Top 75 Hawaiian Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

Popular Hawaiian Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

Hawaii is a cultural, historical, and natural wonderland. The Hawaiian language is wonderful, and many Hawaiian baby common names with meanings that suit your kid’s personality. True traditional Hawaiian names are easy to pronounce and are unique names that signify the culture and way of life you want to share with your baby while providing a unique playground name. Consider one of these popular and distinctive Hawaiian baby names for girls and boys if you are looking for the right Hawaiian baby name for your bundle of joy.

Naming Tradition in Hawaiian Culture 

Maybe you are drawn to Hawaiian names for your newborn because of their lovely sounds and endearing meanings. The importance of Hawaiian names as per the traditional process of naming a child is as distinct as the names themselves. Because a name is considered a valuable aspect of Hawaiian society, there are three separate ways to name a baby:

  • Inoa pō: This is the traditional method of getting a name from a family member’s dream.
  • Inoa hō‘ailona: This is the process of getting a name by indications, such as a vision, a bird flight, or a form in the sky.
  • Inoa’ ūlāleo: In this method, your infant acquires a name by voice, such as in the wind.

Despite these unique and entertaining traditions, Hawaiians today name their kids whatever they wish.

Popular Hawaiian Baby Names for Boys 

Hawaiian baby boy names have a meaning so let us see the names with their meaning.

1. Ahe

A beautiful and delicate name for a newborn boy means “softly blowing air.”

2. Anakoni 

This exquisite Hawaiian boy’s name means “treasure, valuable,” and lends itself naturally to the exotic-sounding Koni as a nickname.

3. Analu 

It is a Hawaiian male name that means “manly.” It’s a daring option for your young guy.

4. Alleyne 

Alana is connected to the Old German and Hawaiian names Alana and Allena. Alleyne’s meaning is “precious.”

5. Bane

This unique name means “long-awaited child.”

6. Kahalo 

This Hawaiian name means “light-footed one,” which may take on new significance when your child grows into a toddler.

7. Kainoa 

This popular Hawaiian name for boys means “father’s namesake” or “junior” and is an excellent way to honor Dad. 

8. Kalani

This prominent Hawaiian male name translates as “chieftain of the sky” or “spirit of the sky.”

9. Kawika

This is a unique name representing the meaning of “beloved.”

10. Kualii 

This beautiful name means “A famous chief.”

11. Kaleo 

If you come from a musical family, this charming baby boy’s name means “voice” or “sound” in Hawaiian.

12. Konane

This is one of the most well-known Hawaiian baby names on our list, translating to “shining moonlight.”

13. Kale

This name is pronounced similar to the vegetable. It translates as “man.”

14. Keon 

This name is derived from the Hebrew word for John. It translates as “God is generous.”

15. Luano

This happy Hawaiian boy’s name signifies “enjoyment.”

16. Lono

This word signifies “the god of peace.”

17. Lakona

This beautiful Hawaiian name means “healer.”  

18. Lokepa 

This name is commonly used, and it means “heavenly.”

19. Makao 

A Hawaiian baby boy’s name means “bold man, links to strength and power.”

20. Mahina 

A beautiful names which means “moon or moonlight.”

21. Makaio 

This word means “gift of God,” a precious name.

22. Nohoa 

This is a popular baby name that means “defiant warrior.”

23. Ori 

This word means “my light.”

24. Tua 

This is a Polynesian name that means “behind one.”

25. Uluwehi 

This work evokes lushness and earthiness and means “blooming flora.”

Popular Hawaiian Baby Names for Girls 

There are many lovely Hawaiian names for baby girls to choose from. The meanings of names are everything, and these island names for girls are cute names.

1. Alamea

This lovely Hawaiian baby girl’s name means “precious, entire.”

2. Alana 

This Hawaiian girl’s name has also gained popularity on the mainland. It translates as “lovely offering.”

3. Anela

A lovely Hawaiian girl’s name means “angel.”

4. Kaimana 

Kaimana is a strong Hawaiian female name that means “powerful sea” since kai means “sea” and mana means “power.”

5. Kaulana 

Kaulana is a native Hawaiian name that means “renowned.”

6. Keahi 

Keahi combines the definite article ke with the word ahi, which signifies “fire.”

