Top 100 Albanian Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

100 Albanian Names for Girls and Boys

Albanian names are known for their unusual spellings and quirky pronunciations. These names are gaining popularity throughout the world. It is because their meanings are enchanting! People these days are always in the lookout for some different kind of names. So for such requirements, we have compiled a list of Albanian names for both boys and girls. You will find a proper mix of popular, humorous, religious and fascinating names for your child.

Let’s get started to help you in your search for an apt Albanian name for your boy or girl!

50 Beautiful Albanian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

1. Adriel

This sassy name sounds like an English name but has Albanian roots. It has a wonderful meaning too. It means ‘God’s flock’.

2. Agnes

This name has Old Greek roots. It is the Latinized form of the Greek name ‘Hagne’. It will be the best name for your daughter as it means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste’.

3. Albana

It is the most authentic choice of Albanian names for a girl child. It comes from Albania and means’ white’, blonde’ or ‘fair’.

4. Altin

Every child is precious in their parent’s eyes. Make her feel more special by naming her Altin. It means ‘gold’.

5. Arberie

This scintillating-sounding name is popularly kept worldwide. It means ‘one who belongs to the forest’.

6. Agnesa

The meaning of the name Agnesa, which has Slavic and Albanian origins, is ‘pure’.

7. Amelia

Amelia is a classic name with a contemporary flair and Latin roots. This name’s Arabic root, Amal, means ‘work’. When translated, ‘work’ in this context denotes diligence and fertility rather than labour.

8. Ajla

Ajla is a beautiful girl’s name of Slavic origin, which means ‘halo’, ‘circle of light’, and ‘moonlight’.

9. Aria

Italian in origin, Aria is primarily a feminine name that means ‘solo melody’.

10. Amelja

Amelja is a beautiful baby girl’s name of Hebrew origin, which in English means ‘industrious’.

11. Ambra

In Italian, the name Ambra is typically given to females and means ‘amber coloured’.

12. Amaris

Amaris, a girl’s name with Hebrew roots, means ‘promised by God’.

13. Afordita

Afrodita is of Greek and Slavic origins, which means ‘risen from the foam’.

14. Bora

Your pretty daughter needs a cute name like this. It means ‘snow’.

15. Bujare

If you are looking for a name that sounds entirely Albanian, this one is the right choice. The meaning is enchanting too! It means ‘generous’. May your daughter turn out to be kind and generous as well!

16. Bukuroshe

It is another quirky name for your daughter with an exquisite meaning. It means ‘beauty’.

17. Cynthia

It is a widely known name from old mythological shows or movies. It means ‘woman from the mountain Kynthos based on Delos island’.

18. Diellza

This lively name for your daughter will make her a source of light in every person’s life she meets. It is because the name means ‘the sun’. How delightful!

19. Dior

This cute little name is related to D’Or and means’ golden’. The meaning is so good, and the name sounds so classy.

20. Dori

Your child is a precious gift in your life. Name her Dori and add make her feel loved throughout life. It is because the name means ‘gift’.

21. Drita

Drita is a girl name that has Albanian ancestry. It means ‘light’ or ‘bright’.

22. Emina

Emina, the name of the mother of the Prophet Mohammed, is the feminine version of the Turkish male name Emin. It means ‘trustworty’, ‘faithful’ or ‘honest’. 

23. Elira

It is such a stylish name and means ‘to be free’. Name your baby girl Elira and let her fly high!

24. Era

This is the shortest and cutest Albanian name ever. It means ‘wind’. Let her be the wind of blessings in your life!

25. Fatjeta

It is said that most things are destined, But sometimes your hard work and luck pay off! Name your baby girl Fatjeta and bless her with luck, as the name means ‘lucky’.

26. Flutura

It is a nature-inspired name and comes from the word flutter. It is a famous Albanian name. The meaning is beautiful, too, ‘butterfly’.

27. Gezim

This English-sounding name has Albanian roots. Name your little one Gezim and add more joy to your life. It is because the name means ‘joy’.

28. Grace

It is a beautiful choice of name derived from the Latin language. The meaning is quite obvious too! It means ‘charm’.

29. Jehona

This exquisite name of Albanian origin is an excellent choice of name. It means ‘echo’. May your child reflect happiness from all directions!

30. Klea

Klea is a baby girl’s name of Greek origin, which means ‘fame’ and ‘glory’.

