5 Interesting Jackbox Games to Play With Children

5 Best Jackbox Games That You Can Play With Your Kiddo

Jackbox Games are entertaining and loved by those of all ages. Whether adults, teens or children, there is something for everyone. If you want to have a family game night every week to bond with the kids, then this is the way to do it. There are many games that can be played by adults and kids, but you will need to make sure that you turn on the family-friendly filter. This way, your kids won’t be exposed to anything inappropriate. There are some kid-friendly games that will produce laughter and fun for the full family.

There are many ways you can play JackBox games without being under the same roof. You can play it on Zoom and even play Jackbox games on PS4. No matter which way you choose to play it, the games are sure to bring a lot of entertainment to your evening.

Enjoyable Jackbox Games for Children

The best way to get the most out of JackBox games with kids is to know the right games you can play with them. Here are some interesting games that everyone can enjoy:

1. Mad Verse City

This game can be a lot of fun if you and the family love fooling around with words or simply enjoy some delightful rap songs. Players will need to complete rap lyrics and invent rhymes for them. Once completed, the robot will go ahead and read the lyrics. It can be quite entertaining to have a robotic voice rap different rhymes created by you and the kids.

2. Drawful 2

This game will require some creativity and promises lots of laughter. If you have no skill with sketching, that is ok! The whole point of the game is to produce really bad sketches. You will get a prompt, such as “stinky teacher” or “wheezing voice” and will need to draw it on the device. Everyone needs to try to guess what it is once you are done with your masterpiece. Make sure to only play Dawful 2 as the original Drawful does not have a family-friendly option.

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3. Quiplash 2

Like with most Jackbox games, Quiplash one doesn’t really have a fixed answer. The whole point of it is to produce laughter. The game basically has two players competing for the funniest answers. A question will be prompted, such as “A different name to call France”. Once the players write down their answers, the rest of the players or anyone who is watching will vote for the best one. Answers should be hilarious, such as “the Land of Wine and Cheese” or “Burrettopia”. Make sure that you turn on the family-friendly option in the settings so that nothing inappropriate is written for kids.

4. Tee K.O

This game will be a fun option for kiddos. It is basically designing your own shirt. You will need to first draw an image on the shirt. There are prompts if you feel you need one, but if you and the kids are creative, you may not need to use them. The next step is to write down catchphrases that would go really well on the shirt. It can be really fun to design shirts, and children can sometimes come up with the craziest ideas. While most games are enjoyed with more than two players, this is one of the Jackbox games for 2 players that is a lot of fun.

5. Fibbage 2

This game has the potential to become a favourite. A question will come up on the screen and everyone will need to put in an answer. Finally, all the questions and answers will show up on the screen. Everyone will need to look at the answers, and guess which is the correct answer. While answering the questions, you need to make sure that the lies you write sound plausible and worthy of being picked.

JackBox TV sells many games over different platforms, so you have different options on how you want to play the games. You can play Jackbox games on Xbox, Android devices, IPads, Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Fire TV and many other platforms. Jackbox games were made to bring families and friends together. It is one of the most fun games that you can play together, even if you are miles apart.

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