7. Keala 

For Keala, ala means “path,” hence the name means “the pathway.” 

8. Kahua 

It means “base/foundation.”

9. Keone 

One means “homeland” in this name. Because it signifies “the motherland,” this is a wonderful choice for a bold and unique Hawaiian female name.

10. Kiana

Your “divine baby” will enjoy growing into this lovely-sounding and ethereal-sounding Hawaiian female name.

11. Lei 

A popular Hawaiian name means “flowers/ a garland of flowers.”

12. Leimomi

This Hawaiian name means “daughter of pearls.”

13. Malana 

This is a Polynesian word that means “calming, restful.”

14. Mahaelani 

It means “diving mist.”

15. Makana

This name is beautiful and means “gift” or “gift from God.”

16. Malia 

It might mean “calm” or “peaceful.” 

17. Maia 

The Hawaiian meaning of this name is “nurse,” “mother.”

18. Momi 

Short baby names are generally endearing, especially whether they are Hawaiian girl or boy names. This one means “pearl.”

19. Noelani 

A perfect name for your baby girl as it means “heavenly mist.” It derives from the name Noel, which means “born on Christmas.”

20. Oliana 

If you prefer O names, try Oliana, which means “evergreens/my god has answered,” for your tiny princess.

21. Pikake 

This word name means “Jasmine.”

22. Pualani 

Pualani is a Hawaiian word that can mean “heavenly blossom,” “royal offspring,” “heavenly kid,” or a mixture of these meanings.

23. Puna 

This beautiful word means “spring.”

24. Roselani 

Roselani means “Red Rose/heavenly rose,” a perfect name for beautiful baby girls.

25. Waiola 

A name derived from the Hawaiian variant of Viola, which means “violet blossom” in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Gender Neutral Hawaiian Baby Names 

This is a comprehensive list of all beautiful names for Hawaiian baby boys and girls, including traditional or modern or religious, modern, fashionable, popular, charming, short and sweet, and simple to say Unisex Hawaiian names to assist you in making the perfect pick.

1. Apikalia 

The Hawaiian name for Abigail is an old Hebrew name that means “my father is joy.”

2. Elikapeka 

Elikapeka is Elizabeth’s Hawaiian form, meaning “god is my oath.”

3. Haukea

This Hawaiian unisex name means “white snow.” 

4. Hōkūlani 

This Hawaiian name means “star.”

5. Kekepania

Kekepania means “woman with crown.”. 

6. Kala

Kala means “princess” in Hawaiian.

7. Kapuni 

The name Kapuni means “Favorite One.”

8. Kawena 

Kawena is Hawaiian for “The Rosy Glow in the Sky.”

9. Keahilani 

The word means “Heaven’s Fire.”

10. Kealani 

The word means “The Clear and White Heaven.”

11. Kilikina 

One of the most popular female names. The name means “a Christian” because it is the feminine version of a Christian.

12. Maui 

Maui is the name of one of the Hawaiian Islands.

13. Mele 

This Hawaiian baby girl’s name is adorable and has two meanings. It merely means “song”; however, many assume it means “beloved” or “loving.” 

14. Melika

Melika is the Hawaiian variant of Melissa, an English female name that originated in ancient Greece and means “bee.”

15. Mililani 

This word means “Soft feel from heaven.”

16. Moana 

Moana is a traditional Hawaiian name it means “ocean,” “vast expanse of water,” and “deep sea.”

17. Nana

It is the name of a spring month in Hawaiian. It signifies fresh or green veggies in Japanese and denotes a king’s status in Africa.

18. Nani 

 It signified beauty or splendour in Hawaiian. It also means beauty in Japanese.

19. Lilo

The word means “Person who is generous and giving.”

20. Loe 

This Hawaiian word is short and powerful, meaning “king.”

21. Pazhani 

This word indicates a free and independent being.

22. Palila 

Puna is a unisex name that means “a bird.”    

23. Tangi 

To cry with great sadness

24. Uʻilani 

This traditional Hawaiian name means “royal beauty” or “heavenly beauty.”

25. Wikolia 

Wikolia  means “victory” and is also the feminine variant of the name Victor, which means “victory or conqueror.”

All Hawaiian baby names are listed with their meanings for your convenience. Name your newborn accordingly. Happy Parenting.

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