Top 50 Norwegian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

50 Best Norwegian Baby Names for Boys

Deciding a name for your little boy is a joyous thing to do. All the parents would want their kids to have a name that is peculiar and different. A name so special that it brings a smile on your face every time you take it. If you are particularly looking for Norwegian boy names, we are here to help you out.

Selecting a name that comes from a region or culture brings with it an aura of that culture. We have sorted the top names for your little one in the list mentioned below. Choose one of the strong names for your little prince, so that he carries a sense of strength in his life. The name has to be chosen wisely as it becomes a part of his personality for the entire life.

50 Popular Norwegian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

When you name your child, it should carry meaning. Rendering a feeling and an emotion to his name, you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Choose your favourite name from the list below and give a beautiful name to your baby.

Name Meaning
Aksel It can be spelled as Axel, which is derived from the word “Absalom”. This name means “peace of the father”.
Ansgar A very rare name that has its origin in Germany. It means “spear of God” and is associated with might and power.
Asmund A Norwegian variant of Osmond that means “God’s protection.
Bard This word has its origin in Old Norse and it means “battle against peace”.
Birger Originating from Old Norse, Birger means “The helpful one”. It has its major use in Scandinavia.
Brynjar An Old Norse word that refers to a “warrior in armor”. This name is a symbol of masculinity and power.
Casper This name is a Dutch variant of Jasper, meaning “king of the treasure”. It was also the name of a king who brought gifts for Jesus when he was born.
Christen Norwegian variant of the word “Christian”, which means a Christian man. One of the most popular names in the entire world, it is used in various spelling variants. This name also holds a popular place in the royal families.
Dagfinn It also originated in Old Norse and refers to a man from Finland. It can be nicknamed as Dag or Daggie.
Edvard Edvard originates from the name “Edward”, which means a wealthy guard. It has topped the list of names over the centuries and was adopted by many eminent kings throughout the world.
Edvin Originated from the name “Edwin”, where Ed means wealthy and “win” means a friend.
Egil Often spelled as Egill. An Old Norse word that means “respect” as well as “horror”.
Einar It refers to the one who fights alone. This name symbolizes bravery and gallantry with it. It also shows a sign of masculinity.
Eirik This means “king forever”. It is the Norwegian variant of the name “Eric”. It is a short and sweet name for a baby boy.
Enok This name originated from the word “Enoch”. Enoch has a Hebrew origin and is also included in the Bible. It refers to someone who is very faithful and dedicated. Per the Bible, Enoch was the man who was taken by Christ and he walked away with God.
Espen Can also be called Esben. It originated from the word Osborn, which means “God of bears”. It is a very rare and unique name that has a very deep impact.
Folke This word is related to “folk” and means “from the people”.
Frans It is a Scandinavian, Dutch, and Finnish variant of the word “Francis”. It refers to a French man. French men are considered very good-looking, so you can consider naming your little handsome man as Frans.
Fredrik This word is derived from Frederick. This name ruled the naming list at the beginning of the 20th century. Its meaning is “a calm monarch”.
Georg This name has its origin in the Greek language. It has a lot of spelling variants and “Georg” is the Norwegian variant of the word “George”. This name has been very popular in the general public as well as royalty. The meaning of this word is “a farming man”.
Gjurd This name is Norwegian and has been derived from the German word “Godfred”. Godfred is itself derived from a word called “godfrida”, which means good and peace.
Godtfred It has derived from the German norse godfrida, in which “guda” and “frid” are the two constituents of the name. Guda means God and frid means peace.
Goran It is derived from the popular name “George” and has the meaning “farming man”.
Gudbrand This is a unique name for a boy. It has the roots in the Old Norse and means “sword of the divine”.
Gunne This name refers to an army. The name originates from the Anglo-Saxon name Gunther. The battle army is remarkable in strength and courage.
Hakon This is a very distinctive name that has its origin in the Old Norse. It is one of the most popular names in Norway. Earlier, it used to be very popular in the royal families. This name means “the highest son”. It makes a perfect name for your little one.
Halvard This is an Old Norse word whose meaning is “defending the rock”. This name denotes the might and power of a person.
Halvor It is a variant of the name Halvard, which means “defending the rock”. It represents the qualities of courage and power.
Herleif Also pronounced as ”Herleifr”. Originating from the Old Norse, this word means “descendent of the warrior”.
Holger This cute name means “island of spears”. It can be shortened to be called Hol or Holgy.
Ingolf This word represents an Ing’s wolf. The name denotes the smartness and intelligence of a person.
Jorgen This name can be fondly nicknamed as Jorg. It has a lot of spelling variations all around the globe. It is basically a Norwegian and Danish variant of the popular name “George”.
Kennet This is an exceptionally beautiful name for a baby boy. The name is a Danish variant of Kenneth, which originated from the word “caonh”. This word means handsome. You can nickname your little one as Ken or Kenny.
Kjell This name means “a large pot”. It is basically a variant of the word Kettil. It is pronounced as “Shel”.
Laurits This word has been derived from “Laurentius”, which is Latin in origin. Laurentum was an ancient city in Italy and this name has been inspired by the same.
Mats This name is a Swedish counterpart of the name “Matthew”, that has its origin in the Hebrew language. Its literal meaning is “God’s present”. Apart from that, Matthew was the name of one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. He was believed to be the author of “The Gospel of Matthew”.
Mikkel It is a Scandinavian form of the name Michael. Michael is a Hebrew word that means “which man is like God”. It is undoubtedly a very famous and popular name and can be nicknamed as Mike or Micky.
Niklas It is a Finnish and Swedish form of the name Nicholas, which is a very loved name. Nicholas is a Greek word that means the triumph of the people.
Nils This name is a short form of Nicholas and is used mainly in Sweden and Norway. It carries the masculinity in it and its meaning is “people’s triumph”.
Osvald Also spelled as Oswald. In old English, Oswald referred to “God’s rule”.
Peder This name has been derived from the popular name “Peter”. Peter is a Greek language word that refers to rock. There have been several saints in history with the same name. Many people use it as a surname as well.
Pontus This is a very stylish name and is a Norwegian variant of “Pontius”. Pontius is a Latin word that has a Greek predecessor “Pontos”. The literal meaning of this world is the sea. This name depicts the vastness and depth of a person’s mind.
Rasmus This sweet name is originally a word called “Erasmus”. The Norwegian variant is called as Rasmus and it is used to refer to someone dear.
Ruben A Swedish, Danish as well as Norwegian variant of the name Reuben. The name Reuben is a Hebrew word, in which “raa” refers to “see” and “ben” means “my son”.
Stefan This is a variant of Stephen, which is a word of Greek origin. It has been a very popular name in the 90s. Its literal meaning is a man with a crown. The famous Saint Stephen was a namesake and he was known as the first Christian martyr.
Tore This is a name given to the fighter of Thor. It is a very trendy name for a baby boy.
Torvald Can be nicknamed as Tor or Thor. It refers to the rule of Thor.
Valter This name has been derived from the famous name “Walter”. Walter originates from the German word “Waldhar” that stands for “to rule”.
Vidar A very rare name that means “fighter in the woods”.
Willamar This name can be shortened to Willy or Will. Its meaning is “known for strong will”.

It is very evident that a good name inculcates a sense of confidence in the person. Apart from being a major part of his life, the name is also going to give an idea of who this boy is. When you choose a meaningful name for a baby, his traits have a major impact on the name as well. So, spend some time selecting the best name for your little one and make him grow into a confident and lovely person.

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