60 Popular Lithuanian Baby Names For Girls And Boys

60 Popular Lithuanian Baby Names For Girls And Boys

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After its separation from Russia, Lithuania discovered its identity comprehensively. Its vibrant culture and lively people have brought the country into a flourishing status. The language of this country has a mix of Indo-European origins. Probably that is the reason why when it comes to choosing baby names in Lithuania, and the parents are never short of choices. Just a little tricky in pronunciation, these names are captivating.

30 Lithuanian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Here is the Lithuanian boy names list for your help:

1. Adomas

This Lithuanian name is probably derived from the Hebrew name ‘Adam.’ It means ‘earth.’ This masculine name has a sound of courage.

2. Adelyte

It originates from German and means ‘of good humour.’ In Lithuania, this is a popular name for baby boys.

3. Aiste

From the name of the Baltic tribe of the Aesti, mentioned by the Roman historian Tacitus, called the Aisçiai in Lithuanian.

4. Agne

Are you looking for a name that sacred feel to it? Then this name is perfect. It means ‘chaste or holy.’

5. Benas

Here is a name that is trendy and is a short form of Benedict or Benjamin. It is a Hebrew name that means ‘son of a south hand’.

6. Domantas

It is a sophisticated name for a baby boy. It is an old Lithuanian name that means ‘gift’, and your son is a gift for your family.

7. Eimantas

The name originates from Baltic and means ‘intelligent.’ Shortlist this name for your baby boy and see his growing admiration in society.

8. Elijah

It is a Lithuanian name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘Yahweh is God.’ It is apt if you are looking for a biblical name for your baby boy.

9. Emilis

It is a Latin name from the Roman origin. It refers to ‘rival.’ It is a classic Lithuanian for a boy.

10. Juozapas

It is the Lithuanian derivative of Joseph, Jesus’ father. For the parents who are religiously inclined, this name is quite apt.

11. Jurgis

This Lithuanian name originates from the name George. It refers to a gorgeous person. How about this lovely name for your boy, who will grow into a handsome man one day?

12. Gabrielius

This Lithuanian name means ‘strong man of God or hero of God.’ Let the blessings of Almighty be upon you and your son, with this name.

13. Gedeminas

It is a masculine name in Lithuania; the meaning not clear. However, it was the name of the Duke of Lithuania.

14. Ignas

It is derived from the Latin word, and the meaning of this name is ‘glow or radiance.’

15. Liudvikas

The name means ‘famous or warrior.’ As parents, we all will wish our boy to fight the challenges of life and emerge successfully. Hence, the name will be suitable for him.

16. Leonas

Here is a name that sounds masculine and royal. It means ‘lion.’ Your sweet little boy will grow up into a courageous man with this name.

17. Lukas

It is a Latin name that comes from Lucius. It means ‘light.’ It is a popular name in Lithuania.

18. Malone

Malone means ‘Grace from God.’ Since the day you baby boy has entered your life, he has brought all the happiness into your home. Get this name for him to express your gratitude.

19. Marijus

Here is one name that you can choose hands down. The name itself means ‘male.; Your baby boy will grow with all the right qualities of a perfect male.

20. Mindaugas

It was the name of the ruler of Lithuania during the 13th century. It is quite a well-known name for your boy. It means ‘thought.’

21. Modestas

This name comes from the Latin name Modestus. The Lithuanian version means ‘moderate.’ It will be a trendy choice for your son.

22. Motiejus

It comes from a Hebrew name Matthew. It means ‘gift from God.’ Show your gratitude towards God, by giving your son this name.

23. Raimondas

This name comes from the German name Raymond. The name means ‘wise-protector.’ The sound of this name is unique.

24. Ramunas

The name is a derivative of the Lithuanian word ramus, which means ‘calm.’ Having a calmness of mind is a virtue that you want your boy to have.

25. Ricardas

This Lithuanian name comes from the German name Richard. It refers to an influential leader. It is precisely what you will wish for your little boy.

26. Rytas

It is named that makes you remain in sync with the changing times. It means ‘morning.’ Try this beautiful name for your baby boy.

27. Tomas

It is a historical name that must appeal to you. It means ‘twin.’ It is derived from the European name Thomas.

