Kyle Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Kyle Name Meaning and Origin

The name Kyle has been widely popular since the 1950s. It has played a prominent role during this time and has gained much fame from the 1970s. It reached its highest popularity during 1975-2010. However, in the present decade, the name’s popularity has been dwindling since 2014.

What Does Kyle Mean?

The meaning of a name matters a lot when choosing a name for your child. The meaning of Kyle is “strait” or “channel” in Gaelic. The name also means “beloved” in Arabic and “handsome” or “narrow land” in Irish. Since this is a gender-neutral name, in Hebrew, the name’s meaning translates to “regal woman.”


The name Kyle’s origin is Scottish and is derived from the Gaelic came “Caol.” This name is relatively stylish yet classic; therefore, it is a wise name choice for your child.




  • Ka-ail
  • Kai-le
  • Ky-le


2 syllables


4 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

A name can have multiple variations across the world. Whether it’s the first, middle, or last name, the variations cater to its significance across different cultures and nationalities. The same goes for Kyle name variations. Therefore, some of the other spellings for Kyle and their origins are:

Name Origin
Khyal Arabic
Kailey Welsh
Kelly Irish
Khalil Arabic
Kylia Australian English
Kalli Latin and Greek
Kalei Hawaiin
Keola Hawaiin
Keely Irish
Kylo American

How Popular Is the Name Kyle?

The name Kyle used to be popular in the earlier decades. It gained widespread recognition during the 1980s. According to the Kyle popularity index, the name’s popularity started fading in 2010. As per the data collected from the Social Security Administration, the name ranked among the top 50 names till 2002. This name ranked 37 in 2000 and 40 in 2001 and 2002. After that, the name slipped from the top 50 baby names list but remained within the top 100 list until 2009. The name ranked 99 in 2009, followed by 107 in 2010.

The Kyle baby name ranking has experienced a gradual decline in popularity in the last decade. The SSA data states the fall out of the name from the top 200 baby names list in 2017. The name ranked 121 in 2011, 127 in 2012, followed by a significant fall to 155 in 2013 and 175 in 2015. After ranking 199 in 2016, the name slipped into the top 300 list. The name ranked 223 in 2018 and 262 in 2019. It further fell in the name list, reaching 313 in 2020. This indicates the significant decrease in the name’s usage in the present decade.

Interest in Kyle – Worldwide

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According to the worldwide trends, the interest in the name Kyle has been relatively low in the last ten years. The name has usually maintained a rank within 50 and has never lowered below 20. This name reached its highest popularity in January 2015, after which its popularity notably declined. It experienced a spike in popularity in May 2019, followed by in August 2020.

Interest in Kyle – US

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In the last decade, the interest in the name Kyle has been relatively low in the US. The name maintained a rank above 15 and reached its highest peak in January 2015, after which the popularity faltered. The name experienced a sudden spike in interest in August 2020, which signifies the probability of the name gaining fame once again.

The popularity of the name Kyle


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Kyle – Worldwide

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In the last decade, the name Kyle has been the most searched in the United States. It is followed by Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines. These are the top five countries with the highest search trends for this name, indicating its adequate use.

Search trends of Kyle – US

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In order of popularity, the top five cities in the US where Kyle is the most popular are Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. In the last ten years, this name has been the most searched in these cities, suggesting its significant usage in these cities.

Middle Names That Go With Kyle

Middle names are crucial, and they are often used to honor family members or distinguished people. Some of the suitable double names with Kyle are:

Shaye Spencer
Nicholas Michael
Oliver Bennett
Warren Norman
Hudson Murry
Shannon Stephen
Thomas Jacob
Rolland Patrick
Steven Douglas
Faris Jeffrey

Famous People Named Kyle

Celebrities have a significant impact on our lives. Sometimes parents may be biased towards naming their child based on their favorite stars. Therefore, some of the famous people named Kyle are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Kyle MacLachlan American actor
Kyle Dean Massey Broadway Actor
Kyle Silverstein Actor
Kyle Chandler American Actor
Kyle Lowry American Basketball Player
Kyle Barker English Footballer
Kyle Kuzma Pro Basketball Player for the Los Angeles Lakers.
Kyle Busch American Race Car Driver
Kyle Benedictus Scottish Footballer
Kyle Fox Daughter of American Actor, Matthew Fox

Similar Names & Last Names

Several names have different spellings yet similar meanings. For baby names like Kyle, the same can be said to be true. Some of the family names and other names for Kyle are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Calix Morgan
Aden Cox
Bellamy Ortiz
Kevin Gomez
Paris Watson
Keane Gilbert
Jordan Cruz
Nordin Diaz
Darrell Turner
Beau Foster

Names That Sound Like Kyle

Similar sounding names work as suitable alternatives for a name. It provides parents with other choices. Some of the names that rhyme with Kyle:

Lyle Dale
Daniel Gabriele
Emilie Keala
Yule Milo
Mile Ryle
Callie Sky

Sibling Names Related to Kyle

Choosing proper sibling names can be immensely helpful. It can aid in ensuring consistency among your children’s names. Due to this, evaluating various name choices is necessary when selecting sibling names that go with Kyle. This list presents some of the sibling names for Kyle:

Sister Names for Kyle Brother Names for Kyle
Amelia Jason
Abigail Allan
Charlotte Darian
Ella Blaze
Aubrey Zavier
Madison Damon
Zoe Rio
Luna Taylor
Nora Reese
Leah Harry

Nicknames for Kyle

Nicknames are usually short forms of our proper names. They are often used instead of the real name and have a touch of humor to them. Some of the nicknames for Kyle are:

Ky Kyl
Kelo Kai
Yela Lei
Kle Lela
Kyky Kookie
Kyro Ely

In the present decade, the popularity of the name has faded a lot. It has dropped from the top 100 to the 400 in the baby names list. Although the name experienced widespread fame in the previous generation, the same fate is not true presently. However, sudden spikes in the name’s popularity have been observed in the last decade according to worldwide trends. With the younger generations experimenting with names, the Kyle name has the scope of entering the top 100 list in the future.


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