Top 110 Arabic Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

110 Arabic Last Names or Surnames

Arabic is a centuries-old language, and its traditions and culture are just awe-inspiring. The culture and regional traditions have influenced people and their family names. Some people follow a habitational name as a surname, while some use their occupations as their last name. Whether you are browsing Arabic family names out of curiosity or are interested to learn what your family name means, you will most likely find it in this article. We compiled a list of extensive Arabic last names and meanings from their popularity level to their commonality level and included them here. Here, we have a list of the 100 most common Arabic last names and their meanings.

110 Arabic Surnames and Family Names With Meanings

Here are some of the most popular Middle Eastern last names:

1. Abadi

Abadi means “eternal” and the Arabs who carry this surname today are the descendants of the Abbad tribe.

2. Abbas

Abbas means “lion” in Arabic.

3. Abboud

Abboud is a commonly known Arabic surname, which means “devoted worshipper”. Muslims and Christian Arabs also use this last name.

4. Abdallah

It means “Servant of God” and is considered to be a revered name. “Allah” is the name of the God of Islam, while “Abd” is the word for servant.

5. Abd Al-Rashid

Abd Al-Rashid means “servant of the right-minded”.

6. Ahmad or Ahmed

This means “praised one” or sometimes “commendable”, and when used as a surname, can be “Al Ahmad” which is “the praised one”.

7. Ali

The Fourth Caliph in Islam was named Ali. This name is considered a strong family name. It means “champion”, “elevated”, “sublime” or “high”.

8. Amin

Meaning “faithful” or “trustworthy”, this Persian/Arab name is also connected with Prophet Muhammad from Islam.

9. Ayad

Ayad is a strong surname that means “blessings” and “power”.

10. Aziz

Meaning “the dearest one”, you can sometimes find this surname with the prefix “Al”, making it Al Aziz. The name was often given to those who were servants of God.

11. Baba

Baba is a diminutive of the Arabic word Abu, which means “father”.

12. Badawi

This Arab surname is most common amongst the Bedouin tribes, who were referred to as “desert dwellers”. Their ancestors were once nomads in the desert.

13. Baghdadi

The name means “Bestowed by God”. It is a beautiful family name that was taken by those devout to God. It finds its origins in Baghdad, Iraq.

14. Bakir

Also used with the prefix Al, Bakir is known to mean “early” or “dawn” or “early in the morning”.

15. Bashar

This name means “one who brings glad tidings” and could have originated with messengers.

16. Bilal

Meaning “the victorious one”, Bilal is a well-known family name. It also means “flow of water”.

17. Burhan

This name means “knowledgeable one”, which was also one of the qualities of Prophet Muhammed. Another meaning for the name is “one with proof”.

18. Cham

Cham is a habitational name for people from Damascus. It is also an Arabic name for Syria.

19. Darwish

This is another name that was given to those who lived nomadic lives. The name means “to explore”, “to roam”, or “to wander”.

20. Dawoud

Commonly known as the Arabic version of the name David, this name means “a beloved friend”.

21. Ebeid

Also known as Ubayd, this name is one for the family who was devoted to God. It means “worshipper of God”.

22. Essa

Essa is a variant of the Arabic name Issa which basically is the Arabic form of Hebrew Yeshua or Jesus in Greek.

23. Fadel

This name means “someone gracious” as well as “virtue”.

24. Faez

This surname means “victory”.

25. Faheem

This surname is mentioned as Fahm in the Holy Quran, where it means “understanding”. This surname also means “intelligent” and “perspective”.

26. Faizan

The name means “ruler” or “the generous one”.

27. Fakhoury

The name Fakhoury is derived from the name Fakhri, which means “proud” or “something associated with a noble cause”.

28. Farhat

Farhat is a surname that originates in Persia. It means “status” and “splendour”.

29. Farouq

It is believed that the surname Farouq is held by those whose ancestor is Umar ib’n al-Khattab. He was the fourth Caliph of Islam. The name means “one who differentiates right from wrong”.

