Top 100 Vampire & Demon Baby Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

100 Unusual Vampire and Demon Names for Baby Girl and Boy

It is always fun to be naughty and evil, and parents would want their little children to be cute and evil. Parents would also want their names to be something unique and naughty, and there are a lot of choices. Sinister baby names are never boring as they are magical, dark, and supernatural. If you are a fan of supernatural beings, vampires, magic potions, draculas, demons, and all Halloween vibes, then you may find this article super interesting and useful to you. Check out these vampire and demon names and meanings that have been inspired by novels, mythologies, and TV shows! These names hold deep meanings and date back to hundreds of years ago when superstitions and mythologies were prevalent in determining fates and day-to-day life. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dig into some of the well-known demon names for girls and boys, as well as vampire names for girls and boys.

Demon Names for Baby Boys

Here are some top and trending boy vampire names:

1. Aamon

In demonology, the name Aamon is a Marquis of Hell and a demon, one of the spirits of Goetia. He also carries the title of prince.

2. Abaddon

This name has a Hebrew origin, and it is an angel of the abyss. In the bible, it is a place of destruction and a realm of the dead.

3. Agares

This is the name of a demon in the demonological grimoires. The other variations of the name are “Agarat”, “Agaros”, or “Agarus”.

4. Armaros

The meaning of the name is “accursed one” or “cursed one”. This name belonged to one of the fallen angels.

5. Asura

In Hindu mythology, this name belongs to a power-seeking clan who are always in battle with the gods. These are superhuman demigods.

6. Beelzebub

This name belonged to a major demon in the Abrahamic religion. It is also the other name of Satan or the devil. This is a very nice demon baby name.

7. Blade

With an English origin, the name is an occupational name for a culter or the dealer of knives. In Middle English, it means “blade”.

8. Boruta

In Slavic mythology, this name belonged to a demon. It is believed that this spirit rules over all the forests. This is a wonderful name that means demon.

9. Caine

This is an Irish name, and the meaning of the name is “son of a fighter”. It was also the name of a demon in a TV series.

10. Chernobog

Chernobog comes from the Slavic region and refers to the god of darkness and evil. The meaning of this name is “black god”.

11. Chibi

The name is used to describe an animal or a short person. The origin of the name is Japanese, and the verb meaning includes “become shorter”.

12. Chort

Chort is a demon with horns, skinny tail, and hooves and a total evil of doom. He is also known as “didko”, “irod”, and “Kutsyi”.

13. Cobra

The name has a Latin origin, and it means “a snake”. In Portuguese, it means “serpent of the hood”. The name also belongs to a venomous snake.

14. Diabolos

Diabolos is a Greek mythological character, the meaning of which is “accuser”. Satan’s title is Diabolos in the Bible.

15. Djjal

This name belongs to an evil figure in Islam. This demon is said to have come from several locations in the Middle East.

16. Dzoavits

This is the name of a demon from the Shoshonean mythology. In many legends, this demon confronts many animals in mythology.

17. Erlik

In Turkish mythology, the name belonged to the god of death. The other variation is “Erlig”.

18. Furfur

In Christian demonology, the name belonged to a powerful Earl of Hell. He is the ruler of many demons.

19. Ghoul

In several mythologies, this name belonged to a monstrous thing who spent time in the graveyards. In modern fiction, it belonged to an undead monster.

20. Ipos

This is a powerful prince of hell who has command over 30 demons. He can make men valiant and witty.

21. Mammon

This is a biblical demon with a greedy pursuit of gain. In Hebrew, it sometimes would mean “money”.

22. Morfran

According to the legend, Morfran the crow was so ugly that his mother recompensed the looks by instilling virtue and wisdom in him.

23. Orusula

Orusula is the name of a Costa Rican demon who takes the form of a huge pig.

24. Samael

This demon name belonged to Talmudic lore. The meaning of the name is “poison of God”, “Venom of God”, and “Blindness of God”.

25. Zagan

Zagan is a top-notch name in the Demons list. He is the 61st of the 72 spirits and the president of Hell. He is known for his excellent skills, like turning metal into a coin, oil into water, etc.

Demon Names for Baby Girls

Demon Names for Baby Girls

1. Ardat Lili

This is the name of a young spirit or night demon who attacks children and women.

2. Azrael

Azrael is referred to as the Muslim angel of death.

3. Banshee

Banshee is a popular and demonish-wailing ghost in Irish culture.

4. Batibat

This name belonged to a vengeful demon belonging to Ilocano folklore. This demon is famous for causing death during sleep. This demon always stays in a tree.