31. Kaltrina

This is an apt choice of Albanian name as it has some quirkiness to it as well. The name means ‘blue girl’.

32. Lumturi

The meaning of the boy’s name Lumturi, which translates to ‘happiness,’ is largely used in Albanian.

33. Leandra

Leandra is a young woman of Greek descent. It is Leander’s feminine form, and it signifies ‘lion man’. Particularly in Spain, Italy, and Portugal, girls frequently choose Leandra.

34. Lindita

Lindita, which is of Albanian origin, meaning ‘the day Is born’, is generally given to females.

35. Lule

This pretty cute name will be loved by one and all. It means ‘flower’. May your daughter add a beautiful fragrance to your life!

36. Manjola

It is such a melodic name, and your baby will bring melody in your life. It means the flower’ magnolia’. Ain’t that beautiful?

37. Melisa

Melisa is a Greek baby girl name derived from the word melissa, which means ‘bee’.

38. Ndrita

This lovely name will be an apt choice for your angel. It means ‘to twinkle and to shine’. May your daughter shine in all walks of life!

39. Orkide

The baby girl’s name Okide is of Turkish origin, which means ‘a valuable ornamental plant’ or ‘orchid’.

40. Pranvera

As your baby girl is a beautiful addition to your family. Make her even feel so by naming her Pranvera. It means ‘spring’.

41. Rita

This Albanian name is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. It adds value to your daughter’s name as it means ‘pearl’.

42. Roze

This quirky name will be loved by your daughter as she grows up. It means ‘pink’. How befitting colour for a baby girl!

43. Reina

Reina is a Spanish-derived female given a name that means ‘queen’.

44. Shpresa

Shpresa, which means ‘hope’, is mostly a female name of Albanian origin.

45. Sumejja

Sumejja’s actual significance cannot be expressed in a few words. Sumejja denotes ‘promptness’, ‘love’, and ‘ease’.

46. Saemira

It sounds quite similar to the names: Samira and Samara. It is a fascinating name to keep and means’ good’.

47. Tirana

This name comes from the capital of Albania, and the meaning is so deep and robust. It means ‘stability’, ‘strength’ and ‘vastness’.

48. Vetone

It is a unique choice of name for your cute little daughter. You will want her to be strong and brave once she grows up. Hence name her Vetone as it means ‘ancient warrior’.

49. Valbona

The beautiful baby girl name Valbona is of Albanian origin. It means ‘wave’.

50. Yllka

May your child shine as bright as a star! It is because the name itself means ‘star’.

50 Cute Albanian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Cute Albanian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

1. Agon

This sweet and short name is prevalent in Albanian regions. It means ‘dawn’ which is the beautiful beginning to a day!

2. Alexandra

It is a widely kept name worldwide but has Old Greek roots. It means ‘defender of men’. What an excellent name to keep!

3. Ardit

The day your child is born is the most special day of your life. Make it more beautiful by naming him Ardit as it means ‘golden day’. Isn’t that so cute?

4. Armend

It is said that to lead a good life, you should be calm and intelligent. To bless your boy with a good life, name him Armend, which means ‘golden mind’.

5. Arvin

This name for your baby boy might make him very social. He might also turn out to be very kind and generous. It is because the name means ‘friend of the people’.

6. Alban

Alban is derived from the ancient Roman city Alba, rooted in the Latin word albus meaning ‘white’ or ‘fair’. 

7. Amar

Amar is derived from the Indian name Amar which means ‘immortal’ or ‘one having a long life’.

8. Aron

Aron is a name and a surname for boys, ‘mountaineer’ or ‘mount of strength’.

9. Alteo

Alteo is of Greek origin and means ‘the sun king’. 

10. Burim

Burim is an Albanian name for boys, which means ‘riverhead’ or ‘fountain’.

11. Bernard

It is a commonly kept name worldwide because every parent wants their child to be strong in all walks of life. The name means ‘strong and brave’.

12. Bujar

This is one of the top Albanian boy names. It means ‘generosity’. I wish your boy would be as generous as his name means!

13. Cevdet

The name sounds English but is truly Albanian. It means ‘the maturity’. I hope your boy possesses the utmost maturity throughout life!

14. Daniel

Another popular name is mostly kept in movies or tv shows. It is because it sounds sassy. It means ‘God is my judge’.