30. Farsi

This is a Persian name and is held by those who originate from there. The name means “the Persian”.

31. Fasih

Often used with Al, Al-Fasih means “the eloquent one”.

32. Fasil

This surname means “the unique one”.

33. Gaddafi

Originating from Libya, this surname means “the thrower” or “the archer”. It was first used by the Libyan tribe, Qadhadhfa.

34. Ganem

Ganem is a Muslim name derived from the Arabic word Ghanem which means “prosperous” and “successful”. The name is also prevalent in Turkey.

35. Ghazali

This surname was very common amongst the mystics. It means “saint”, “philosopher”, or “mystic”.

36. Ghazawi/Ghazawwi

The surname originated with the people who came from Gaza in Palestine.

37. Ghulam

This name was common amongst those who were devoted to God. It means “young servant of God”.

38. Habib

Meaning “beloved”, this name is usually used as a title of honour as well as a surname.

39. Hadad

Hadad in Arabic refers to “blacksmith”.

40. Hadi

This particular name is based on one of the names of the Islamic God, Allah. This name is Hidayah. It means “guide to righteousness”.

41. Hadid

An Arab name that means “iron”, it is sometimes used with the prefix, Al.

42. Hafeez

This Arab surname means “the protector” or the “guardian”.

43. Hakim

This is a name that was given to those families who were physicians or doctors. The name means “the doctor” or “the healer”.

44. Hamdi

For those whose deeds were worthy of praise from Allah, the name Hamdi was given. It means “one who is worthy of praise”.

45. Hariri

Hariri means “silk”. It was given to those families who were in the trade or manufacturing business of silk.

46. Hasan

The name means “beautiful” and “to be good”. One of the grandsons of Prophet Mohammed was named Hasan. The name can be written with the prefix “Al,” making the name Al-Hasan.

47. Hashim

Originating from the great-grandfather of the Prophet Muhammed, Hashim means “bread crusher”. The name means so because the great-grandfather is believed to have a habit of crushing bread before distributing it among the pilgrims.

48. Hatem or Hatim

The name means “determined” or “decisive”, and is a common surname in the Arab world.

49. Hijazi

This surname refers to those who originate from Hejaz, Saudi Arabia.

50. Hussein

Another grandson of Prophet Muhammed was named Hussein. The surname means “handsome”.

51. Ibrahim

This is the name given to Abraham in the Quran. It means “the exalted father”.

52. Iqbal

A very common name that means “strong one” in the Arabic language. There are many scholars, politicians and other intellectuals who share this name.

53. Irfan

The name means “one who is knowledgeable”. A few other meanings of this name include “constant learning” and “awareness”.

54. Isa

Isa was considered to be a prophet in Islam. Isa is said to mean “iron” or “ice”.

55. Ismat

This name is one that has many meanings. Variations of the meaning include “the flawless one”, “the chaste one”, “the pure one”, and “the innocent one”.

56. Issawi

The name means “gentle”, “soft” and “tender”.

57. Jabal

The name Jabal is closely associated with mountains, and it means “great height”.

58. Jaber or Jabir

This name means “comforter”, and can also be used with the prefix in front to make it Al Jaber.

59. Jalal

This name has many wonderful meanings. It means “strength”, “power”, “might” “superiority” and “glory.” It is often used to describe Allah’s greatness in the Quran.

60. Jameel

The meaning of Jameel are variants of good looking. “Beautiful” and “handsome” are common meanings of this name.

61. Jawahir

This surname often refers to “Jewellery” or other forms of precious stones and precious metals. The name also means “gold”.

62. Jaziri

This surname means “independence” or “self-confidence”.

63. Kader

This surname was held by very capable families. The name itself means “capable”, “ambitious” and “powerful”.

64. Kanaan

Kanaan is a prominent Arabic surname referring to the land of Canaan in the Bible.

65. Karim

Held by Arab nobility, the name means “noble” and is one of Allah’s 99 names.

