Coronavirus: If You're Pregnant, Here's How You Can Prepare and Stay Safe

Coronavirus: If You’re Pregnant, Here’s How You Can Prepare and Stay Safe

COVID-19 has scared everyone nowadays as it has become a pandemic. The spread of the virus has affected all age groups not even sparing pregnant women. In such a situation the most important thing is to prevent oneself and the baby from getting affected.

Since it’s known that virus affects the respiratory system causing the decrease of chest expansion, as a physiotherapist and certified nutritionist, I would like to share a few chest expansion exercises that can be easily and safely done at home.
1. Hold an elastic or resistance band which is readily available in the market, tie the band around any pillar in the house or with the dining table or anything that is stable and can’t move. Keeping the elbows straight, slightly forward flex and pull the band backwards from the front. This will help in stretching the pectoral muscle group and will help in opening and stretching the chest.
2. Sit in a chair or stand and place both hands on the abdomen. Take a deep breath and let your abdomen rise up as you inhale through the nose, and lower down on exhaling. This is also called diaphragmatic breathing. Similarly, place your hands at the side of the ribs and while inhaling let the chest expand outwards, and while exhaling let the chest lower and move inwards.
3. The third exercise is the child’s pose where one can sit on the knees while keeping the buttocks on the heel. Make space between the ankles comfortably. Bring your hands forward and slowly bend ahead taking care not to put any excessive pressure on the bump while moving forward. It will not only stretch the upper chest but also the back muscles.
Apart from these exercises the consumption of water and other liquid diets will help in flushing out the toxins from the body. Consume more citrus fruits like oranges, and lemons. Apart from that, have more berries, nuts, green leafy vegetables which will improve immunity. Maintain social distancing and wash hands regularly. Maintain hygiene as much as possible.
Keep calm and relaxed thinking positive. All these will keep you safe and healthy.

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