5. Empusa

This name belongs to a demon that is popular for eating travellers. The demon is said to have one leg made from brass, and the other one is a donkey leg. This demon is also associated with demi goddesses Lamia and Mormo.

6. Gorgon

The demon name is a personification of wisdom and mysteries. The demon is the creator of life and the bringer of death. The name has a Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is “terrible”.

7. Hecate

This name is the Latin variation of the Greek name “Hekate”, and the meaning of the name is “worker from far off”. In Greek mythology, this demon is the goddess of the underworld.

8. Jezebeth

This is the demon who deceives people with her falsehoods. She preys on enraged and weak human and adds fire to the flame when they give in to their frustration.

9. Kasdeya

This demon is also believed to have been the fifth Satan and is a demon that specialises in poison.

10. Kok-Lir

this demon preys on wandering men and is Borneo’s succubus demon.

11. Lamashtu

This name belonged to a witch. In Mesopotamian mythology, the demon was responsible for the death of unborn and newborn. She is also known for kidnapping children.

12. Lamia

The name of a monster who kidnaps little children, the meaning of the name is “large shark”. In Latin, the name means “vampire”.

13. Lezabel

This is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of the name is “intact and chaste”. She was the wife of Ling Ahab, and in mythology, she was a town by hounds.

14. Lilith

Lilith is the Hebrew variation of the name “Lilitu” in Sumerian. The meaning of the name is “of the night”. In Hebrew myth, the name belonged to a storm demon in Mesopotamia responsible for death or diseases.

15. Lilitu

This demon has goat horns, goat hooves, and a tail of a snake. She is one of the triads of the demon. The most disturbing feature is her eyeless face.

16. Mara

Mara is maleficent female wrath, and it belongs to the Scandinavian folklore. In mythology, the demon is the primary cause of children’s nightmare. In Hebrew, it means “bitter”.

17. Nimune

Also called the Niniane, the name belonged to an Arthurian sorceress. The demon is not completely evil, but her role makes her sound like a demon.

18. Pandora

The meaning of Pandora in Greek means “all gift” but she is the person who unleashes evil to the entire world because of her curiosity.

19. Prosperine

This demon is also known as the princess of Hell. She is also believed to be Baal’s mother.

20. Qarinah

In Arabian mythology, the name belonged to a demon. It is said that people with second sight can see this demon in forms of a household pet.

21. Succubus

Succubus belongs to powerful female demons, and her character is to attack men in their sleep.

22. Uphir

Uphir has a unique title given to her. She is the head demon physician.

23. Vetis

Well, you don’t want to mess with Vetis. The name belongs to the demon of Hell who corrupts and tempts anything holy.

24. Yuki Onna

This demon is associated with snowstorms, and she always appears during horrifying storms as a tall, beautiful woman with black hair and blue lips. She lures people in remote areas to freeze them solid.

25. Zagam

Similar to Zagan, Zagam is a demon of deceit who has excellent skills like turning blood or water into wine.

Vampire Names for Baby Boys

1. Abchanchu

Abchanchu is the name of a legendary vampire of Bolivia. He usually takes the form of an older person and acts like a helpless traveller. When a person tries to help him, he victimises that person and drinks the blood.

2. Alaric

The name of a popular The Vampire Diaries character, Alaric means “noble leader”.

3. Alaris

This name is a character from a famous TV series, the Vampire Diaries. The meaning of this powerful Latin name is “noble leader”.

4. Alessandro

This is a very charming and famous vampire name and a usual version of Alexander. The meaning of the name is “defender of man”.

5. Armand

Every since the production of the show Camille, the name has been considered to be a very beautiful option. This is a French name, and the meaning of the name is “soldier”.

6. Baldovino

Baldovino is a vampire-inspired name which means “brave friend”.

7. Barnabas

One of the most favourite vampire names from the American horror film, this evil boy name is unusual but exotic.

8. Cerberus

Cerberus is a unique and unheard-of name which means “demon of the pit”.

9. Damon

With a pleasing, strong aura, the many famous people have had this name. It is also the name of a key figure in the shows, “The Vampire Diaries”.

10. Darius

the name has a Greek origin, and the meaning of the name is “kingly” or ‘wealth”. This is the name of a key figure in the history of Persia. This name has a vampire ring to it.

11. Dimitri

Dimitri Belikov was the name of a fictional character who was a vampire in the Vampire Academy.

12. Dracula

Count Dracula is the main antagonist of Dracula, a Gothic horror novel. He descended from Attila the Hun and is a centuries-old vampire. The vampire lives in a decaying castle.

