Luna Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Luna Name Meaning and Origin

The name is a rare name due to which you can hardly find the name among our previous generation, such as our aunts or mothers. However, with people taking notice of this name, the name has experienced a rapid surge of popularity. The name has a celestial touch and became immensely famous because of the Harry Potter series. Luna Lovegood is an all-time favorite character for all the fans of this series. The name is also frequently used in Marvel Comics, anime, and other movies, increasing its popularity.

What does Luna mean?

Understanding the meaning of a name makes it much easier to select a proper name for your child. The definition of Luna is “moon” in Latin and refers to the name of the Roman goddess of the moon. Thus, in Roman art, Luna is often portrayed as driving a chariot. In French, the name means “little moon.” The name is also used as a surname. Therefore, this name has a touch of the universe, making it the perfect name for your beloved child.


The origin of the name Luna is from Roman Mythology. It also has its roots in Latin, from where the name is derived. This name stands apart in the crowd with its beautiful pronunciation and unique meaning.




  • Loo-nah
  • Loo-nuh
  • Lu-nah


2 syllables


Four letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Name variations differ in terms of religion, nationalities, or culture. Similarly, variations for the name Luna also denote the origin of the name from different parts of the world. Therefore, some of the other spellings for Luna, along with their place of origin, are:

Name Origin
Lunetta Italian
Luneth Latin
Lina Old Persian, Greek, Arabic, and German
Louna French
Lunette French
Lunar Latin, Spanish, and Italian
Lunara Turkish
Lunneta Italian
Lyna Greek
Lena British, German, Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, Dutch, and Russian

How Popular is The Name Luna?

One can observe the popularity of Luna to be more prevalent and evident in the present decade. According to the Luna popularity index, the name has been among the top 1000 names since 1900. According to the data gathered from the Social Security Administration, the name appeared in the top 1000 list from 2003, where it ranked 889. However, it faded from the popularity list after that. The name has steadily increased from this year and ranked 594 in 2005 and 512 in 2006. The name entered the top 500 baby names list from 2007 by ranking at 452.

The significant increase in the baby name ranking signifies the increasing popularity of the name. The name Luna reached 400 in 2008 and 342 in 2010 and then entered the top 300 lot in 2011 and ranked 279. The name further climbed to 224 in 2012, followed by 183 in 2013, 142 in 2014, and 112 in 2015. As per the SSA data, the name had a breakthrough in 2017, where it entered the top 100 names list by ranking 77. The name’s increasing popularity can be identified in the rank since it joined the top 20 list in 2019 by ranking 16 and 14 in 2020. Therefore, this name has a high probability of entering the top 5 baby name ranks in the future.

Interest in Luna – Worldwide

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In the last ten years, the interest in the name Luna has experienced a rapid increase in ranks. The name has a rank over 50 and surged from December 2015 to its highest peak in July and August 2016. Although the name experienced a slight decrease in popularity, the trend has started inclining towards an upward slope from August and May 2021.

Interest in Luna – the US

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In the US, the interest in Luna’s name has experienced steady progress in popularity in the last decade. With a rank over 60, the name started increasing in the ranks from 2014. It reached its highest position in July 2018, followed by June and September 2021.

The Popularity of the name Luna


Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends of Luna – Worldwide

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The search trends for Luna indicate it is the most searched name in Colombia, followed by Guatemala and Nicaragua. The name is also popular in Honduras and Argentina, respectively, over the last decade, signifying the name’s use.

Search trends of Luna – the US

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Luna has been the most searched in New Mexico, California, Texas, Oregon, and Arizona in the last decade. This indicates the name being the most used in these cities in the US.

Middle Names That go With Luna

Not everybody focuses on their child’s middle name, but they are equally vital as the first names. Therefore, some of the suitable double names with Luna are:

Aubree Faith
Charlotte Madeline
Eloise Adrianne
Hope Katherine
Harper Brielle
Regina Natalia
Cadence Margaret
Sophia Georgina
Penelope Noelle
Kristine Estelle




Famous People Named Luna

The influence of celebrities is beyond the grasp of any boundaries. Their impact on name trends can be significant as well. Therefore, some of the famous personalities named Luna are:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Luna Encinas Cruz Daughter of Penelope Cruz
Luna Thurman-Bussin Daughter of Uma Thurman
Luna Leopold American scientist
Luna Simone Stephens Daughter of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
Luna Vachon Canadian professional wrestler
Luna Welder Swiss actress
Luna Marie Katich Daughter of Constance Marie
Luna Maya Indonesian actress
Luna Jordan German actress
Luna Bishara Palestinian actress

Similar Names & Last Names

A wide variety of names have different spelling and pronunciation by retaining the same meaning. For baby names like Luna, names with the same or similar meanings are also available. Therefore, this list presents some of the other names for Luna and family names for Luna:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Liviana Davis
Diana Anderson
Stella Collins
Cynthia Taylor
Selena Parker
Ivy Price
Amaris Torres
Neoma Griffin
Lucine Martin
Lua Rivera

Names That Sound Like Luna

Names that rhyme with Luna are unique in sound. These similar-sounding names can prove to be unconventional alternative names for your child. Hence, some of these names are:

Lana Lona
Remi Mila
Isabella Louisa
Layla Leana
Zoey Dawn
Nina Gina
Raina Sienna

Sibling Names Related to Luna

You can name your children to maintain unity among the names. This caters to ensuring all the names complement one another. Choosing sibling names that go with Luna should be done similarly. Therefore, some of the suitable sister names and brother names for Luna are:

Sister Names for Luna Brother Names for Luna
Aurora Cyrus
Willow Carter
Flora Artemis
Aria Lucas
Freya Fletcher
Hazel Julian
Rose Damon
Violet Asher
Nova Elias
Willow Archer

Nicknames for Luna

Nicknames are precious to us since our close ones usually give them. They often have a touch of humor. Therefore, some of the quirky nicknames for Luna are:

Lun Lunetta
Lune Loonie
Lou Lulu
Lilo Elle
Lilou Lu
Luana Luz
Leona Lennon
Una Lana
Nana Na

The name Luna has been gaining significant popularity in the recent decade. Although the name faded from the top list, it steadily went uphill from 2014. Luna is one of the most famous names in the present decade. Therefore, there is a reasonable chance for such names to enter the top 5 baby names list soon.


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