Top 70 Welsh Girl Names & Their Meanings

70 Welsh Girl Names & Their Meanings

For a place as beautiful as Wales, finding baby names for your new-born daughter is not going to be difficult. Their numerous attractive names will add to the beauty of your little girl. You will find a good choice here and one will surely suit your baby girl. Therefore, whether you are looking for a famous name or a meaningful one, have a look at these Welsh girl names and meanings that we have comprehensively organized for you.

Welsh Names For Girls

Here is the list of 50 Welsh girl names and meanings for your easy reference. We are sure you will find a name that you like to give to your daughter.:

1. Aberfa

In the Welsh language, the sense of this word is ‘from the mouth of the river.’ This name signifies abundance and prosperity.

2. Aerona

It is a derivative of Aeron, a common Welsh name of boys. Aerona means berry, although it also refers to a Celtic Goddess.

3. Aelwen

The name Aelwen is a cute female name of Welsh origin. It means “fair brow”.

4. Alaw

Probably derived from Afon Alaw, a Welsh River, this cute name means something musical, a harmonic sound.

5. Alis

A highly popular name, it is a Welsh form of Alice. The meaning of the name is something that has a noble origin.

6. Adaryn

This name is another well-known Celtic Welsh name for a baby girl. The word refers to a high-flying bird. It is a famous Celtic name.

7. Addien

It means a beautiful or charming girl. Quite an appropriate name for your little angel, wish her a pleasant personality with this name.

8. Amser

This Celtic Welsh name means time. Wouldn’t you want the time to always remain on your daughter’s side throughout her life?

9. Anwen

This name means someone who is extremely beautiful. What a fitting name for your cute little angel! Here is a beautiful name for a lovely girl.

10. Arianwen

Originating in the 5th century, this feminine Welsh name means holy gold/silver or pure. Her innocence and purity deserve a name like this one.

11. Asgre

Daughters are always born with a heart of gold. You can consider this name for your little girl as in Welsh it means soul.

12. Awena

An inspiring Celtic Welsh name, it refers to the inspiration of poetry or something poetic. After all, your daughter is the beautiful poetry of God as well.

13. Bethan

This name is a Welsh form of Elizabeth. It is a familiar name for girls in the region, signifying royal origin or upbringing. Quite a common name in the Welsh region.

14. Blodwen

It means white flowers. After all, your daughter, too, denotes the beauty, purity, and innocence of white flowers. She will spread fragrance throughout her life.

15. Brownwen

This name refers to someone blessed and fair. Give the wish of happiness to your girl with this name and wish her happiness for life.

16. Brenda

One from the list of old Welsh girl names, ‘Brenda’ seems to have originated to honor St. Brendan. It is ideal for parents who are looking for a name on the classic side.

17. Betrys

‘The blessed one’, it is the meaning for this name. Shower all your blessings on the baby girl with this name.

18. Blodeuwedd

A unique Welsh name that refers to something that appears like flowers. Delicate, colourful, and fragrant, just like your baby girl.

19. Branwen

It means beautiful. When your baby girl grows into a charming young lady, everyone around will appreciate her name.

20. Buddug

The name is a Welsh derivative of the name Boudicca. Meaning victory; this name will give your baby girl the grace of success in life.

21. Bronwen

Bronwen is a girl’s name of Welsh origin, meaning fair, blessed, and holy.

22. Cheryl

Cheryl is a name that comes from the French phrase chérie, which means darling or beloved.

23. Caron

In Welsh, it means to love. That is exactly what your daughter means to you, show your affection.

24. Catrin

A name is a Welsh form of Katherine. Meaning pure and clear; it will be appropriate for your baby girl.

25. Cadie

In Celtic Welsh language, the word refers to someone pure. This feminine name may suit your daughter.

26. Caraf

Doesn’t your daughter give you a strong emotion of love? Of course, then it is the perfect name for her.

27. Cassadee

This Welsh name comes with a specific meaning. It refers to a girl/woman who has curly hair.

28. Caryl

The Celtic Welsh name means love. Your baby girl has added enjoyment to your life, and you gift her this name.

29. Ceirios

The name is a Welsh form of Cherry. It seems more from the list of modern names of the region.

30. Cristyn

It is a Celtic Welsh version of Christine, meaning pretty or feminine. It can be an ideal name for your baby girl.

31. Crisiant

Your baby girl is no doubt precious to you, and this name signifies the same. In the Welsh language, this word means crystal.

