Top 75 Chinese Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Popular Chinese Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

According to the ancient Chinese naming system, some names like Ming or personal names and Xing or clan names are still in use. In the Zhou dynasty, sophisticated nobility could take up to four names Ming, Xing, lineage names, or shi, and style and courtesy names or Zi, along with two titles Jue or standard titles and shi or posthumous titles. Common people had Ming without any surnames. During the duration of the Han dynasty, all Chinese had surnames as well as family names derived from Shi and Xing. However, with changing times, naming trends have been modified, and in this article, we will inform you about the recent naming traditions. There are several common names, such as Wang, Liu, Chen, Zhao, etc., and other unique names are Ah Kum, Hong, Mingxia, Hong, etc.

Naming Tradition in Chinese Culture

Naming has always been an essential tradition of Chinese culture as they believe it can determine a person’s luck in career, education, marriage, and overall life. 

  • Modern Chinese names are constructed of the family name followed by a given name.
  • Given names with two syllables or Chinese characters are often merged, divided into two, or hyphenated. For example, the name Xiaoping can be written as Xiao-ping or Xiao Ping.
  • Names are patrilineal, and children are named after their father’s family name.
  • Chinese women do not change their lawful names after marriage. Yet they can choose to place their marital family name before their full names.
  • The average length of a Chinese name can be 2 to 3 characters. 
  • Chinese names often reflect the decade the person was born in. 

Popular Chinese Baby Names for Boys

There are numerous unique Chinese baby boy names to consider for your little one.

1. Aiguo

This Chinese origin name stands for compassion and love for one’s country.

2. Biyu

Chinese origin name meaning jasper; semi-precious stone.

3. Bambang

This Chinese and Greek originated name means a knight or a soldier.

4. Bengt

This means being blessed and is of Latin origin.

5. Biming

This Chinese origin word means clear as Jade. It also means getting killed.

6. Bingwen

This Chinese origin word means bright and cultivated.

7. Bo

This Chinese-originated word means precious

8. Bojing

This Chinese origin word means to win admiration

9. Boqin

Boquin means winning respect and is of Chinese origin.

10. Changpu

This Chinese word means forever simple.

11. Chaun

This Chinese origin word means one who is secure. It also means all, whole, entire.

12. Cheng

This word means to accomplish something and has a Chinese origin.

13. Chi

This word refers to the younger generation and has a Chinese origin.

14. Chuanli

Meaning transmitting propriety, this word has a Chinese origin.

15. Chung

This Chinese origin word signifies one who is intelligent and wise.

16. Da

This word stands for attainment and has a Chinese origin.

17. Deli

This word meaning virtuous, originated in China.

18. Deming

This Chinese word means bright.

19. Dong

This Chinese word signifies the East and Winter.

20. Duyi

This Chinese word stands for the word whole.

21. Fu

It means wealthy, rich; this word originated in China.

22. Gan

This means adventure and has a Chinese origin.

23. Gang

This word means someone strong and originated in China.

24. Gen

Originated in China, this word means root. Another meaning is to follow closely.

25. Sicong

This Chinese-originated name means clever and original.

Popular Chinese Baby Names for Girls

Here is a list of expansive Chinese names for baby girls so that you can come up with cute names to name the newest family member.

1. Ah cy

This Chinese word signifies something being lovely.

2. Ah-lam

This Chinese origin word stands for peace

3. Bik

This signified Jade and originated in China. It can also mean to complete or to finish.

4. Chan-Juan

This word symbolizes the moon and has a Chinese origin.

5. Chang-chang

This Chinese word means flourishing.

6. Chao-xing

This Chinese word stands for the morning star.

7. Chin

This Chinese word means golden. It also symbolizes money. It was also used as a surname during the Zhou dynasty. 

8. Chow

This Chinese word means summertime. It also stands for noodles.

9. Chu

The Chinese word Chu defines pearl in English.

10. Chu-Hua

Spring is defined with this word in Chinese.

11. Chunhua

A Spring flower is called the same. The word originated in China.

12. Da-Chung

It means long Spring and is a Chinese word.

13. Daiyu

Black Jade is pointed out with this word. It originated in China.

14. Dong-mei

It means Winter plums and is a Chinese word.

15. Enlai

It means favor coming or appreciation. It is a Chinese word.

16. Eu-meh

This is used to identify something gorgeous. It originated in China.

17. Fa

Fa is a Chinese word that means beginning.

18. Fai

It is a beautiful Chinese name meaning growth.

19. Feng

Maple is referred to as Feng in Chinese.

20. Fengge

It means Phoneix pavilion.

21. Manni

This Chinese name means a sweet and romantic girl.

22. Meijuan

This Chinese name means a girl as lovely as plum blossoms.

23. Meilian

This Chinese name refers to a beautiful lotus.

24. Mengtao

This Chinese name stands for an elegant peach blossom in a garden in Summer.

25. Peiling

This Chinese name signifies a strong, smart, and bright girl.

Gender Neutral Chinese Baby Names

You can also choose from Unisex Chinese names to come up with more beautiful names that match your taste and is ideal for your baby.

1. Chin

This word stands for the precious one or variant of Jin.

2. Dai

This Chinese word refers to a shining individual or beloved one.

3. Guotin

This Chinese-originated word means polite yet strong.

4. Heng

This Chinese word symbolizes someone or something being steady, persistent, and constant.

5. Huan

It means to be fortunate, pleased, and happy. It is a Chinese word.

6. Hop

It means agreeable in Chinese.

7. He

It means yellow river, celebrate, congratulate in Chinese

8. Jian

Chinese name Jian signifies a condition of being sound, agreeable or upbeat. It is also the synonym for life and strength.

9. Le

It is a Chinese word for joy and happiness.

10. Luo

It is a Chinese name meaning Camel.

11. Shun

It is a Chinese word to signify a fast and talented individual. In Hindu culture, it is another name for Gods Indra and Vaayu. This word also means auspicious, good-natured, smooth, and agreeable.

12. Tong

In Chinese, it refers to a title given to a public officer. It has a Chinese origin.

13. Xiaowen

This Chinese and East Asian word means something civil or filial and morning cloud.

14. Xue

This Chinese name signifies snow and studiousness.

15. Xuesong

This Chinese word means a pine tree covered with snow.

16. Yan

This word is a Bulgarian version of Ioanne which means Jehovah or God has been gracious; in other words, it stands for God’s grace. 

17. Yangfang

This Chinese name means a great and majestic sail catching the wind.

18. Yanlin

It is a Chinese word referring to the swallow Beijing forest.

19. Yong

It means brave and perpetual, and this is a Chinese word.

20. You

It means friend in Chinese.

21. Yufei

This Chinese-originated name means feather in flight.

22. Yulong

This classic Chinese unisex name stands for a jade dragon.

23. Yunxu

It means cloudy emptiness in Chinese.

24. Yuze

It means a refreshing monsoon at the end of a humid day. It has a Chinese origin.

25. Zhiyuan

A Chinese word that means a visionary or a go-getter.

This article perfectly curates most of the names suitable as baby names. Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little one, which is unique and suits your preference and culture. 

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