Top 165 Lithuanian Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

165 Lithuanian Names For Girls And Boys

After its separation from Russia, Lithuania discovered its identity comprehensively. Its vibrant culture and lively people have made the country flourish. The language of this country has a mix of Indo-European origins. That is probably why parents are never short of choices when choosing Lithuanian baby names. A little tricky to pronounce, but these names are captivating.

Lithuanian Baby Boy Names

Here is the list of male Lithuanian names for your help:

1. Adomas

This Lithuanian name is probably derived from the Hebrew name ‘Adam.’ It means ‘earth.’ This masculine name has a sound of courage.

2. Arne

The name Arne originates from the old Norse name Árni, which in turn is derived from the old Norse name for ‘eagle.’ 

3. Aiste

From the name of the Baltic tribe of the Aesti, mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus, called the Aisçiai in Lithuanian.

4. Aras

A female name, Aras, is often of Polish origin and means ‘Eagle.’ 

5. Algimantas

A male given name in Lithuania is Algimantas. The word means ‘wealthy.’

6. Algimas

Algimas, a boy’s name of Lithuanian origin, means ‘prosperous.’

7. Anatolijus

‘Easterner’ means the Greek baby boy’s name Anatolijus.

8. Andrius

Andrius is a boy’s name with Spanish and Greek roots and is the variant of the name Andrew. The name comes from the Greek word Andreas, which signifies ‘man’ or ‘warrior.’

9. Antanas

The Lithuanian equivalent of Anthony is Antanas, a masculine given name derived from Antonius. Its meaning is ‘highly praiseworthy.’

10. Arturas

Arturas is a boy name of Lithuanian origin that means ‘noble strength’ or a ‘bear’.

11. Augustinas

The name Augustinas is of Latin origin for boys. Although the name can conjure up late summer images, its literal meaning is ‘excellent’ and ‘magnificent.’ 

12. Azuolas

The meaning of the infant boy’s Lithuanian name Azuolas is ‘oak wood.’

13. Bronislovas

Bronislovas is a Lithuanian boy’s name that means ‘glorious protector’.

14. Benas

Here is a trendy name and is a short form of Benedict or Benjamin. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘son of a south hand’.

15. Domantas

It is a sophisticated name for a baby boy. It is an old Lithuanian name that means ‘gift’, and your son is a gift for your family.

16. Danielius

The Lithuanian name Danielius means ‘God protects.’ Danielius is a boy’s name and has Lithuanian origin.

17. Dominykas

Dominykas, a male name with Lithuanian roots, means ‘they are the ones who belong to the Lord.’

18. Dovydas

Dovydas is a unique and sophisticated name that would look on your baby boy. The Lithuanian meaning of the boy’s name Dovydas is ‘a form of David; the name of a King.’

19. Eugenijus

Eugenijus is a boy’s name of Greek origin, meaning ‘well born’.

20. Eimantas

The name originates from Baltic and means ‘intelligent.’ Shortlist this name for your baby boy and see his growing admiration in society.

21. Elijah

It is a Lithuanian name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘Yahweh is God.’ It is apt if you are looking for a biblical name for your baby boy.

22. Emilis

It is a Latin name from the Roman origin. It refers to ‘rival.’ It is a classic Lithuanian for a boy.

23. Fabius

The name Fabius originated in the Roman Empire. Fabius translates as ‘of the Fabian family,’ ‘bean,’ or ‘noble’ (from the Latin ‘fabis’).

24. Juozapas

It is the Lithuanian derivative of Joseph, Jesus’ father. For the parents who are religiously inclined, this name is quite apt.

25. Jurgis

This Lithuanian name originates from the name George. It refers to a gorgeous person. How about this lovely name for your boy, who will grow into a handsome man one day?

26. Gabrielius

This Lithuanian name means ‘strong man of God or hero of God.’ Let the blessings of Almighty be upon you and your son, with this name.

27. Gedeminas

It is a masculine name in Lithuania; the meaning not clear. However, it was the name of the Duke of Lithuania.

28. Galeti

Galeti is a boy’s name of Lithuanian origin that means ‘one who is able.’

29. Gediminas

Gediminas is derived from the Lithuanian words minėti, which means ‘to celebrate,’ and gedauti, which means ‘to lament.’

30. Gelynas

Gelynas is a boy’s name of Lithuanian origin that means ‘flower garden.’

31. Giedrius

Giedrius, which means ‘clear’ or serene’. It is mostly a masculine name of Lithuanian origin.