15. Dardan

Dardan is an ancient Greek name that means ‘a native of ancient Troy’.

16. Dren

Dren, a popular masculine name of Albanian origin, means ‘deer’.

17. Driton

Driton is a name for boys derived from the Albanian word ‘drita’, meaning ‘light’. 

18. Dion

Dion is a Greek gender-neutral name and means ‘follower of Dionysus’.

19. Erjon

Erjon is an Albanian masculine name. It is a variant of Erion and means ‘our wind’.

20. Esad

Esad has Persian roots, meaning ‘fortunate’ and ‘lucky’.

21. Erag

This cute little name for your boy means ‘scent’ or ‘dawn wind’. May your child add a beautiful fragrance to your life.

22. Elio

This cute little name has a significant meaning. It means ‘the Sun’. I wish he brings that light and warmth to your life!

23. Fitore

The name sounds so classy and means ‘victory’. May your son be victorious throughout life!

24. Fisnik

This lovely name became a prominently kept name over the years. It means ‘noble’ or ‘gallant’. May your child turn out to be one!

25. Fatmir

Fatmir has an Albanian origin, meaning ‘a boy of great luck’. It has Arabic roots.

26. Flamur

Flamur is a classy male name of Albanian origin. It means ‘flag’.

27. Gjon

Gjon is derived from the Ancient Greek language. It means ‘God is gracious’.

28. Gabriel

It is one of the best Albanian catholic names for your boy. The meaning is so enchanting, ‘Man of God’.

29. Gazmend

Babies bring happiness and joy to your life. Add more of it by naming him Gazmend as it means ‘joy’.

30. Henricus

A fascinating choice of name for your little one! It means ‘the peaceful prince’.

31. Ilir

Everybody wants a life of their choosing. Bless your child with this name, and let him be free and capable to take life decisions. The name means ‘to be free’.

32. Joel

Joel is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin. It means ‘Jehovah is the Lord’.

33. Jetmir

This name has both a traditional as well as modern feel to it. The name is fascinating and means ‘good life’. Wishing the same for your child!

34. Kreshnik

This sassy name may give your boy enough strength to fight through tough phases of life. It is because this Albanian name means ‘knight’.

35. Kristi

There can be no more prominent name in meaning than this Albanian name. It means ‘Christ’.

36. Luan

Let your boy be the king in every phase of life by naming him Luan as it means ‘lion’, which happens to be the king of the jungle.

37. Luis

Luis is a masculine name of Spanish origin and means ‘famous warrior’.

38. Merkush

Every parent wants their child to be happy throughout life. Name him Merkush as it means ‘happy’.

39. Murat

This is a magnificent name to keep. It means ‘a wish’ just like you wish for a happy and healthy child.

40. Mateo

Mateo is a name of Spanish origin derived from Matthew, a Hebrew boy’s name, meaning ‘gift of God’.

41. Noel

Noel is an Old French name meaning ‘of born on Christmas’. It is a popular name for boys in Albania.

42. Nderim

This name means ‘honour’ and is a fantastic quality to keep! Wish your boy develops the same!

43. Pellumb

This Albanian name is quite a quirky yet exquisite choice of name for your baby boy. It means ‘dove’.

44. Rezart

This is an extraordinary name for your baby boy. It means ‘golden ray’. May this ray bring happiness and joy to your life!

45. Roan

Roan is an elegant name for boys have Irish origin. It means ‘little redhead’.

46. Skender

All parents want their children to be happy and successful and do something good for mankind. Name him Skender, and this might come true as it means ‘defender of mankind’.

47. Turhan

Turhan is an Arabic boy name popular in Albania. It means ‘of God’s mercy’.

48. Vjosa

It is a quintessential name to keep. It is the name of a river flowing through Albania. May your child develop similar strength as a flowing river!

49. Ylli

Your baby boy is already a star in your eyes. Make him feel more special by naming him Ylli as it means ‘star’.

50. Zamir

This name has a relaxing feel to it. It means ‘good voice’. May your boy be blessed with this amazing talent!

We at FirstCry believe that you should keep your child’s name after proper research. It is the first gift parents give to their children. A child might resonate towards his/her name. To help you in the same we have compiled a list of choicest Albanian names for your boy/girl! Choose the best one for your child.

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