Blake Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Blake Name Meaning and Origin

The name Blake is unique and trendy and is an excellent name choice. Since this name is unisex, you can choose it for your little boy or girl. This name has not been popular before the 1940s. The name started going up in the ranks in 1980 and achieved its highest popularity during 2012. However, the name trend has faced a decline in terms of boy name whereas it has gone up as a girl name.

What Does Blake Mean? 

It’s natural for parents to evaluate the meaning of a name before naming their child. This is because every parent wants their child’s name to represent them. The meaning of Blake is “bright,” “black,” or “shining” in British. Its meaning in British also extends to “fair-haired” or “dark.” The name also means the “pale one,” “white,” or “fair” in Italian. 


The origin of the name comes from English and can be used as a name for both your boy and girl. This name has a unique and contrasting meaning, which stands out in the crowd. Moreover, it has a simple pronunciation, making it an attractive baby name. 




  • Bleh-k
  • Ble-keh
  • Bla-yk


2 syllables


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Variations of a name can be found all over the world. It denotes the trend of the name in different cultures. Other spellings for Blake indicate the cultural significance of the name across different nationalities. Hence, some of the Blake name variations are:

Name Origin
Blanche French
Blakeney English
Blanch French and English
Blakely English
Bladeney English
Branca Portuguese
Blakeny English
Bianco Italian
Blakelee Old English
Biancha Italian

How Popular Is the Name Blake?

The name Blake has gained popularity since 1990. According to the Blake popularity index, the name ranked among the top 100 names list in 2015 in the boy name category. Data collected from Social Security Administration, the name increased in rank during 2001 by ranking 77 and 76 in 2002. However, after this year, the name gradually started to decline in popularity.

The name ranked 95 in 2004 and 99 in 2005, after which it experienced a positive surge in popularity once again. The Blake baby name ranking went up to 73 in 2011 and 72 in 2012, marking the latter as the most popular year. The name plummeted from the top 100 ranks from 2016 onwards. It ranked 127 in 2016, followed by 149 in 2017 and 158 in 2018. Further decrease in the name’s popularity is observed in 2019, where it ranked 183 in 2019 and 210 in 2020.

On the contrary, the name went up in ranking as a girl’s name. From ranking 817 in 2011 to 551 in 2013, the name’s ranking is gradually increasing. As per SSA data, the name’s popularity has increased since 2016 where it entered the top 300 name list. It ranked 280 in 2018, 223 in 2019, and 219 in 2020, indicating its elevated use. 

Interest in Blake – Worldwide

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The popularity of the name Blake has mostly stayed within the rank of 70 and has never dipped below 25 in the last decade. The popularity of the name increased in June 2011m and November 2015. Its popularity was the highest in August 2020, after which it declined again.

Interest in Blake – US

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In the US, the interest in the name Blake has been above rank 20 in the last ten years. The interest in the name increased in June 2011, followed by November 2015. The popularity of the name reached its full potential in August 2020. 

The Popularity of the name Blake


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Blake – Worldwide

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The search trends for Blake are the highest in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. It indicates the popularity of the name in these countries in the last decade.

Search trends of Blake – US

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The search trends for Blake have been highest in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Iowa in the US. This name has been the most searched in these cities in the last decade, indicating its popularity. 

Middle Names That Go With Blake

A proper middle name helps maintain the beauty of your child’s name. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be done when selecting a middle name. This list comprises some of the double names with Blake that you can use:

Andrea Aaron
Collin Devon
Denver Tyler
Preston Noel
Louis Christian
Quentin Jason
Ivan Harrison
Eugene Frederick
Spencer Stevenson
Milo Gregory

Famous People Named Blake 

You can identify the influence of famous people in almost every aspect of life. Many parents prefer to name their children after celebrities. Hence, some of the famous people called Blake are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Blake Lively American actress
Blake Michael American actor 
Blake Jenner American actor and singe
Blake Anderson American actor, producer, and screenwriter
Blake Fitzpatrick American screenwriter, independent film director, and author
Blake Shelton American country singer
Blake Edwards American actor and filmmaker
Blake Griffin American professional basketball player
Blake Carrington Character in TV series Dynasty
Blake Donnell Son of Rosie O’Donnell

Similar Names & Last Names

There are multiple variations to a name, among which many have the same or similar meaning. The spellings of such names may differ; however, the meanings are the same. This goes for baby names like Blake as well. Therefore, some of the other names for Blake, along with family names for Blake, are:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Elin Sanchez
Aila Morgan
Leora Donovan
Lucy Michaelson
Lucas Dobrev
Kenzie Fitz
Gavin Mongomery
Ingrid Somerhalder
Finley Turner
Adreanna Hemsworth

Names That Sound Like Blake 

Rhyming names can also be called variants of the chosen name. It gives more choice to parents to evaluate the perfect name for their child. Therefore, some of the popular names that rhyme with Blake are:

Alec Lake
Malec Drake
Dereck Shrek
Jake Maverick
Liv Rick

Sibling Names Related to Blake 

Naming all your children should be done with research and proper care. Choosing sibling names that go with Blake should maintain unity among all the names. Some of the suitable sister names for Blake and brother names for Blake are:

Sister Names For Blake Brother Names For Blake
Bryn Lucien
Lola Enzo
Hazel Rhysander
Elle Jonathan
Quinn Julian
Caroline Conrad
Gemma Xavier
Megan Bastian
Amelia Caleb
Nina August

Nicknames for Blake 

Nicknames are sometimes used more than our proper names. They become a part of our identity when growing up. Our loved ones often give us these names, therefore giving them a special meaning. Some of the unique nicknames for Blake are:

Blakee Blakey
Blak Blue
Aka Akee
Lak Blabla
BK Abe
Blee Bibi

The name Blake has experienced up and down curves in the last decade. The name’s popularity has decreased as a boy’s name; however, it has increased as a girl’s. This indicates the parent’s name choice towards a more gender-neutral name. Despite this fact, this name has an adequate scope of increasing popularity because of its uniqueness. 


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