32. Gintaras

Gintaras is a boy’s name of Lithuanian origin which means ‘Amber’.

33. Ignas

It is derived from the Latin word, and the meaning of this name is ‘glow or radiance.’

34. Jokubas

The Lithuanian spelling of the name Jacob is Jokubas. The Hebrew name Yaakov, which means ‘supplanter,’ gave rise to the name.

35. Juozas

Juozas is a Lithuanian boy’s name that means ‘may the Lord add’.

36. Justinas

Latin baby boy name Justinas means ‘just’ and ‘fair.’

37. Kajus

The Latin name Gaius has a variant spelling of Kajus. Its meaning is ‘joyful’ or ‘rejoicing.’

38. Krystupas

Krystupas name derives from the Ancient Greek name ‘Khristóphoros. It means ‘Christ-bearer, the one who bears Christ (in his soul)’. 

39. Liudvikas

The name means ‘famous or warrior.’ As parents, we all will wish our boy to fight the challenges of life and emerge successfully. Hence, the name will be suitable for him.

40. Leonas

Here is a name that sounds masculine and royal. It means ‘lion.’ Your sweet little boy will grow up into a courageous man with this name.

41. Lukas

It is a Latin name that comes from Lucius. It means ‘light.’ It is a popular name in Lithuania.

42. Matis

Matthias is also known as Matis in French and Scandinavian boy name. It means ‘gift from God’ or ‘gift from Yahweh.’

43. Moze

Moze is an Egyptian boy’s name that means ‘delivered from the water’.

44. Mykolas

Michael is the source of the Lithuanian male name Mykolas. ‘Victory of our people’ is what it implies.

45. Malone

Malone means ‘Grace from God.’ Since the day you baby boy has entered your life, he has brought all the happiness into your home. Get this name for him to express your gratitude.

46. Marijus

Here is one name that you can choose hands down. The name itself means ‘male.; Your baby boy will grow with all the right qualities of a perfect male.

47. Mindaugas

It was the name of the ruler of Lithuania during the 13th century. It is quite a well-known name for your boy. It means ‘thought.’

48. Modestas

This name comes from the Latin name Modestus. The Lithuanian version means ‘moderate.’ It will be a trendy choice for your son.

49. Motiejus

It comes from a Hebrew name Matthew. It means ‘gift from God.’ Show your gratitude towards God, by giving your son this name.

50. Paulinus

A Latinised version of the names Paulino or Paul, Paulinus is a boy’s name. Its Latin roots, paulus, means ‘little’ or ‘humble.’

51. Paulius

Paulius is a boy’s name that has Lithuanian and Latin roots. ‘Small’ and ‘meek’ are their meanings.

52. Petras

Petras is a Greek boy’s name that means ‘rock’ or ‘stone’.

53. Raulas

Latin in origin, the name Raulas is most popular in the Lithuanian language. It is a minimalist variation of Raoule.

54. Raulo

The meaning of the boy’s name, Raulo, in Spanish, is ‘wise.’

55. Raimondas

This name comes from the German name Raymond. The name means ‘wise-protector.’ The sound of this name is unique.

56. Ramunas

The name is a derivative of the Lithuanian word ramus, which means ‘calm.’ Having a calm mind is a virtue you want your boy to have.

57. Ricardas

This Lithuanian name comes from the German name Richard. It refers to an influential leader. It is precisely what you will wish for your little boy.

58. Rytas

It is named that makes you remain in sync with the changing times. It means ‘morning.’ Try this beautiful name for your baby boy.

59. Steponas

Greek in origin, the name Steponas is a dapper boy’s name for boys. This name, which means ‘crown,’ evokes the feeling of a beautiful bygone era with kingly laws and regal balls.

60. Tavas 

Hebrew and Latin both played a role in developing the name Tavas for boys. ‘Peacock’ is the connotation derived from Hebrew roots.

61. Tomas

It is a historical name that must appeal to you. It means ‘twin.’ It is derived from the European name Thomas.

62. Vincentas

The name means ‘conquering.’ Make your son victorious in all his endeavours in life with this meaningful name for him.

63. Virgilijus

There was a time when this name was not that popular. However, if looking for an off-beat name for your child, then you may consider this. It means ‘staff-bearer.’

64. Vadimas

Vadimas is a Russian-born boy’s name. This magnificent name, which has a classic feel, signifies a ‘strong ruler.’

65. Vanda

The gender-neutral name Vanda, which means ‘the tribe of the Vandals,’ is of Italian and Czechoslovak origin.

66. Vandeny

Vandeny is a Lithuanian male given a name that means ‘the ocean’.

