Top 500 Baby Girl Names Starting With "O"

500 Baby Girl Names That Start With O

A name is never about grouping a lot of letters just for the sake of identification. Names provide a way to understand the person better, about their personality, dreams, and goals. Names starting with the letter O are something you must consider as it is very uncommon and extraordinary.

It is believed that this letter is a very influential and powerful one out of the alphabet. The letter is said to be associated with the number 6 which symbolizes service to others and is full of nurture, protection, and love. Girls with names starting with O are truthful, benevolent, and intelligent with a beautiful personality. They always fight for their principles and ideals, especially when the reason concerns the welfare of other people.

Names starting with O is seen in many classical and sci-fi movies, literary works, and even fairy tales. These names are highly fashionable right now with many attractive ones like Opal, Olive, and Ophelia that are trending in many countries due to their quirky charm. Every country has its own popular and unique names like Odette in France, Ophelia in the list of American girl names, and Octavia in Italy. Whether it is the Italian Octavia or the Shakespearean Ophelia, there is always something special about all these beautiful names. With names that stand out from all the other ordinary ones, here are some beautiful names that will make you fall in love with your little princess all over again.

Popular Baby Girl Names That Begin With O

Oabile Oghenemine Omer
Oafe Oghenerukevwe Omeria
Oageng Ogheneruno Omhle
Oagile Ogheneruona Omi
Oak Oghenetega Omia
Oakey Oghogho Omira
Oaklan Oghosa Omisha
Oakland Ogie Omna
Oaklea Ogin Omni
Oakleigh Ogle Omnia
Oaklen Ogo Omo
Oakley Ogochukwu Omodesayo
Oaklin Ogone Omogolo
Oaklynd Ogonna Omohau
Oaklynne Ogooluwa Omolara
Oame Ogow Omotola
Oamogetswe Ogreta Omowonuola
Oana Ogunrinde Omphile
Oanez Ohada Omri
Oanh Ohana Omunique
Oarabetse Ohanali Omysha
Oarabile Ohara Ona
Oaratwa Ohasi Onaedo
Oarona Ohema Onah
Oas Ohenenana Onaka
Oasha Ohenewaa Onalee
Oasis Oheo Onaleigha
Oatha Ohin Onalenna
Oatile Ohlsen Onalerona
Oatlegile Ohnnestee Onaoluwa
Ob Ohona Onaopemipo
Oba Ohood Onaya
Obreanna Ohviya Oneil
O’Breonna Oihana Oneilwe
Obrien Oiivia Oneki
Obsidian Oilvia Ong
Oby Oindri Oni
Oc Oindrila Onica
Oca Oiram Onida
Ocala Oishani Onisty
Occie Oishee Onithi
Ocea Oishika Oniya
Oceahna Oishiya Onkabetse
Oceal Oiza Onkagile
Ocean Oja Onkarabile
Océane Ojal Onna
Oceania Ojas Onnabella
Oceanie Ojasbi Onome
Oceanna Ojashvi Onora
Oceanne Ojasvita Onthatile
Ocelia Ojaswini Onycha
Ocella Ojeida Onyi
Oceola Ojeni Onyinye
Ocey Ojetta Onyinyechi
Och Oji Onyx
Ochanya Ojita Onyxia
Ochen Ojo Oona
Ocho Ojoshi Oonagh
Ochoa Ojsuta Oorvi
Ochuwa Oka Opal
Ocia Okafor Opelo
Ociana Okairy Opelong
Ocie Okal Opemipo
Ocoee Okalani Opeyemi
Oconnor Okapi Ophelia
Oct Okarys Ophie
Octa Okcana Oprah
Octaiva Oke Ora
Octava Okeema Orabelle
Octavia Okeke Oracle
Octavian Okelani Oraina
Octavianna Okelia Oralia
Octavie Okemia Oralynn
Octavio Okeoghene Orange
Octavius Okera Oratile
Octazea Okhryssanna Orchid
Octivia Oki Oreagile
October Okiki Oreatlile
Od Okikioluwa Oreeditse
Oda Okivia Orena
Odalia Okla Oreneile
Odalies Oklahoma Oreo
Odaliz Oko Oreofe
Odaly Okoye Oreofeoluwa
Odania Okpemi Oreoluwa
Odara Oksana Oreoluwakitan
Odathi Okuda Oresiametse
Odaya Okuhle Ori
Odd Okyanus Oriana
Oddershede Ol Orianthi
Oddessy Ola Orifha
Oddie Olabisi Orion
Ode Olachi Oritonda
Odeal Oladele Oritri
Odean Oladesire Oriya
Odeda Oladimeji Orkeed
Odee Oladis Orkidea
Odegbami Olaedo Orla
O’Dejah Olafimihan Orlanda
Odel Olami Orleen
Odeleya Olamide Orli
Odelia Olamiposi Orozco
Odeline Olani Orpah
Odella Olanma Orsa
Odelle Olanna Ortega
Odellia Olaoluwakitan Ortiz
Odelys Olaya Orzora
Odemaris Olayinka Os
Odena Olc Osa
Odera Olea Osagie
Odessa Oleander Osamagbe
Odesser Oleano Osandi
Odessey Olebogeng Osaretin
Odessia Oleena Osaseme
Odester Olerato Osawese
Odesy Olesego Osayamen
Odesza Olesia Osayuki
Odeta Olga Oscarine
Odete Oli Oshanna
Odeth Olia Oshea
Odett Oliana Osiame
Odeworitse Olie Osianny
Odeya Olinda Osinachi
Odgaard Oliu Osinachukwu
Odi Oliva Osira
Odongunj Olive Osiris
Odonnell Olivea Osita
Odra Olivette Oslin
Odri Olivi Osmari
Odrija Oliviagrace Ostara
Oduna Oliviaj Osun
Odunayo Oliviana Osuri
Oefentse Olivianne Oswin
Oella Oliviarose Otchaly
Oes Olivienne Othalive
Oesha Olivija Othelia
Oew Olugaho Othella
Ofa Oluhle Otissie
Ofaiilagi Olukemi Otlile
Ofd Oluwatise Otsile
Ofe Oluwatobi Ottavia
Ofek Oluwatobiloba Ottie
Ofelia Oluwatodimu Ottilie
Ofemija Oluwatofunmi Ouida
Ofentse Oluwatomilola Oul
Offeibea Oluwatoni Oumaima
Offek Oluwatoromo Oumou
Offersen Oluwatoyin Oviya
Offie Oluwatumininu Ovtavia
Ofhindula Olwethu Owami
Ofir Olya Owenkosi
Ofira Olyana Owethu
Ofori Olympia Oxana
Oforiwaa Oma Oya
Ofry Omaima Oyana
Ofunwa Omairah Oyin
Ofure Omaiza Oyindamola
Ogan Omani Oyinlola
Ogasawara Omari Oyisa
Ogden Omarianna Oyku
Oge Omaris Oyun
Ogechi Omariya Oyut
Ogechukwu Omayra Oz
Ogemdi Ome Ozella
Oghenefejiro Omeera Ozlem
Oghenekome Omega Ozzy
Oghenemaro Omelia

With a list containing hundreds of wonderful O letter names for girls from various origins and languages, you are sure to find the perfect one for your little girl with the most beautiful meaning.

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