13. Draven

Draven is derived from the word draefend, and the meaning of the name is “hunter”. This has a rhythmic appeal, and a member of Linkin Park also adopted the name

14. Hal

This name belonged to a fictional vampire in a TV series called, “being human”. The meaning of the name is “Army Ruler”.

15. Magnus

From the Vampire Chronicles, this is the name of a vampire. This person is characterized by dark eyes and dark hair and is known for drinking blood from a helpless vampire.

16. Malcolm

The name belonged to a character of “True Blood”, the American television. The show focuses on vampires and humans coexisting.  This was also the name of a Scottish King.

17. Marco

Marco is a quintessential name in the vampire-inspired names list. It means “defender of sea”.

18. Marius

This also another fictional character from the novel, the vampire chronicles. This is a unique option for your baby boy.

19. Nicholas

Nicholas is one of the main characters of “The Vampire Chronicles”. The meaning of the name is “victory of the people”, and it has a Greek origin. This is a very strong option for your little one.

20. Nosferatu

A vampire character from a dark horror movie called the Nosferatu, this is a very nice option for your baby. The meaning of the archaic Romanian word is “vampire”.

21. Orfeo

Orfeo is a wonderful-sounding boy’s name meaning “darkness”.

22. Orpheus

The name means “darkness of the night”, and it is a fitting name for a vampire. This is also the name of a legendary Greek musician. Though this is a challenging name, it is a nice option.

23. Salvatore

From the TV series, the vampire diaries, this is one of the plethoras of vampire names. This name was the last name for two brothers.

24. Spike

This name also belonged to a very vicious vampire in another famous TV series. In the series, another vampire teaches Spike to behave appropriately in the mortal world.

25. Vlad

Vlad is believed to be the heart of many legends of vampires. This vampire is popular for impaling people on stakes and eating bread dipped in blood.

Vampire Names for Baby Girls

1. Akasha

The main characters in “The Queen of the Damned” novel, she is a very famous female character.

2. Ambrosia

The meaning of the name is “food of gods” and is a wonderful vampire name.

3. Angel

Angel is also a Vampire from the series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

4. Astrid

An adorable vampire name, the meaning of the name is “divinely beautiful”. In many stories, the name is associated with vampires.

5. Bela

Similar to Bella, Bela is a vampire-inspired girl’s name which means “white”.

6. Bella

This is one of the most favourite vampire names. The meaning of the name is “lovely one” and became popular after “Twilight”.

7. Bronwen

This is a character from a very famous novel, and the meaning of the name is “dark and beautiful”. This is a nice girl name that means evil.

8. Carmilla

This is a famous vampire name and has been portrayed in many films and literature.

9. Ciarda

Ciarda is another sassy girl’s name meaning “dark”.

10. Claudia

This was the name of a child vampire in the “Interview with the Vampire”.

11. Drusilla

A very popular character from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, this is also a wonderful option for your little one.

12. Elena

This is another character from the “Vampire Diaries” series and is an excellent option for your princess.

13. Eli

“Let the Right One In” is a dark and powerful story and this evil girl name belonged to a child vampire.

14. Elizabeth

She was the countess of Hungary who people suspected to have been a vampire. She is famous for bathing in blood as a beauty treatment and bites the flesh of victims.

15. Eva

The name Eva is short and crisp and has a freshness to it. The name means “life”.

16. Iezabel

Sounding similar to Isabel, Iezabel means “chaste”. If you want to name your little girl differently, then this could be it.

17. Katherine

The name belonged to a witch and was a main character in the Vampire Diaries.

18. Layla

The name means “dark beauty” or “night” and is a beautiful vampire name.

19. Maia

Maia is a pleasant-sounding name which means “nursing mother”.

20. Pamela

This is one of the most favourite vampires in the show “True Blood”. This was a very beautiful character in the show.

21. Sekhmet

This is an Egyptian name and is the name of a goddess known for drinking blood. According to the book of the dead, if a part of a soul did not get proper offerings, it left to suck blood.

22. Selene

This name also belonged to a vampire in the Underworld beauty and is one of the main vampires in the series.

23. Sonja

The name belonged to a vampire in the Underworld series and is the daughter of victory.

24. Vampirella

This is a very popular character from Vampire comics; this vampire was a nice character.

25. Zurie

The meaning of this unique name is “lovely and white”, and it is the name of a popular witch who played with magic and portions.

These evil baby names are sure to help you find the perfect supernatural and dark name for your little one.

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