67. Viktoras

Viktoras is a Latin boy’s name. ‘Conqueror’ or ‘victory’ is the meaning of the name Viktoras.

68. Vilhelmas

Vilhelmas is a Lithuanian baby boy’s name. It means ‘determined guardian’.

69. Valdas

The name Valdas is of Lithuanian origin and means “rule of power” or “ruler of power.”

70. Zydrunas

This name originates from the word Zydra. It refers to ‘light blue’.

Lithuanian Baby Girl Names

Lithuanian names are equally regal and meaningful as Lithuanian boy names. So, here are 70 fancy Lithuanian female names with meanings for you to shortlist a suitable name for your baby girl:

Lithuanian Baby Girl Names

1. Airine

It refers to ‘a responsible and stable person.’ The name is derived from Eyrin.

2. Algimanta

It is an apt name for your daughter as it means ‘wealthy.’ It is one of the perfect Lithuanian names in English.

3. Audra

It means ‘storm.’ The name is beautiful and has been a popular name in the country.

4. Adelyte

Adelyte, a girl’s name, means ‘excellent sense of humour’ in German. 

5. Agne

Greek in origin, the name Agnes signifies ‘pure’ and ‘holy’ for girls. Agnes has a lengthy and joyful history and has been a well-liked baby name for many years.

6. Aldona

Old German in origin, the meaning of the name Aldona is ‘old’, possibly ‘noble’ as well.

7. Angelika

Numerous roots and variations can be found in the lovely and poetic girl’s name Angelika. It is derived from the Greek name Angela, which means ‘messenger of God,’ and the Latin name Angelica, which means ‘angelic.’

8. Annike

The Hebrew meaning of the girl’s name Annike is ‘God was gracious’, ‘God has shown favour’ or ‘pure, chaste, and grace.’ It is a variant of the name Anna. 

9. Ausra

Dawn is the meaning of the name Ausra, which is generally a feminine name of Lithuanian origin.

10. Austeja

Austja is a girl’s name which means ‘to weave.’ It is an extremely well-liked name in native Lithuania.

11. Biruta

This name has a Latvian origin, and it means ‘snow.’

12. Camilla

It is not a native name originally, yet it is gaining popularity in Lithuania. It means ‘flawless character.’ It is a cute name with a few easy nicknames as well.

13. Dainora

It is a female derivative of the masculine name Dainorius. It means ‘desire for a song.’

14. Daiva

It was also a revered Saint from Lithuania. It means ‘destiny.’ The masculine form is Dievas and is one of the common Lithuanian names.

15. Daina

The meaning of the name Daina, a girl’s name of Hebrew, Latvian, and Lithuanian origin, is ‘God is my judgment; singing; melody.’

16. Danute

The meaning of the name Danuta, according to Hebrew baby names, is ‘God has judged’ or ‘God is the judge.’

17. Dora

The name Dora might be wise if the new adventurer in your life reminds you of the endearing animated character. The name is a shortened version of Theodora and means ‘gift’ in Greek.

18. Dorota

The meaning of the girl’s name Dorota, a Greek variation of Dorothy, is the ‘gift of God.’

19. Drasa

Girls are given the Lithuanian name Drasa, which means ‘courage.’

20. Elzbieta

The Hebrew name Elizabeth connects to the girl’s name Elzbieta. Elzbieta’s definition is ‘God’s promise.’

21. Ema

Ema is a stylish, contemporary variant of the German Emma and a girl’s name with a lot of coolness. Ema derives from the Old German word and means ‘whole’ or ‘universal,’ alluding to some all-pervasive, unrestrained potential.

22. Emilija

It is a Latin name. It is the feminine form of the name Emil. It originates from a Roman word. It means ‘work.’

23. Edita

It is a name from the Czech. It means ‘rich battle.’ The name has a sound that will not go unnoticed.

24. Egle

This name comes from the Lithuanian mythological story. It means ‘spruce.’

25. Galiza

It is derived from a Mongolian name. It means ‘diligent or skilled.’ The Lithuanian mythology associates it with the Goddess of fire.

26. Goca

The name comes from South Slavic. It means ‘dignified one or proud.’ Your daughter has made you one, isn’t it?

27. Gabija

Originally from Poland, the name Gabija is primarily given to females and means ‘goddess of the hearth.’

28. Gamta

Gamta is a girl’s name from Lithuania that means ‘nature.’

29. Giedre

The name Giedre has Lithuanian ancestry. ‘Serene’ is the definition of Giedre. Typically given to female babies.