28. Vincentas

The name means ‘conquering.’ Make your son victorious in all his endeavours in life with this meaningful name for him.

29. Virgilijus

There was a time when this name as not that popular. However, if looking for an off-beat name for your child, then you may consider this. It means ‘staff-bearer.’

30. Zydrunas

This name originates from the word Zydra. It refers to ‘light blue.’

30 Lithuanian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

30 Lithuanian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

1. Airine

It refers to ‘a responsible and stable person.’ The name is derived from Eyrin.

2. Algimanta

It is an apt name for your daughter as it means ‘wealthy.’ It is one of the perfect Lithuanian names in English.

3. Audra

It means ‘storm.’ The name is beautiful and has been a popular name in the country.

4. Biruta

This name has a Latvian origin, and it means ‘snow.’

5. Camilla

It is not a native name originally, yet it is gaining popularity in Lithuania. It means ‘flawless character.’ It is a cute name with a few easy nicknames as well.

6. Dainora

It is a female derivative of the masculine name Dainorius. It means ‘desire for a song.’

7. Daiva

It was also a revered Saint from Lithuania. It means ‘destiny.’ The masculine form is Dievas and is one of the common Lithuanian names.

8. Emilija

It is a Latin name. It is the feminine form of the name Emil. It originates from a Roman word. It means ‘work.’

9. Edita

It is a name from the Czech. It means ‘rich battle.’ The name has a sound that will not go unnoticed.

10. Egle

This name comes from the Lithuanian mythological story. It means ‘spruce.’

11. Galiza

It is derived from a Mongolian name. It means ‘diligent or skilled.’ The Lithuanian mythology associates it with the Goddess of fire.

12. Goca

The name comes from South Slavic. It means ‘dignified one or proud.’ Your daughter has made you one, isn’t it?

13. Janina

It is originally a Polish name, and that has become popular as a girl’s name in Lithuania. It means ‘God is gracious.’

14. Karolina

A variation of Carolina and a feminine form Carolus. This name sounds romantic and classy. The name itself means ‘feminine.’

15. Kamile

It is a polish version of the French name Camille. It means ‘sacrifice.’

16. Kotryna

It is a Greek name that is equally popular in Lithuania. It means ‘pure’. It will be the right choice for your innocent daughter.

17. Leva

It comes from Hebrew, and it means ‘life.’ It has biblical a reference too. This name is derived from Eve.

18. Lina

It is a name that is unique to Lithuania. Consider it a feminine form of the name Linas, that comes from the word ‘flax.’

19. Leja

It is a variation of Leah. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘weary.’

20. Ona

This Lithuanian name is derived from the Greek name Hanna. It means ‘favour or grace.’ Your daughter is a grace and a favour from God. Acknowledge it by giving her this name.

21. Regina

It is a well-known name in Lithuania and a popular name for saints. It means ‘queen.’

22. Rasa

It can be a beautiful name for your little princess. It means ‘dew.’

23. Rami

It is a rather straightforward Lithuanian name that means the ‘calm one.’ The sound of this name has a different appeal to it.

24. Rozalija

It is derived from the Latin name Rosalia. It means ‘rose.’ It is a perfect name for your daughter, who is as beautiful and fragrant as a rose.

25. Sofija

It is a derivative of the Greek name Sophia. It means ‘wisdom.’ Who wouldn’t like his daughter to be one with it?

26. Smilte

It a variation of English name Smile. It means ‘happiness.’

27. Terese

It is originally a Greek name that means ‘reaper.’ It is a derivative of Teresa. It is one of the popular Lithuanian names.

28. Ugne

It is a Lithuanian name for girls that means ‘fire.’ The uniqueness of the name should appeal to you.

29. Urte

It is a popular name of Baltic origin. It refers to ‘God’s Gift.’ Give this name to your daughter, considering her a gift from God.

30. Vaiva

The name has a Baltic origin. It is a popular name in Lithuania, and it means ‘giving life.’

Finding a proper Lithuanian name for your baby boy or girl is now easy for you. Pick any one of these and experience the appreciation that it draws from family and friends. As your child grows up, he/she will feel proud of the name given by you. Naming your child is a responsibility that you need to fulfil responsibly. Go ahead.

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