40 Popular & Adorable Nicknames For Amelia

40 Cute Nicknames for Amelia

A nickname can be a creative complement to a person. It comes in all shapes and forms, but the pet names are always unique and swoon-worthy. Common nicknames for Amelia can be lovely, chic, and feminine enough to lend versatility to your child’s identity under an informal setting. Parents looking for a trendier nickname for a vintage name with a modern edge may choose Amelia as a suitable choice.

Meaning and Origin of Amelia

A blend of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia, similar-sounding Amelia adds a contemporary feel with its modish -ia suffix. The Latinized variant of the ancient Old High German name Amalia comes from the Germanic element ‘amal’ meaning ‘to work,’ meaning persistence, strive, and fertility. Its Teutonic meaning is “defender.” This name has been quite popular throughout the English-speaking countries of the world in its modified versions. The name also exists in Spanish and Romanian. Amelia in Urdu means ‘Princess‘ or ‘daughter of a prince.’ As per some sources, Amelia was first coined by the English author Henry Fielding for the title character in his 18th century, ‘Amelia.’

Nicknames for Amelia

Nicknames are additional names based on a baby’s nature, favorite color, song, fruit, or cartoon character. Funny nicknames for Amelia can incite humor and add positive energy to a name. Here are some adorable nicknames for Amelia:

  1. Mel
  2. Milly
  3. Emma
  4. Emzy
  5. Emilly
  6. Minnie
  7. Mila
  8. Ami
  9. Amilita
  10. Meelie
  11. Millie
  12. Ama
  13. Mel-Bel
  14. Meli
  15. Aims
  16. Emmie
  17. Amy
  18. Em
  19. Milka
  20. Melia
  21. Milly-Moo
  22. Mia
  23. Amu
  24. M&M
  25. Emile
  26. A Milli
  27. Meals
  28. MeeMaw
  29. Moo Cow
  30. Meelytard
  31. Lia
  32. Amelia Bedelia
  33. Milky
  34. Oatmeal
  35. Mum
  36. Maya
  37. Ailema
  38. Meals on Wheels
  39. Milly-Molly-Mandy
  40. Meep Mop

Popularity of the Name Amelia

According to Social Security Administration, Amelia ranked seventh popular in 2020 when it ranked 6th spot with 12,704 babies given the name. The name has secured a top ten ranking in popularity for more than a decade. In 2019, Amelia was one of the most-used girls’ names rather than Emily and Amanda. Amelia emerged as the top British name in 2011 and retained the Number 1 spot. In 2017, it burst into the US Top 10 for the first time. Among the most popular girls’ names starting with A, Amelia is also a Top 10 name for girls in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, and Poland. So while Emilia and Emelia are closer to the mega-popular Emma and Emily, Amelia has been extremely popular in recent years. Amelia gained popularity as a British royal name – King George II and King George III chose to name their daughters Amelia. Amelia ranked on the Top 10 lists in Australia, Scotland, and Poland and is among the Top 25 in Canada and the United States. The French form of the name is also ranked in the Top 100 in England, Scotland, and Australia.

Famous Celebrities With the Name Amelia

There are many famous Amelia who brought glory to the name by earning fame through their impressive work. Here are some celebrities with the name Amelia who can inspire parents to choose this name for their little bundle of joy:

Name Who She Is
Amelia Boynton Robinson American Activist
Amelia ‘Minnie’ Driver English Actress
Amelia Earhart American Aviator
Amelia Lily English Singer
Amelia Vega Dominican Model
Amelia Bones Character in Harry Potter Series
Amelia Voght Character in X-Men
Amelia Reid American Pilot, Businesswoman
Amelia Ellen Bruckner American Actress
Amelia Woolley Fashion Designer

Variations of Amelia

A vintage baby name like Amelia with a modern edge has different cultural and linguistic forms. Here are some variations of the name Amelia that can sound equally appealing:

Amalia (Czech) Delia (Greek)
Amalia (Hungarian) Amelie (French)
Amelie (German) Malsci (Hungarian)
Amelita (Italian) Ama (Polish)
Milica (Slavic) Nuela (Spanish)

A pretty springtime name like Amelia that symbolizes new growth can have nicknames involving good imagination and ingenuity. Unique nicknames for Amelia can show your affection in a special way. Irrespective of what nickname you choose for Amelia, your child is sure to bear this moniker with pride for years to come.

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