30. Gintare

Gintare is a girl’s name from Lithuania and means ‘amber.’

31. Janina

It is originally a Polish name, which has become popular as a girl’s name in Lithuania. It means ‘God is gracious.’

32. Jadvyga

For girls, the name Jadvyga is of Lithuanian origin and is most frequently used in places where the language is spoken, although it is also used in a few other nations and languages. ‘Refuge in war’ is the meaning of the name Jadvyga.

33. Julija

Julija is a feminine form of the male name Julius, which was originally a Roman family name and may be of Greek origin. Julija is a variant of the name Julia used, for example, in Russian, Slovene, Croatian, and Lithuanian. It also has connections to the Roman deity Jupiter.

34. Justina

The popularity of the Latin-based girl’s name Justina has declined during the past few decades. Justina is a sassy Italian-inspired spinoff of the names Justine and Giustinia. This name means ‘just’ and ‘fair,’ two qualities appropriate for a sincere little girl.

35. Ieva

Ieva, which means life, is mostly a female name of Lithuanian origin. It is a form of the name Eve in Lithuanian.

36. Laima

Laima is an Arabic and Muslim girl’s name, and it means ‘Goddess of fortune.’

37. Liepa

Originally from Lithuania, the name Liepa, which translates to ‘linden tree,’ is frequently given to newborn girls.

38. Luidvika

Luidvika is a baby girl’s name of Lithuanian origin, which means ‘famous warrior’.

39. Karolina

A variation of Carolina and a feminine form Carolus. This name sounds romantic and classy. The name itself means ‘feminine.’

40. Kamile

It is a polish version of the French name Camille. It means ‘sacrifice.’

41. Kotryna

It is a Greek name that is equally popular in Lithuania. It means ‘pure’. It will be the right choice for your innocent daughter.

42. Leva

It comes from Hebrew, and it means ‘life.’ It has biblical a reference too. This name is derived from Eve.

43. Lina

It is a name that is unique to Lithuania. Consider it a feminine form of the name Linas, that comes from the word ‘flax.’

44. Leja

It is a variation of Leah. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘weary.’

45. Magdalena

The sweet name Magdalena is a female given name with Greek roots that means ‘woman from Magdala.’ Magdalene is the source of the popular name Magdalena, used in numerous languages, including Spanish, German, and Slavic. 

46. Margryta

Margryta is quite a feminine name for a rare wonder, hinting at priceless grace. The Greek word margaritari, which means ‘pearl,’ is the source of this Spanish version of Margaret.

47. Morta

Morta is a Lithuanian female given a name meaning ‘lady.’ 

48. Motina

The meaning of Motina is ‘idealistic’, ‘intuitive’, ‘romantic’, and tolerant.

49. Nastasha

Nastasha is a Russian baby girl’s name. This name translates as ‘Christmas day birth’ or ‘Lord’s birthday.’

50. Ona

This Lithuanian name is derived from the Greek name Hanna. It means ‘favour or grace.’ Your daughter is a grace and a favour from God. Acknowledge it by giving her this name.

51. Regina

It is a well-known name in Lithuania and a popular name for saints. It means ‘queen.’

52. Rasa

It can be a beautiful name for your little princess. It means ‘dew.’

53. Rami

It is a rather straightforward Lithuanian name that means the ‘calm one.’ The sound of this name has a different appeal to it.

54. Rozalija

It is derived from the Latin name Rosalia. It means ‘rose.’ It is a perfect name for your daughter, who is as beautiful and fragrant as a rose.

55. Roze

Roze is a Latin-derived baby girl’s name. This charming, nature-inspired name literally translates to ‘rose flower.’

56. Rugile

Rugile is a girl’s name derived from the Lithuanian rugys, meaning ‘rye.’

57. Ruta

‘Compassionate buddy’ is the meaning of the girl’s name Ruta. The Polish version of Ruth has largely disappeared outside of Poland, but it is still occasionally heard among Polish and Eastern European communities.

58. Saule

In Lithuanian, Saule translates as ‘Name of the Lithuanian Sun Goddess.’

59. Stanislava 

The meaning of the name Stanislava is ‘a woman who achieves fame.’ Stanislava is a girl’s name that has Serbian origins.

60. Sofija

It is a derivative of the Greek name Sophia. It means ‘wisdom.’ Who wouldn’t like his daughter to be one with it?

61. Smilte

It a variation of the English name Smile. It means ‘happiness.’

