15 Best Programming & Coding Apps for Preschoolers & Kids

15 Best Programming and Coding Apps for Kids

Computer coding has made its ways into childhood learning and for good reasons: it helps develop a child’s logical and creative skills. And if you’re a forward-looking parent, you most likely want to get your child to learn coding, for a simple reason that it is here to stay (and evolve with time).

If you or your spouse enjoy coding and want your child to learn the same, now is the time to get him started! There are tons of programming and coding apps for children that are simply fun. These apps help children learn coding through games and puzzles.

Best Coding Apps for Preschoolers

Whether you are looking for coding apps for kindergarteners or older kids, we have got it covered for you! We will start with coding apps for complete newbies. Kids learn best through visuals and that’s why the apps mentioned below are our top choices for preschoolers.

1. Daisy The Dinosaur

Daisy The Dinosaur is an excellent introduction to programming for complete beginners.

Suitable For Age: 4+ and up

Platform: iOS

What Is Good About It

Young coders love it and it is ideal for kids between the ages of 3 to 5. As long as they have a tablet on their hands, they can download the app and get started. This app helps kids learn loops, sequencing, solving, etc.

2. Coding Safari

Coding Safari is an app designed for kids as young as two years old. It delivers lessons related to computational thinking, problem-solving, decomposition, and more.

Suitable For Age: 4+

Platform: macOS, iPad and iOS

What Is Good About It

The game uses logic and is an award-winning released by the creators of Hopster. It’s also ad-free but a paid subscription is needed to access its unlockable features as you work through the game.

A child coding

3. LightBot

LightBot is full of programming puzzles and possibly one of the best programming apps for kids. It makes the learning process super easy and starts off with basic lessons.

Suitable For Age: 3+

Platform: Web, Android, Windows, iOS and Mac

What Is Good About It

Lightbot introduces basic concepts of programming, including instruction sequencing by a robot guide, all by means of fun. Your kids won’t even realize they’re picking up new concepts just by playing.

4. mBlock

mBlock is a coding platform that uses a block-based editor for writing code. It has a text-based editor too for advanced learners. Lesson plans are laid out along with an instruction guide.

Suitable For Age: 3 and 3+

Platform: PC and macOS

What Is Good About It

For students using this coding app can easily build and share projects with their peers online. Teachers can assign homework using Google Classroom. There are plenty of free online coding resources included that children can learn from.

Best Coding Apps for Kids

Children between the ages of 5-8 have unique preferences and become selective of the resources they learn from. Taking that into consideration, we’ve rounded up a list of the top coding apps for them.

1. GameStar Mechanic

GameStar Mechanic takes kids on byte-sized quests and code missions. When they finish these quests, they get closer to building and designing a complete video game. It’s the perfect introductory app for those who want to learn to code for game design.

Suitable For Age: All ages

Platform: Web

What Is Good About It

The fun part about this app is that there’s no coding needed at the start and the game features various sprite sheets for the characters and animations. When a student is done building their game, there’s an option to publish it online and share it with their friends.

2. Tynker

Tynker app introduces basic concepts of programming to kids with the help of puzzles. This app will help enhance your child’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills which are needed when coding and building apps.

Suitable For Age: 6+

Platform: iOS and android

What Is Good About It

Tynker has several interactive lessons that help kids master the basics. From getting started with creating simple apps to modules that cover how to control robots and drones – the fun doesn’t end.

3. HopScotch

HopScotch has a simple and visual-friendly interface that makes learners want to step in and start coding. It’s available on the app store and is complete fun!

Suitable For Age: 5+

Platform: iPhone

What Is Good About It

Beginners don’t need any coding experience to use it. It helps kids build their own games and they can access many levels to solve coding problems.

4. CargoBot

CargoBot is a simple app that teaches children how to code by moving crates from one spot to the next. A crane picks up the blocks and users can move it left and right plus drop and pick the crates using the claws.

Suitable For Age: 4+ and up

Platform: iPad and iOS devices

What Is Good About It

This app teaches kids the concepts of programming and to get them to think logically. Eventually, they graduate to actual text-based programming once they clear more and more levels, thus giving them a nice transition into real-world app development.

5. ScratchJr

ScratchJr is a programming language that allows children to express themselves creatively.

Suitable For Age: 5+

Platform: Android, iPhone and iPad

What Is Good About It

The app lets kids craft stories, design projects, and solve problems. Kids move around characters in games using programmable blocks and make them interact in different ways using code. Every challenge is new and as they progress through the games, the difficulty level increases.

A school going boy working on a laptop

6. Kodable

Kodable features interactive lessons that take kids through the fundamentals of coding. It covers various frameworks like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Python.

Suitable For Age: 4 to 10 years old

Platform: Android and iOS

What Is Good About It

What’s interesting is it connects real-world concepts and social learning skills with the lessons. This gives children a good understanding of how the real world works and engages them by encouraging them to build projects.

If you have a 5 to 7-year-old in the house who wants to learn math, computer science, robotics, or a STEM-subject area along with coding, this would be your go-to app.

7. BeeBot

From puzzles that entice young minds to lessons that move forward in sequences, the app takes a progressive approach to learning.

Suitable For Age: 5+

Platform: iOS

What Is Good About It

There are lots of games and challenges throughout the lessons and the app is available for free download on the Apple iPhone and iPad. This app enables children to improve their skills in directional language. What’s fun about the app is students have to code to make the cartoon bee move and do stuff throughout the game. And it can be played in groups which makes it ideal for use in classroom settings.

8. Move The Turtle

Move The Turtle is a coding app designed for ages 5 and up.

Suitable For Age: 5+

Platform: iPhone and iPad

What Is Good About It

Topics like procedures, variables, recursive loops, and functions are taught to kids by making a turtle move around the screen. There are rewards for every task completed and some of the lesson materials/projects are reused later on.

9. CodeSpark Academy

If you are looking for a coding iPhone app that gets into the details of Computer science, you must try CodeSpark Academy for your child.

Suitable For Age: 5 to 9 years old

Platform: Android and iOS

What Is Good About It

There are just so many creative programming projects and learning activities bundled with the app. The daily challenges will push your child to think smarter and stimulate their brains.

10. CodeKarts

CodeKarts is the clear winner when it comes to gaming for young kids. If your kids are moody and love playing games, introduce them to this.

Suitable For Age: 5 and up

Platform: Android and iOS

What Is Good About It

There are races they have to play and before clearing obstacles, they’ll be tasked with facing coding challenges. It’s coding and gaming combined, what’s not to love about it? The first ten levels are free to play.

11. Box Island

Like most of the coding apps we talked about, Box Island takes a fun approach to learning.

Suitable For Age: 6 and up

Platform: Android and iOS

What Is Good About It

It focuses on the basics but uses high-quality 3D graphics for an immersive coding and viewing experience. Kids enter virtual worlds and stay engaged thanks to the beautiful narratives in the game.

Hopefully, these coding apps will keep the young ones entertained. Give them a try and let us know how your kids like them.

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