Top 50 Scandinavian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

50 Popular Scandinavian Baby Names for Boys

Parenting is one of the toughest phases of life. We understand your challenges and have come up with a list of exotic Scandinavian names for your son. It consists of names with various impactful meanings like love, luck, happiness, leader, a gift of God, flower, and so on.

Scandinavian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Let us ponder upon the popular Scandinavian baby boy names:

Names Meanings
Aaren The Scandinavian meaning of this name is ‘inspired.’ This person in future can turn out to be a great inspiration to many people, and they achieve colossal fame.
Alrik The name comes from the land of Scandinavia, and it means ‘noble, gracious and universal ruler.’ These people know to fight every hurdle on their way to success.
Ansfrid This name is like a blessing to the baby boy as it means, ‘a person who is always protected by God.’
Arne Looking for an impactful but classy name? Then opt for the name, Arne as it means ‘as determined as an eagle’.
Asva This name means ‘a person who is as fast as a horse.’ These people take their work seriously and deliver them on time.
Axill This is one of the cute Scandinavian boy names, which refers to a person who is a ‘peace lover.’ Such people turn out to be good leaders in life.
Bodie It is one of the adorable names. It means ‘a person who is sheltered.’ This is apt for a baby.
Borge People by this name are known to be helpful. It is essential to be a trustworthy and kind person in life; then only can one gain respect among his people.
Brage The meaning of this name is ‘a well-known king.’ Generally, it is expected that people with such a name will rule the world.
Casper It is one of the most heard names throughout the world. The title refers to ‘ ‘a treasurer,’ and we expect your son to have the same attitude like that.
Daube The name comes from the land of Scandinavia, which means ‘a bird, dove,’ A dove is a symbol of peace and harmony.
Eggert This is one of the rarely heard names. You can take this name as it will surely give an identity to your son because it means ‘a high potential person.’
Einar This is a name which means ‘lone warrior,’ and so we’ve put it in the top listed and highly suggested names.
Emil It is a very classy and trendy name which means ‘industrious.’ Nowadays, it is also found to be one of the most suggested baby boy names.
Eric Though it is a small name, it has a significant impact. People with this name are expected to lead or to rule as the name means ‘an eternal ruler.’
Erth For every parent, their child is their world. The name means ‘earth,’ and thus it is appropriate for your son.
Finn The name itself reflects a very handsome and fair person. Their appearance and body language attract the crowd easily, and they become the center of attraction.
Gunner The meaning of the name is ‘a bold warrior.’ It is one of the ancient Scandinavian names, and people with this name are known to fight for the right thing and show the correct path.
Halden This name cannot be missed, and it is very calm and can be flaunted. The meaning of the name is ‘to rise high.’
Hannes This is a classy name. Generally, these individuals grow to be very quick-minded and loving.
Hendrixx This is a Scandinavian variation of the name Henry which means ‘a ruler.’ These people turn out to be very wise and determined.
Jensen This Scandinavian name is a variation of Janson and means ‘son of Jens’ or ‘son of John.’ It is a very common name in Denmark and Norway.
Josef The name is very commonly heard all over the world. It will be the right choice for a religious family as it means ‘rising of God.’
Khristos It is one of the traditional names and is perfect if your family is very ritualistic as the name means ‘Christ.’
Kristian This is a very popular and commonly heard all over the world name. It means the person follows Christianity.
Lars This short name is very impactful. It means ‘a victorious person,’ and individuals with this name generally achieve their goals by hook or by crook.
Lullede If you are a patriotic person, you will surely love this name for your son as it means ‘a legendary or great warrior.’
Magnus It means ‘great.’ Usually, people with such names are expected to be well-known because of their incredible contributions to society.
Mimir If you want to gift an identity to your son via name the opt for this as Mimir in literal terms means ‘a wise and clever person.’
Nanne This is one of the cool names, which means ‘a caring or passionate person.’ These people have lots of passion, and they end up with a success story.
Odin This short, sweet name means ‘a yellow flower, Daffodil.’ Every baby is as delicate as a flower, and thus botanical names are in trend now.
Ola People with this cute, short name usually reflect their old morals. They are very down to earth in nature.
Olafur This is a very renowned name in the lands of Scandinavia and means ‘ancestor’s relic.’
Onni It is a cute, little name which comes with lots of luck and happiness for your child and this is highly suggested.
Osburne The name is unique, and it means that this person brings the most productive or prosperous time in someone’s life.
Osmin Every guardian expects their son to have a safe and secure life. Thus this name is highly suggested as it means ‘one who is protected by God.’
Oswy It seems like you are from a religious family and searching for a similar name, then let us tell you that Oswy means ‘a person who is God’s friend.’
Otto This small named is a Scandinavian, welcoming name which means ‘royal.’ I believe you surely want your son to have a luxurious life.
Peer This can be a short form or a nickname for Peter. It means ‘rock’ thus we hope your son be strong and stout as a rock.
Raum People with this name are generally very respected as they can achieve success quickly and gain fame a lot.
Sigurd The name comes with a victorious effect. Every parent wishes success for their child, and this name can be like a blessing from them.
Soeren In this competitive world, it is always essential to be a stern fighter. This will help you to make your place among them all.
Sven It is an uncommon name you might have come across. It means ‘a young boy,’ whatsoever be the age of the son, he will be the little one for you throughout.
Syver It is a highly suggested name as it means that this person can defeat all odds of life and achieve his goals in future.
Tassilo I hope you would love this name as it means ‘a brave protector.’ A man with such name is usually capable of saving his known ones from all harms.
Tyrell If you are patriotic, then opt for this name as it is derived from the name of Scandinavian God of battle, Tyr.
Valedmar This is a trendy name in Sweden, and it means ‘a king.’ Every parent expects the best for their children, and here it is.
Valentin Every parent expects their son to be strong and stout in life, and thus the name is very suitable in this case.
Viggo The fighter in the battlefield is named as Viggo. In today’s world, it is vital to be competitive to succeed, and for that, you need a fighter’s spirit.
Von The meaning of this name is ‘hope.’ People with this name generally be beneficial to the needy. They are perfect human beings.

We hope you find this list helpful to choose a lovely name for your newborn! A baby is a blessing to every couple or family, and life is excellent with them. Babies become the world of their parents, and every parent wishes for a safe, secure and prosperous experience for their child. Children have a pure soul, and they adopt the moral values which you teach them. We wish you and your precious little one good luck for the future.

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