100 Popular, Unique and Cute Mexican Names for Baby Girls

100 Popular, Unique and Cute Mexican Names for Baby Girls

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“Names have power, like magic spells” – Cinderella.

Names have a powerful impact on a person’s life. It is an identity that stays forever with them. The meaning of the name has a profound effect on destiny. A lot of thinking goes into deciding the right name for your little bundle of joy. Family connections, beliefs, traditions, history, culture, traits, mother nature and more play an important part in choosing a name.

Parents start planning the name of their little one even before she comes into this world. Choosing the right name may take many discussions and arguments.

You will find some wonderful names in Mexican culture, names which sounds poetic and have deep and beautiful meaning associated with them. Names with the Biblical roots, names of Catholic saints are popular. Adding ita, ito or itito to regular names makes it sound very Mexican. Juana becomes Juanita while Bonnie becomes Bonita. Chiqa and Mija are cute, fashionable and sweet Mexican female names.

100 Adorable Mexican Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Here’s a list of 100 pretty Mexican girl names that start with A for Abril to Z for Zurine with their meanings and origins. Shortlist the ones you love, decide the final one with a roll of dice or pick a chit. Make the exercise of finding a name a fun event. Here are some unique names.

Name Meaning
Abril Abril is a cool choice for your baby girl born in ‘April’. The name with Spanish origin symbolizes the beautiful season of ‘spring’.
Adalia Adalia is the one who is ‘kind’ and ‘noble’, give it a Mexican spin by making it Adelina, Adelita or Adella.
Adana Adana is the one who is ‘created by God’, the beautiful name with Hebrew origin means ‘Earth’.
Adoncia Adoncia is the unique choice of name; it means the ‘sweet’ one. The name sounds sweet to ears and is a perfect choice for your sweetie pie.
Anika Anika is the name with Hausa origin. It means ‘grace’ or ‘sweet-faced’. A perfectly graceful name for your Munchkin. Give it a sweet twist with unconventional Anica or Anitia.
Antonia Antonia is the name with Roman origin and means ‘priceless’, ‘flourishing’, ‘praiseworthy, the ‘beautiful’ name also symbolizes ‘flower’. Add a twist and make it Antonina. Annie would be a suitable nickname for your baby doll.
Arcilla Arcilla is your own ‘treasure, the ‘alter of heaven’ that makes your life a paradise right here. Aricela, Arcili, Arcelia are some variations you can check out.
Benita Benita has its origin in Spanish culture. It means ‘blessed one’, which your baby surely is. Call her Betty or Nita at home.
Bibiana The unusual and melodic name Bibiana has Latin origins. It means ‘lively’ or full of ‘life’. Perfect for baby who is a beautiful part of your life.
Bonita Bonita is the ‘pretty little one’, ‘beautiful’ and ‘lively’. The name has Spanish and Portuguese origins. Boni or Nita makes cute nickname for your little one.
Buena Buena is the ‘good’ one. Cute and poetic name for your princess.
Chiquita Chiquita is the ‘little girl’. A cute name for your little Chica.
Ciri Ciri comes from Cyrilla; it means ‘lordly’, and ‘proud’. The ‘ladylike’ name has Greek origins. It is a unique and uncommon name for your priceless princess.
Clarisa Clarisa is the name with Spanish origin and means ‘bright’, ‘shining’, ‘clear’. Clara makes a lovely nickname for your baby girl.
Coco Coco is a cute and sweet name with lovely meaning. It means ‘help’ and sounds so very pretty.
Desideria Desideria means ‘desire’, a unique and uncommon name for your little one. May she receive everything she desires. Desiree is another variation with the same meaning and sounds exotic.
Dia Dia is a cute and sweet choice of name for your girl. The name means ‘day’. She surely makes every day worthwhile with her smile.
Dulce Dulce is the name of Latin origin; it means ‘sweet’ or ‘candy’. It is often clubbed with another name to make it sound sweeter like Dulce Maria or Dulce Eva.
Elena Elena comes from Helena, a name popular in Roman, Greek, Spanish, Italian and Slavic culture. Probably inspired by Helen of Troy, it means ‘shining light’ or ‘bright light’. Spell it as Eleena or Elina for variation.
Estelle Estelle has Latin, French and Occitan origins. It means ‘star’, and your little one surely is the brightest star.
Eva / Evita Derived from Biblical name ‘Eve’, Eva or Evita is ‘giver of life’.
Esmeralda Esmeralda is a popular Hispanic name with Spanish and Portuguese origin. It means ’emerald’ the ‘bright green gem’. Esme will be a cool nickname for her. If your little one has green eyes, it would be perfect for her. Spell it as Ezmeralda, and add that exotic zing to her name.
