Top 120 Indian Spiritual Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

120 Indian Spiritual Names For Boys & Girls

When you are pregnant, the one thing that gets you excited is selecting names for your baby. Selecting the perfect name for your baby is not an easy job. Every culture has different names, but every culture values names that have good meanings. Many people prefer to name their child that has a spiritual meaning, as this conveys their faith, belief, and culture. If you are one of those parents who want to name your baby that has a spiritual touch to it, stop your search. We have a list of spiritual Indian baby names for you to choose from. Let’s start with some spiritual names of baby girls and then move on to spiritual names for boys.

Spiritual Baby Girl Names

There are some qualities that we all aspire to have, and baby names are a great way of expressing that. With names that mean “hope,” “grace,” and “sacred” you can impart some of the treasured qualities to your daughter. Here are some names for a baby girl with a spiritual element in it:

1. Aadilakshmi

This name signifies Goddess Lakshmi, The Primal Laxmi

2. Aaradhya


3. Aashirya

From the land of God

4. Aastha


5. Abhaya

Goddess durga, fearless

6. Adrija

Name of parvati

7. Anita


8. Anjani

Mother of Lord Hanuman

9. Archana


10. Arya


11. Asha


12. Anum 

Blessing of God

13. Archna 


14. Bandna 


15. Bhakti

Prayer, Devotion

16. Bhavya

Goddess Parvati

17. Darshini

Gift of God/Blessed girl

18. Devaki

Mother of Lord Krishna

19. Dityaa

Another name for Lakshmi, Answer of prayers,

20. Darshee 


21. Dvita 

Existing in two forms

22. Eesha

Goddess Parvati,purity

23. Gita

Song, the song of God

24. Guramrit 

Immortal Nectar of God 

25. Gurbani 

Sikh religious prayer

26. Harpooj 


27. Homa

Born out of the sacred fire

28. Isha

Without a superior

29. Kshipra

A sacred river in Hinduism,purity

30. Leela

Divine play, creation of God,beauty

31. Medina 

Holy City in Saudi Arabia

32. Mehr 


33. Namita


34. Nandini

A holy cow, Goddess Durga

35. Nitya

Eternal, Goddess Parvati

36. Paawni 


37. Prayerna 


38. Pavana

Pure, holy

39. Pooja

Worship, prayer

40. Prisha

God’s gift

41. Pujitha 


42. Radhya 

One worthy or worship

43. Richa

Brilliance,Hymn,The collected body of the Vedas,The writing of the Vedas

44. Rishika


45. Ruhani

Sacred, divine

46. Saanvika

A name of Goddess Lakshmi

47. Sadhana


48. Sana

Art , Praise, Prayer

49. Sharvi 


50. Swarana 

Prayer of God

51. Shradhdha

Trust, Faith

52. Shruti

Knowledge of the Vedas, Expert in Vedas, Insight

53. Triveni 

Confluence of three sacred rivers.

54. Tulsi


55. Upasna

Veneration, worship

56. Vinanti 


57. Vaishanavi

Worshipper of Lord Vishnu

58. Vedanti

One who has knowledge of the Vedas

59. Yagnitha 


60. Yajna 


Spiritual Baby Boy Names

For a baby boy, you must be looking for a name that has a spiritual as well as a strong meaning. So, here are some spiritual boy names  that sound powerful and will be good for your baby boy:

1. Aahnik


2. Abhay

Fearless, son of Dharma

3. Abhishek

Purification, shower of milk

4. Abid

Worshipper of God

5. Agastya

A saint in Hindu mythology

6. Akshar

God of gods’, Eternal

7. Anugrah

Divine blessing

8. Arul

Blessing of God, the grace of God

9. Aryan raj

Spiritual, Noble, Illustrious

10. Ashish


11. Ashneer

Amrit, Sacred water

12. Attamjeet 

God of Spirituality 

13. Atharva

The first Vedas, Lord Ganesh, Knower of the arthara Vedas

14. Bhavin

Beautiful and Blessing

15. Bodhi


16. Devansh

Part of the Devas

17. Devarsh

God’s gift

18. Devyam

A part of the divine

19. Dipesh 

Sky Jewel

20. Gurdit

One born with Guru’s blessings

21. Gurjot

Guru light

22. Hardeep

Light of God, strong

23. Hansin 

The universal soul

24. Harish

Lord Shiva

25. Harjyot

Light of the God

26. Ishwa 

Spiritual teacher

27. Ishan

Lord Vishnu

28. Jagdeep

Light of the world

29. Jebin 


30. Kalash

Sacred pot, a holy urn

31. Kashyap

Wise, Famous Sage

32. Kirthan 


33. Krishav

Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva

34. Naagdhar

One who wears cobra (Lord Shiva)

35. Nevaan 

One who is spiritually holy

36. Om

Sacred syllable

37. Omaansh 

Part of God

38. Paramarath 


39. Pranav

The sacred syllable Om, Lord Vishnu, an epithet of Shiva

40. Pujit 


41. Rijesh 


42. Rishi

Sage, pious, pleasure

43. Ritvik

Scholar, head of the Vedas

44. Saaj

One who worships God

45. Saajid 

One who worships God

46. Saatvik


47. Satvant 


48. Sarosh

Prayer, inspiration, auspicious, messenger

49. Sivanand

One who is Happy in Lord Shiva’s thoughts or Shiva’s worship

50. Subhadip 


51. Subhan

Holy, Praising Allah

52. Tahir 


53. Tej

Power, Glory, Light, Security, Lustrous,  Brilliance

54. Tripat 

The holy trinity

55. Ujesh 


56. Vairaj 

Spiritual glory

57. Vedant

One who has the knowledge of the Vedas, Absolute truth

58. Vedarth 

Essence of the Vedas

59. Vedish 

Lord of the Vedas

60. Vishvas

Confidence, Belief, Faith

A name is something that forms a part of a person’s identity and remains with them all their life. So, pick a name that has deep meaning and something your child can relate to when they grow up. Take the time to consider your options among these beautiful hindu spiritual names and select the best name for your child.

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