Top 70 Boy & Girl Names That Mean "Blue"

70 Baby Boy & Girl Names That Mean Blue

Having a name that makes a good first impression has become very necessary in today’s competitive world. And a name is probably the first thing that parents bless children with. With an array of options and mounting pressure, it can sometimes become a tough job for the parents to decide on a good name for their children. To ease this process and help confused parents about what name to choose for their little ones, we have very meticulously curated this article. This article has a list of the most popular baby boy and girl names that mean blue, which will help you select the perfect name for your baby.

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Baby Boy Names That Mean Blue

Take a look at some blue-inspired names for your baby boy and their meanings:

1. Aciano  

The name is of Spanish origin and means ‘blue bottle flower’.

2. Aouli

This baby boy’s name means a beautiful feeling. The meaning of this name also resonates with the vast blue sky.

3. Azraq

The name means the colour blue. This was also the name of the companion of Prophet Mohammed.

4. Beryl

This sweet and short name is of Greek origin.

5. Bisman

This unique name means something dark blue or black.

6. Bluford

This baby boy name means someone who has come from the Blue Ford. It is a widely used name nowadays.

7. Chalcedony  

The name comes from a translucent variety of quartz. 

8. Chandraneel

This unique name is appropriate for someone as precious as the moon. It also means a precious blue gem.

9. Clodwal

As unique as it sounds, this name is used to refer to someone who is icy cold or is considered to be a blue man.

10. Engelmann  

This name is of German origin. 

11. Firuzeh

This beautiful name is used to refer to the greenish-blue coloured gemstone, also known as the turquoise colour.

12. Indeevar

This cool name translates to a blue lotus, ideal for your newborn baby boy.

13. Jainil

This name has quite a history attached to it. It symbolizes the triumph of Lord Vishnu as the victory of blue. It is also known as the victorious God.

14. Jalaneel

It essentially means the blue color of the sea or the color of seawater. Ideal for your baby boy if you want him to grow up with a cool personality.

15. Jayvee

This is used to refer to someone who resembles the blue colored Jaybird or resembles blue in general.

16. Jeremejivite 

This is a beautiful and rare mineral stone that is used to make jewellery with.

17. Linnaeus

It is used for a boy who is named after a blue flower or a twinflower.

18. Macaw

Name your little one after the beautiful and magnificent bird. 

19. Manikaant

Often referred to as the brightly shining blue jewel, it also means someone who has a bejeweled throat like a snake.

20. Marlais

This unique baby boy name has a welsh origin. This means blue color.

21. Moonstone 

Moonstones produce a beautiful blue visual effect that is very stunning. 

22. Nabhas

This name is used to refer to someone who resembles the blue sky and is a great pick for your baby boy.

23. Nabhendu

This beautiful name refers to the pretty moon in the blue sky. An excellent choice for a baby boy’s name.

24. Nakesha

This grandeur filled name means the monarch of the blue havens. Perfect for your baby boy if you want him to grow up as a leader.

25. Neeladri

This name gets its origin from a mountain range that is blue colored in appearance.

26. Neelambuj

Considered to be a sacred name, it refers to a holy blue colored lotus.

27. Nilamegh

Unique and beautiful, these names mean a shade of blue. It can also be used to refer to a cloud that resembles the color blue.

28. Okeley

This unique name is a variation of the classic name Neelam that means a blue sapphire.

29. Oxford 

This is a popular name which is of British origin.

30. Rajeev

This very popular name means someone who is an achiever. Also considered to refer to someone who is the ruler of all, this surely is a great option for your child.

31. Ruka

Considered to be holy and spiritual by many, this name is derived from a bright blue flower.

32. Slate

As unique as it sounds, this translates to a fine-grained blueish rock.

33. Spinel 

This name too is a representation of a beautiful mineral. The name has Latin roots.

34. Viorel

This beautiful name has a phonetic glamour to it. It means a bluebell flower.

35. Zircon

You must’ve heard of the word Zircon. But do you know you can even name your baby boy after the beautiful blue Zirconia stones?