Felicita Felicita finds its origins in Spanish culture. It means ‘happy’ or ‘lucky’. Felicity is a modern variation of the traditional name.
Florencia Florencia is a traditional name with Spanish roots. It means ‘flowering’ or ‘blooming’. Twist it to Florence for your little flower.
Francisca Francisca has Latin origins. The name represents ‘free one’. Your very own gitane with free spirit and soul.
Gaspara Gaspara is a rare and unique name for your little one. It means ‘treasure’. Your mija is your most precious treasure.
Gracia / Graciana Gracia or Graciana means ‘grace’. Such a graceful and traditional name for your little sunshine.
Guadalupe Guadalupe has been topping the chart as the most favoured name for babies, both boys and girls. Our Lady of Guadalupe is the patron saint of Mexico. It means ‘valley of the wolf’.
Heloise Heloise is a ‘renowned warrior’, an apt name for your warrior princess. Loise is a perfect nickname for her.
Henriqua Henriqua is a traditional choice of name. It means the one who ‘rules the home’, and your girl sure rules your heart and home.
Iliana / Ileana Iliana or Ileana means ‘shining light’; she is your little sunshine whose smile brightens the world. Eli would be a cute nickname for her.
Ines Ines is the ‘pure’ one. Twist it to Inez for extra zing to already poetic name.
Irene Irene means ‘peace’. The name is widespread across Europe and America. Call her Ira at home, sweet and cute.
Ivette Ivette means ‘archer’, a name suitable for a warrior princess who will win the world with her determination.
Izar Izar means ‘star’. The twinkle of your eyes. Call her Izaare or Izara for the poetic twist. Little Izzy will shine everywhere she goes.
Jacinta A ‘beautiful girl’ is often called Jacinta. The name has Greek origins and means the pretty flower of ‘Hyacinth’ or the colour’ purple’, rare, noble and unique. Jacinth is also a precious stone. Little Jessi will brighten your world with her smile.
Jade Jade is a lucky and precious stone. Cute choice of name for your ‘jewel’.
Juanita The name Juanita has Spanish roots. It means ‘God’s gift’. Call her Juana at home.
Julieta Julieta sounds so very romantic. It means ‘youthful’. Julina is a beautiful variation. Julie makes a cute nickname for your baby girl.
Karmen Karmen is inspired by Spanish ‘orchard’ or ‘the fruit garden’. It also means ‘gold’ or ‘sweet’. Such a good name for your darling daughter.
Kassandra Inspired from Cassandra the ‘unheeded prophetess’, Kassandra is the ‘protector of mankind’. Kassy will make a cute nickname for her.
Kemena Kemena originates from Spanish culture. It means the ‘strong’ one. Keemena is a variation for the one ‘having great strength’. Kim would be an apt nickname for her.
Kesara Kesara means ‘youthful’. Besides having beautiful meaning, the name itself sounds sweet and poetic.
Lan Lan is the ‘bringer of peace’, the one who gives ‘hope’. Lani or Lanna are beautiful variations for little Lan.
Leticia Leticia is a sweet variation of traditional Letitia; it means ‘full of joy and happiness’. Perfect name for your bundle of joy.
Lia The name Lia has Greek roots. It means ‘bearer of good news’. Add it to most names for a sweet twist like Amelia, Adalia, Natalia, Rosalia and more. Twist it to Leah, Lya, Lea or Leia.
Linda Linda means ‘pretty’ one. The sweet and straightforward name has many variations. Call her Lindi, Linden, Lindy or only Lin.
Lisa Lisa is a popular name and means ‘devoted to God’. Lisie is a cute nickname for your love.
Maite / Maitea Maite of Maitea is a unique name and means ‘, love’. A beautiful name for your cute baby girl.
Maria Maria is a very popular name. It means the one who starts the ‘rebellion’. Your confident little warrior princess who sets her own rules. It also has a reference to Mother Mary. The blessing in your life.
Mira Mira is short for Mirabelle or Miranda. The name means ‘extraordinary’, the one who has ‘to be admired’ for everything she is and whatever she does.
Mireya Do you believe in ‘miracles’? Name your ‘miraculous’ baby Mireya or Mireille.
Mora Mora is a cute little name for your ‘little blueberry’. If you find Mora too short, call her Morina or Morella.
Myra Myra is the ‘extraordinary’ one; she is the one who has ‘to be admired’. Myrilla is a variation that sounds poetic as well.
Nana Nana is a cute and sweet name for your baby. It means ‘grace’.
Neva Your princess as white as ‘snow’? Call her Neva or Neiva, Nevita, Nevea, Nivea or Neivi. Same meaning – many variations.
Ninette Ninette means ‘girl’. Nina will make a cute nickname for her your little Ninette.
Noemi Noemi is a charming spin of Naomi. The name with Latin origin means ‘pleasant’. You can personalise it further and call her Neomi.
Olina Olina is a unique name for your baby girl. It means the ‘protector’.
Olivia Olivia is derived from ‘olive’. The tree of olive is a sign of prosperity and peace. It is a popular name across cultures.