62. Terese

It is originally a Greek name that means ‘reaper.’ It is a derivative of Teresa. It is one of the popular Lithuanian names.

63. Tiesa

The meaning of the English girl’s name Tiesa is ‘truth’.

64. Ugne

It is a Lithuanian name for girls that means ‘fire.’ The uniqueness of the name should appeal to you.

65. Urte

It is a popular name of Baltic origin. It refers to ‘God’s Gift.’ Give this name to your daughter, considering her a gift from God.

66. Vasara

Vasara is a girl’s name with Lithuanian origins, denoting ‘summer’.

67. Vatalija

Vatalija is a Lithuanian girl’s name that means ‘life’ or ‘vital’.

68. Vaiva

The name has a Baltic origin. It is a popular name in Lithuania, and it means ‘giving life’.

69. Veda

This name simply translates to ‘life’.

70. Zuzane

Zuzana is generally a female Slavic name meaning ‘lily’.

Gender Neutral Names

Names that are gender-neutral are very important these days, below is a list of some gender-neutral names for you. Have a look at these beautiful names.

1. Alexandras

Alexandras is a Greek name that means ‘protector’ or ‘defender.’

2. Benediktas

The name derives from the Latin language, which in turn means ‘blessed.’

3. Darius

Darius name of Greek and Persian origin, meaning ‘possessing goodness.’

4. Elijas

Elijah is rooted in the Old Testament of the Bible and is derived from a Hebrew phrase that means ‘Jehovah is my God.’

5. Filip

Filip is a gender-neutral name with Slavic, Greek and Scandinavian origins, meaning ‘horse lover.’

6. Henrikas

Henrika is a girl’s name have Old German origin. It means ‘home ruler.’

7. Jonas

Jonas is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin and means ‘dove.’

8. Kristijonas

Kristijonas is a Greek name that means a ‘pioneering spirit.’

9. Leonarda

Leonarda is a girl’s name having Old German roots, meaning ‘lion strength.’

10. Nojus

Nojus has Lithuanian origin and means Lithuanian form or Noah.

11. Simas

Simas is a Swedish unisex name and means ‘to be defined.’

12. Titas

Titas is Bengali Girl’s name, and the meaning of this name is ‘river.’ 

13. Vladas

Vlada is a Slavic name derived from the word old German roots. It means ‘rule.’

14. Vilte

The name is gender-neutral and means ‘hope for the people’. It is a beautiful name for your child.

15. Waldemar

Waldemar is a gender-neutral name of German and Scandinavian origin that means ‘famous ruler.’

What Are Some Common Lithuanian Names

Some common Lithuanian names are given below; these are best suited for your baby.

Names for Boys

Common names are generally opted for by a lot of people. These are some hassle-free names for baby boys.

1. Kristupas

This name means Christ-bearer, the one who bears Christ (in his soul)

2. Karolis

The name’s etymology is a common Germanic noun ‘karlaz’ meaning ‘free man’.

3. Leonardas

This name has Greek roots and it means ‘lion strength’ or ‘lion hearth’

4. Markus

The name Markus, which has Scandinavian, Roman, and Latin roots and means ‘of Mars,’ ‘warlike’ and ‘the god of war’ is for boys.

5. Mikolas

Mikolas is a Greek name which means ‘People’s Victory’.

Names for Girls

Some very cute and common names are listed below. These names have absolutely beautiful meanings which will suit your baby girl. 

1. Erikas

The feminine version of Eric,  comes from the Old Norse language and means ‘everlasting ruler’ or ‘ever powerful’.

2. Inesa

Inesa is a wonderful name for your little one, which means ‘kind’. 

3. Nerija

This name derives from the Ancient Greek, which means ‘water’ or ‘aquatic’.

4. Nina

Nina is a beautiful name which means little girl in Spanish.

5. Sandra

Greek in origin, Sandra is a strong and brave female given name. Sandra, a spelling variant of Alexandra, signifies ‘protector of humanity’.

Why Do Lithuanian Names End In S or AS?

Many boy’s names in Lithuania finish in the letters AS; however, not all do. For boys’ names, the Lithuanian language uses the conventional Indo-European male ends (-as -is, -us), whereas nearly all girls’ names end in the vowels -a or -. Why? Basically, the Lithuanian language hasn’t evolved much over the years due to limited outside impact!

Finding a proper Lithuanian name for your baby boy or girl is now easy. Pick one of these and experience the appreciation it draws from family and friends. As your child grows up, he/she will feel proud of the name given by you. Naming your child is a responsibility that you need to fulfil responsibly. Go ahead.

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