125 Lord Krishna Names for Boys & Their Meanings

Lord Krishna is one of the favourites in Hindu mythology. He is known for his role in the famous Mahabharata war and for the good deeds he did for the sake of humanity. People know him by many names as he has taken so many forms. He is a very good inspiration which is why many people decide to name their children after him. Here are different names of Lord Krishna for your baby boy.

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Baby Krishna

List of Lord Krishna Names with Meaning

Here are some amazing baby boy names you could consider.

Name Meaning
Aariv This name means ‘King of Wisdom and Justice’.
Abhijeet This name means ‘one who is victorious’.
Adwait This name means ‘unique’, ‘undivided’, ‘no one like him’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Anaadih This name signifies Lord Krishna, ‘The one who is the first cause’.
Anantajit This name means The victor of infinity’, ‘The ever victorious Lord’.
Anish It means ‘good company’.
Aparajit It means the ‘One who can’t be defeated’,  Great Warrior.
Aprameya This name means ‘infinite’ and ‘immeasurable’, just like Lord Krishna.
Arijit Son of Krishna and Subhadra, Dominate or Defeat Enemies
Asuman This name means ‘lord of vital breaths’.
Aswadh This name means ‘tree of knowledge’ which also means ‘Lord Krishna’.
Avyukt This name means ‘clear minded’ and it refers to Lord Krishna.
Balgopal Infant krishna or baby krishna
Balmukund Young Krishna
Banke It refers to Lord Krishna.
Bankebihari Bankebihari means the ‘One who loves to sport in the forests’.
Bankim Curved or Crescent.
Bansi This manes ‘flute’ which is the instrument played by Lord Krishna.
Banwari This name refers to Lord Krishna as it means ‘the one who lives in Vrindavan’.
Brij This name means ‘the place of Lord Krishna’ and ‘strength’.
Brijesh This name means ‘Lord Krishna’ Or ‘Lord of Braj land’. Braj means ‘Pasture’, a land where the Yadavas (Lord Krishna’s clan) used to settle down.
Chhailbehari This name means Lord Krishna
Darsh ‘Handsome’ and ‘sight’ are the meanings of this name and it represents Lord Krishna.
Daruk This name means ‘the charioteer of Lord Krishna’.
Devakinandan Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki. Devakinandan means exactly that, the ‘Son of Devaki’.
Devesh Devesh means the ‘Lord of lords’. This beautiful name refers to Lord Krishna.
Dham This name is an epithet of Lord Krishna and it means ‘supreme spirit’.
Gadin This name is unique as it means ‘one who is armed with a club’ which refers to Lord Krishna.
Ganasharya Courteous and brave boy, The shelter of the living entities
Ghanashyam This name means ‘The color of the darkest cloud that will rain soon’, ‘Solid dark’.
Girdhari This means ‘The lifter of Govardhan Hill’.
Girivar This means ‘one who holds the Govardhana Giri mountain’.
Gokul This name means ‘the place where Lord Krishna grew’.
Gopal Another famous name of Lord Krishna, Gopal means ‘Cowherd’ or ‘Protector of cows’.
Gopan It means ‘protection’ and is another name for Lord Krishna.
Gopi This wonderful name means ‘the protector of cows’.
Govind It means ‘cowherd’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Govinda One who has knowledge of sense, Illuminator of senses. The ‘One who makes the cowherds happy’.
Grahil This wonderful name is another name of Lord Krishna.
Gwala This is another name for Lord Krishna.
Hari It means ‘the one belonging to God’.
Harish This name means ‘the one who feels that he does everything according to God’s wish’.
Hrishikesh This name means the ‘One who controls the senses’. It is one of Krishna’s multiple names.
Ishna This name simply means ‘Lord Krishna’.
Jagmohan One who attracts the world.
Janaradhana The meaning of this name is the ‘Liberator from the cycle of birth and death’ ‘One who helps people’.
Janav Janav means ‘protecting men’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Jaspaal This is another name for Lord Krishna.
Jayani The meaning of this unique name is ‘conqueror’.
Jugal This name refers to Lord Krishna and it means a ‘couple’.
Kahaan This name is another name for the great Lord Krishna.
Kahn The name Kahn means ‘priest’ and is another representation of Lord Krishna.
Kalia The name means ‘beauty’ which refers to Lord Krishna.
Kanaiya This name ‘adolescent’ and is used to refer to Lord Krishna.
Kanha The name Kanha means ‘fashion’.
Kanji This is another name of Lord Krishna.
Kannan This is another wonderful name of Lord Krishna.
Kanu Kanu means ‘Lord Krishna’ and ‘supreme God’.
Karnish This name means ‘the lord of mercy’ which clearly refers to Lord Krishna.
Kayval The meaning of this name is ‘only’, ‘absolute’, or ‘alone’.
Keshav It means ‘long-haired’.
Keyur This name means ‘flower’ and the ‘jewellery of Lord Krishna’.
Kian This name means ‘kings’ or ‘ancient’.