66. Kashif

This is a surname that signifies those who are observant and adventurous. The name means “one who discovers” and “pioneer”.

67. Kassab

This name means “bread-winner”.

68. Kazem

The name basically means “one who has control over anger”.

69. Khalid

This surname means “eternal”.

70. Laghmani

This surname is one that marks silence and peace. The meaning of the name is “born at nightfall”.

71. Maalouf

The name means “one who stands out”.

72. Maamoun

This surname was given to those who were known for being trustworthy and honest.

73. Mohammed or Muhammed

The name comes from the name of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed. The name means “to be worthy of praise”.

74. Mahmud

This is a very common Arab surname and was derived from the noble Muhammed.

75. Marwan

The name is derived from Marou, a stone used to start campfires in the olden days. The name denotes “strength” and “leadership”.

76. Mufti

Referring to one who counsels or gives legal advice, this was a name that was given to families who indulged in this field of work.

77. Mughrabi

The name is given to those families who speak the language of the Arab-Berber tribes. This language is called Magrabi.

78. Mustafa

This is another noble surname that was derived from the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed. The meaning of the name is “the chosen one”.

79. Nabih

This honourable name means “to be aware” and “vigilant”.

80. Nader

This surname means “unique”, “extraordinary”, “rare” and “exceptional”.

81. Nagi

Known for devotion to Allah, Muhammed was given this name. It means “the closest friend”.

82. Nahdi

The name means “strong tree” and is a popular surname in the middle east.

83. Najdi

This name refers to those who come from the Najd region in Arabia.

84. Najjar

Those with an ancestral line of carpenters often have the surname Al-Najjar. It means “the carpenter”.

85. Nasser

The meaning of this surname is “victory”.

86. Noor

The name means “divine” and sometimes also “light”. It is a common surname given to families who are deeply devoted to God.

87. Osman

This surname is quite a common one in the Arab world. It means “servant devoted to God”.

88. Qadir

This surname means “capable”, “competent” and “powerful”.

89. Qasim

The name means “one who distributes”.

90. Quraishi

Quraishi is an Arabic variant of the name Qureshi. Qureshi comes from the name of a tribe Quraish, which was a renowned tribe in Mecca at the time of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad.

91. Qureshi

Those who are the descendants of those from the Quraish tribe in Makkah have this surname.

92. Rafiq

This surname means “follower of God”.

93. Rahim

This surname means “forgiving” or “merciful”.

94. Rajab

This last name means “respect”. It is also the name of the seventh month in the calendar.

95. Ramzan

The meaning of the surname is “to be alive”. It is also the name of the holy month in Islam.

96. Ramzi

This last name means “quiet” or “sign” that is given by God.

97. Rashid

The surname means “truth” or “one who points in the right direction”.

98. Reza

The surname was given mostly to Muslims belonging to the Shia denomination. The meaning of the name is “approval of Allah”.

99. Sader

The meaning of this last name in Arabic is “broad-chested” or “courage”.

100. Syed

The meaning of the name is “lord” or “master”.

101. Shariq

The meaning of this name is “devoted companion” and “bright shining star”.

102. Saqqaf

The name means “one who is cleaver” or “intelligent”.

103. Sultan

This is the most common of the royal Arabic last names. It means “ruler”.

104. Taleb

This name has the meaning “devoted student” and “one who seeks knowledge”.

105. Tawfiq

The meaning of this name is “chance” or “opportunity”.

106. Toma

Toma is a modern-sounding Arabic last name derived from the Aramaic word Thomas which means “twin”.

107. Wahed

The number one in Arabic is Wahed. It also has the meaning “the only one”.

108. Yasin

The meaning of this name is “richness”, and it is also the name of a chapter in the Quran.

109. Yusuf

Said to be a variation of Joseph, it means “God will increase”.

110. Zeyad

This name has the meaning “abundance”, “generous” or “growth”.

We hope that this list of names has helped you either with your curiosity or with finding out what your name means.

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