Baby Girl Names That Mean Blue

Take a look at some beautiful blue-inspired girl names for your child:

1. Afina

Having a Romanian origin, this name means blueberry. Interestingly in Hebrew, it has a different meaning altogether and means a female, young deer.

2. Amrin

One of the best baby name choices for girls, this refers to a royal girl who is very gentle and soft-spoken, and also refers to the blue sky.

3. Aoko

Meaning an evergreen blue tree, it is a perfect choice for your baby girl if you want her name to be evergreen.

4. Atasi 

This sweet name means ‘a blue flower’.

5. Aquanetta 

This unique name is of American origin and means ‘water sprite’.

6. Azora

This beautiful feminine name comes from Spanish origins and means ‘blue sky’.

7. Azurine

A variant of the name Azure, it means sky blue. Very popular among all other names.

8. Bluesette

Inspired by the jazz culture, it is typically the name of a blues song. Perfect for your baby girl if the parents are Jazz fans.

9. Claramay

This name means a mixture of two colors, namely the combination of blue and pink.

10. Cyan 

This name is popular as a colour, but the actual name is of American origin!

11. Cyane 

This name is of Greek origin and is of significance in greek mythology. On its own it mean dark blue. 

12. Doli

This name has a historical significance. It is known to be associated with the Bluebird.

13. Gaganasri 

This flowy and beautiful name refers to the blue colour of the sky. 

14. Hinto

This native American name is used to describe someone who has beautiful deep blue eyes.

15. Jaibrian

It is as unique as it sounds, it means bluebird and stands for strength and nobility.

16. Lapis

It has become a trend now to name babies after precious stones. If you are looking to follow the trend, then we have a suggestion for you. This name right here means a semi-precious stone for blue color.

17. Larkspur 

This unique name is a name of a beautiful blue flower. 

18. Larmina 

The name has Islamic origins, and means ‘blue sky’. 

19. Linna 

This sweet name has Scandinavian and Northern European roots. 

20. Livianna 

This beautiful name is of Italian origin.

21. Marilee

Considered to be referred to someone who is the star of the blue sea, this baby girl’s name is a perfect choice for your child.

22. Mazarine

Having the French touch, this popular baby girl’s name means a deep blue color in French.

23. Neelabja

This name is used to refer to a lotus flower growing in the water shore. It also means something blue in color.

24. Neelu

This means a shade of blue that is a bit gloomy. Also used for dark navy blue shade.

25. Nilakshi

Perfect for your beautiful baby girl, this means someone who has beautiful blue eyes.

26. Nilam

Resembling a lighter shade of blue, this name is a good pick for your baby girl.

27. Nilashri

Famous among parents, this name describes the attractiveness of the blue color.

28. Nilshikha

A very popular baby girl name, it derives its inspiration from the blue hills and used to refer to the topmost part of the blue hill.

29. Odeta

Very simple but catchy, this baby girl’s name means the vast blue sea.

30. Okelani

Having its origin from the Hindi language, it is used to describe a beautiful and pleasant blue sky on a clear day.

31. Oleander

Used for describing a person who resembles blue, this name is a popular choice among parents.

32. Owaissa

This name is used to refer to a bluebird. It is also considered a song of the Hiawatha.

33. Puskara

This baby girl’s name is used to describe a woman who is like a beautiful blue lotus.

34. Sini

As poetic as it sounds, this name is used to describe the colour blue poetically.

35. Sinikka

Very unique and not quite prevalent, it is a good choice for parents who want their baby names to be stand out. It refers to someone who is like the colour blue.

We understand that choosing a name for your newborn baby is a huge responsibility on your shoulders, and that is exactly why we have come up with this article to help you select the best name for your baby from among many names. A name is something that is going to stay with your child forever. It is what is going to define your child as a person, as a human being. That is why while choosing a name for your baby we advise you to take into consideration certain factors like the uniqueness of the name, meaning associated with it, simplicity of the name, etc. so that you pick the right name for your newborn. We hope this article was helpful to you in deciding your baby’s name and we hope you are happy with your decision. We wish you all the best and hope that your child has a great life ahead, Happy Parenting!

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