Kiesh This beautiful name means ‘rainfall’ and ‘joy’.
Kishan This name means ‘black’ or ‘dark-skinned’ and it refers to Lord Krishna.
Kishore This name means ‘young boy’, ‘youth’, or ‘the sun’.
Kriday This name simply means Lord Krishna.
Krishnamurari This name is unique as it means ‘the one who conquers everybody’s heart by playing his flute’.
Krishnamurthy This name means ‘Lord Krishna’ or ‘the manifestation of Lord Krishna’.
krishnendu It means the ‘Prince of Earth’, Another name of ‘Lord Krishna’.
Kunal This is the name of an ancient saint and it also refers to Lord Krishna.
Kundan The meaning of this name is ‘pure’, ‘beautiful’, ‘sparkling’, ‘lovable’ and ‘diamond’.
Kunjabihari This name means the ‘One who enjoys the lakes’.
Madan Madan means ‘god of love’ which is Lord Krishna.
Madhav It means ‘sweet like honey’ which refers to Lord Krishna.
Makhesh This name means ‘lord of sacrifice’ which is Lord Krishna.
Manhar This name means ‘pleasing’, ‘charming’, or the ‘one who attracts the mind’.
Manmohan Winner of the heart, Pleasing.
Mayur This name means ‘peacock’ and is used to represent Lord Krishna.
Meghashyam The meaning of this name is ‘dark as the clouds’.
Mihar This is a name of Lord Krishna.
Mohin It means ‘glamour’.
Mohnish This is another way to represent Lord Krishna as it means ‘attractive God’.
Murari This name refers to ‘killer of the demon Mura’.
Nandakishore This name means Lord Krishna, An Intelligent Kid.
Nathan The meaning of this name is ‘gift from God’, ‘desire’, and ‘protector’.
Nattu This means ‘a form of Natvar’ which is Lord Krishna.
Natwar This name means ‘dancing lord’ which is Lord Krishna.
Neeraj The meaning of this beautiful name is ‘lotus’, ‘pearl’, ‘flower’, or ‘born from clear water’.
Nilesh This name means ‘moon’ which represents Lord Krishna.
Nimay The meaning of this name is ‘half’ and is another name for Lord Krishna.
Nitish This name means ‘true warrior’, ‘master of right path’, and ‘night light’.
Nityananda This name means ‘always happy’ like Lord Krishna.
Parthasarathi This name means ‘the charioteer of Partha’.
Pyarelal This name means ‘loved one’ which also means Lord Krishna.
Radesh God, Another name of Lord Krishna
Rasesh This name means ‘the lord of joy’ which is Lord Krishna.
Rashad The meaning of this name ‘integrity of conduct’, ‘thinker’, and ‘maturity’.
Rayaan This name means ‘the gate to paradise’ or ‘heaven’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Rukminesh This name means ‘consort of Rukmini’ which is Lord Krishna.
Saket It means ‘Lord Krishna’ and ‘having the same intention’.
Sameh This name means ‘the one who is forgiving’ which refers to Lord Krishna.
Sathyanarayan This name means ‘ultimate reality’ or ‘resting in consciousness’.
Sham The name means ‘strong person’ and it refers to Lord Krishna.
Shankdhar This name means ‘the one who bears a conch’ which is Lord Krishna.
Shoubhit This unique name means ‘ornamented’ and ‘handsome’.
Shrigopal This name means ‘the protector of the earth’, and is an epithet of Lord Krishna.
Shrihari This wonderful name has so many meanings like ‘yellow’, ‘golden colour’, ‘parrot’, ‘ray of light’, It is another name for Lord Krishna.
Shyamsundar This name means ‘cloud-coloured and beautiful’ or the ‘one with beauty like the evening’.
Suri This unique name means ‘the sun’ or ‘wisdom’ and is another representation of Lord Krishna.
Trivesh This name means ‘the one who knows all the three Vedas’.
Unkar This means ‘God’s name’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Vamsi This is the name of a ‘raaga‘ and it means Lord Krishna.
Vamsidhar This name is another name of Lord Krishna as it means ‘bearer of flute’.
Vanabihari This name means ‘one who enjoys the forest’ which is Lord Krishna.
Vanamalin This name means ‘the one who is wearing a garland’.
Vasoo This name means ‘dweller’, ‘precious’, ‘ray of light’, and refers to Lord Krishna.
Vasumat This name means ‘wealthy’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Vedamohan This name refers to the ‘knower of Vedas’ which also refers to Lord Krishna.
Viaansh This name means ‘full of life’ or ‘part of Lord Krishna’.
Vihari This nice name means ‘supreme enjoyer’ which means Lord Krishna.
Vihas Vihas means ‘great smile’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Vrisa This name means ‘cow’ or ‘Lord Krishna’.
Yadav This is the ‘descendent of Yadu’ and is another name of Lord Krishna.
Yajnarup This name means ‘one who is as pure like Yajna’ which refers to Lord Krishna.

This compilation of the names of Lord Krishna for baby boys will help you pick the best name for your little one. Though Lord Krishna is known for his naughtiness, he is also known for the Bhagavad Gita. With His name, your child will lead the world just like Lord Krishna did!

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