Ora Ora means ‘gold’. A precious name for your treasure.
Osana Osana sounds beautiful, just like Oceana. It means good ‘health’. A charming and delicate name for your little girl. Name her Osane if you prefer a poetic twist.
Paloma Paloma is another unique name for your ‘peace-loving’ baby; it means ‘dove’. A lovey-dovey name for your princess. Palita, Palometa, Palomina are some of the variations fSonsor the same name.
Patricia Patricia has Latin origins. The name means’ noble one’ or ‘devoted to God’. It is the feminine version for Patrick.
Paulita Paulita comes from Pauline. The Spanish name means ‘little’ or ‘tiny’. Pabla also pronounced as Paula would be a perfect nickname for your little one. The ita added makes it entirely Mexican.
Pia Pia is a short and cute name with a ring to it. The name means ‘pious’ or ‘righteous’ and ‘reverent’.
Querida Querida means ‘beloved’. It is a name that is unique and rare.
Ramona Ramona is a name with Spanish and ancient Greek origins. It means ‘wise one’ or the ‘protector’. Call her Romi or Roma at home. Sounds so very romantic, isn’t it?
Reina Reina comes from Regina. It means ‘queen’. An apt name for your royal and noble princess who will rule the world one day.
Ria Ria is similar to Rio. The name has a unique rhythm to it and means ‘small river’.
Rita Rita is short for Margarita and means ‘pear’ in Spanish. In Italian culture Rita means ‘pearl’, either way, it’s a pretty name for your princess.
Rocio Rocio is another unique name that prevalent in Hispanic culture. It means ‘dewdrops’ and is often referred to as the Virgin Mary.
Salvadora Salvadora is a traditional name that means the ‘saviour’. Sallie or Sally would make a cute nickname for your little saviour.
Sancha Sancha means ‘holy’ a pious name for your mija. Spin it to Sancia for a poetic twist.
Sara Sara means ‘princess’. Need we say more?
Seina Seina means ‘innocent’. An apt name for your innocent little angel.
Seirra Seirra is a name of the mountain range of Aitana and means ‘strong’. It also means ‘fair’, ‘white’, ‘counsellor’ or ‘adviser’, every trait you want in your little girl.
Serene Serene means ‘peaceful’. A charming name for your angel.
Sofia Sofia means ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom’, a traditional choice for your chiqa. Sophia or Sophie are some of the variations you can check out.
Solana Solana means ‘sunshine’. A fantastic name for your little sunshine.
Shoshana Shoshana is a name with Hebrew origins. It means ‘lily’. Susana or Suelita are sweet variations for little Suzie.
Teodora Teodora is feminine of Theodor and means ‘gift of God’ which your little one surely is.
Tianna Tianna means ‘princess’, spin it to Tiara, which means ‘crown’. Shorten it to Tia as a nickname.
Tierra Tierra is a name with Spanish origin and means ‘Earth’. Spell it as Tiara and the meaning changed to ‘jewelled crown’. Either way, it’s a pretty name.
Trella Trella is a ‘star ‘or ‘constellation’. Perfect name for your shining one.
Ula Ula is a sweet and short name; it means ‘well-spoken’.
Ursulina Ursulina is a unique spin from traditional Ursula. The name Ursulina means ‘little bear’. Cute name for your cutie pie.
Valentina Valentina comes from the word Valentia. The name with Latin origin means ‘strong’ or ‘healthy’. It also has reference to St. Valentine.
Vanessa Vanessa means ‘butterfly’. Such a pretty name for your pretty one.
Virginia Virginia has ancient Roman roots. It means ‘virgin’ and has reference to the Virgin Mary. The name is famous across the globe.
Vittoria Vittoria is a sweet spin to traditional Victoria and means ‘victory’. Viki is a perfect nickname for your little princess.
Xalvadora A spin from Salvadora, the name Xalvadora means the ‘saviour’.
Xaviera Xaviera is pronounced as ksha-vi-era. The unique name means ‘bright’ or ‘splendid’.
Xiomara Xiomara means ‘valiant’ a warrior who is ‘ready for the battle’. Xiomy makes a lovely nickname for your warrior princess.
Yoana Yoana is a name with Spanish origin and means ‘God’s gift’. A lovely choice for your angel from the heavens above.
Yolanda Yolanda is a name with Greek origin and means ‘violet’ a shade of purple associated with ‘purity’ and means ‘chaste’.
Yomaris Yomaris a rare and unique name and is associated with ‘sun’, the giver of light and supporter of life.
Zaneta Zaneta means ‘small apple’. A unique name for the apple of your eyes.
Zita Zita is the name of Greek origin and means ‘seeker’.
Zurine Zurine is such a beautiful name. It is like music to the ears. Perfect name for your princess ‘white’ as snow.

Name can shape your destiny. Make sure you choose a name with a beautiful meaning, keeping in mind the traits you ant to imbibe in your child. These are some famous names, and we wish you all the happiness you deserve with your bundle of joy.

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