Ophelia Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Ophelia Name Meaning and Origin

Stunning Greek names are the perfect way of choosing a timeless and classic name for your child that will always remain trendy. And the stunning name Ophelia is no different. With its beautiful phonetic sound and meaning, this name is bound to stay trendy and classy for years.

What Does Ophelia Mean?

A Greek name, the meaning of Ophelia can be understood to imply a helper. Popularized by the prominent character in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the name has been considered a classic for decades and centuries. It is still popular among enthusiasts of such names that have an old-school charm. It is derived from the Greek word “ōphéleia,” which refers to “aid” or “benefit.” So, it evokes a personality of a helpful angel or a guardian angel. By naming your child Ophelia, you can expect them to live up to their name and become an angel of help to those around her.


The name Ophelia is primarily originated from the ancient Greek language. Although it is most famously known as the name of the heroine of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, the name had first appeared as “Ofelia” in the poem Arcadia by Jacopo Sannazaro. Since its first usage, the name has been used for females, although Ophelius may be considered a suitable male alternative.




  • Oh-Feel-Ee-Yuh
  • O-Feel-Ee-Ya


4 Syllables


7 Letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Spelling variations for names, such as other spellings for Ophelia, can indicate the way different cultures interpret and use names and conform them to their own culture. So, some Ophelia name variations that you can consider when naming your child include:

Name Origin
Ofelia Greek
Availia Greek
Ophelya Greek
Ophilia Greek
Ovalia Greek
Phelia Greek
Ofilia Greek
Ubelia Greek
Uvelia Greek
Ovelia Greek

How Popular Is the Name Ophelia?

Despite being an incredibly beautiful name, Ophelia has not been famous in the US. It has been gaining momentum as a favored girls’ name only recently. This is evident from the SSA data, which shows that the name entered the top 1000 names only in 2015. However, despite debuting at 979 in 2015, the name climbed up the charts to be ranked 373 in 2018 and 391 in 2020. This means that the Ophelia popularity index has increased since then, allowing it to jump almost 600 ranks within just three years. At this pace, the Ophelia baby name ranking can be presumed to rise over time, and the rise of new babies named Ophelia can be anticipated within the next few years.

Interest in Ophelia – Worldwide

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The global interest trendline shows a bleak level of interest among the people. The graph shows that interest in the name had consistently remained below ten throughout the decade, except in October 2017, when the scale recorded 100.

Interest in Ophelia – US

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While the interest trendline for the US somewhat mimics the global trendline, it can be seen that the average interest over the decade has increased slightly. While the highest interest was recorded in October 2017 at 100, it was followed by a massive drop at 39 in April 2016. Furthermore, the lowest interest was recorded in July 2012 at 8.

Popularity of the name Ophelia

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Ophelia – Worldwide

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Global search trends show that Ireland leads the pack of countries searching for the name, generating the highest searches in the ten years. While this is followed by Canada, the UK, Ghana, and Hong Kong, the difference between search frequencies of Ireland and Canada is drastic.

Search trends of Ophelia – US

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Among the US sub-regions, Rhode Island has generated the maximum searches in the last ten years. This is followed by Idaho, Colorado, Connecticut, and Vermont, wrapping up the top 5 sub-regions.

Middle Names That Go With Ophelia

Middle names have become a crucial part of Western culture, allowing parents to beautify further and enhance the quality of their child’s name. Some double names with sounds that would suit your child named Ophelia are:

Rose Jane
Quinn Rue
Marie Jo
Christina Clara
Eloise Thelma
Luna Mae
Drew Noelle
Nova Ava
Aubrey Adalia
Olivia Emma

Famous People Named Ophelia

Famous people called Ophelia have solidified the name’s status as a posh and luxurious option for girls. This can also be attributed to the drastic increase in babies named Ophelia in the last six years. Some of the celebrities or famous characters named Ophelia are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Ophelia Benson American Author
Ophelia Magdalena Dahl American Social justice and Healthcare Advocate
Ophelia Lucy Lovibond English Actress
Ophelia DeVore American Model
Ophelia Marie Dominican Calypso singer
Ophelia Saint Grohl Daughter of David Grohl
Ophelia Dagger YouTube Influencer
Ophelia Alcantara Dimalanta Filipina Poet
Ophelia Ford American Politician
Ophelia Heroine in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Similar Names & Last Names

Baby names like Ophelia that have a similar essence and sound make a great alternative to the already beautiful name Ophelia. So, if you do not like the name as much as we do or you do not have suitable family names for Ophelia, you can choose from these other names for your daughter that exude the same feeling:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Persephone Genevieve
Aurelia Astrid
Juniper Florence
Sabrina Delilah
Cordelia Seraphina
Beatrice Penelope

Names That Sound Like Ophelia

Apart from its meaning, the sound of Ophelia is also extremely beautiful. So if you are looking for phonetically similar names, these names that rhyme with Ophelia can be your favorite:

Clementine Aurora
Iris Freya
Lilith Olympia
Elodie Olive
Evangeline Octavia

Sibling Names Related to Ophelia

Choosing sibling names that go with Ophelia is another task you will have to go through if you choose this name. So, if you are confused, this list with some sister names for Ophelia, along with some brother names for your girl, can help you:

Sister Names for Ophelia Brother Names for Ophelia
Annie Jack
Simone Jonathan
Selena Dylan
Blair Theodore
Blake Timothy
Jennifer Tristan
Leah Liam
Chantel Chase
Lisa Spencer
Imelda David

Nicknames for Ophelia

Nicknames are excellent for moving away from all formalities and using your creativity to call them in the most adorable way possible. If you are wondering which nickname would allow you to pour out your heart every time you call your daughter, these few names can help you:

Oph Ophie
Sophie Toffee
Lia Ola
Lola Lulu
LuluPie Oli


Ophelia is one of the most beautiful Greek names for girls. While it has not been used much, you can help make it popular and give it the attention it deserves. So, now that you know more about the background of the name and many variations give this name to your daughter and see her bloom into a little lady!


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