32. Ceri

The meaning of this name is ‘to love.’ Your baby girl is adorable and cute, and this name is apt for her.

33. Daron

The name means oak or of a perfect ending. Although amongst the unusual names in Welsh, it is a famous name here.

34. Del

Your baby girl is cute, and she is going to grow up into a pretty woman. Give her this name that means pretty.

35. Donna

A feminine version of Donald, In Celtic it means ruler of the world. It can be an appropriate name for your daughter.

36. Dilwyn

In Welsh, it means a genuine person. Give your baby girl the gift of honesty with this name.

37. Dilys

Meaning a perfect individual, wouldn’t you like your daughter to be the same? Therefore, this name is suitable for her.

38. Dyllis

The name refers to someone perfect and reliable. This name goes best for your baby girl.

39. Ebrill

In Welsh, it means a person who is born in April and has a deep desire to travel.

40. Efa

The word refers to efficient people. Many in Welsh refer this name to the meaning story of life as well.

41. Eilir

Your baby girl is charming even now. So, here is a perfect name for her that means someone alluring and spontaneous.

42. Eilonwy

The meaning of this name is a gorgeous princess. Can there be a more appropriate name for your baby girl?

43. Enid

Your daughter is the cynosure of your life. Give her this name that means soul or life.

44. Fflur

Like a flower, your little princes are cute and elegant. This name in Welsh also means a flower.

45. Gwynevere

Gwynevere had Welsh origin and means “fair” and “smooth”.   

46. Gracie

The name became popular in the 17th century when it referenced God’s favor. The meaning is the beauty of kindness or mercy.

47. Fhazaar

Fhazaar is a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin which means “dawn”.

48. Gracie

The name got popular in the 17th century when it was in use for reference to God’s favor. The meaning is the beauty of kindness or mercy.

49. Gorawen

You already know how much joy your baby girl has brought to your life. So, here’s the name that exactly means the same.

50. Gwanwyn

The name in Welsh means the season of spring, the time of colour, happiness, and abundance. It is a proper name for your baby girl too.

51. Haf

Haf is a sweet and simple girl’s name has Welsh roots. It means “summer”.

52. Isolde

Isolde is a feminine name of Welsh, German, and Celt origin, meaning “ice ruler”.

53. Jestina

Jestina is a Welsh baby name that means just and upright.

54. Keyna

Keyna comes from an old Celtic source that means “jewel”.

55. Lynnelle

Lynnelle is a baby name of Welsh origin. It means a beautiful lake. 

56. Morgane

Morgane is a Celtic Baby name that means “dweller of the sea”.

57. Megan

Your baby girl is precious to you, more than anything else. Give her this name that is the Welsh form of Margaret, meaning pearl.

58. Nest

Nest is a girl’s name of Welsh origin and means “accent”.

59. Olwyn

Olwyn is a girl’s name of Welsh origin, meaning “white footprint”. 

60. Parry

Parry is a boy’s name of Welsh origin that means “son of Harry”.

61. Ryanna

Ryanna is a regal and bold feminine name of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “king”.

62. Rhiannon

The name means a great queen. Wish your little princess to grow up into a queen with this name.

63. Seirian

It is a Celtic Welsh name that means sparkling. Don’t you find a glint in her eyes? This name will suit her perfectly.

64. Seren

In Welsh Celtic, the name means a star. It is a beautiful feminine name for your baby girl that you can consider.

65. Tristam

Tristram is a derivative of Tristan, a Welsh name originating from the Brythonic culture. It means “full of sorrows”.

66. Tangwystl

If you are looking for a unique name for your baby girl, this is the name. It means the pledge of peace.

67. Tegan

Not only is your baby girl beautiful, but she has also added beauty to your life. Then why not a name that means beautiful.

68. Winifred

Winifred is a girl’s name of Welsh origin that means “blessed” and “peacemaking”.

69. Ygerna

Ygerna is a girl’s name of Welsh origin. It means “a fair lady”. 

If you are still confused regarding find a perfect name for your baby girl, then you can relax now. These popular feminine Welsh names are unique and relevant in their meaning as well. Your baby girl is adorable and unique to you. Hence, you also need to find her a name that’s exclusive and sounds nice too. When she grows up, she will feel proud of her name. With these suggested names, you will surely find one that you will love and your daughter will appreciate later on.

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