Top 80 Mormon Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

80 Mormon Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Mormons, also known as the Latter-day Saints, with a unique culture and a rich history, have many meaningful names. Some trends in Mormon names include the use of religious, Śancestral, invented, thematic names or a combination of these to name a new child. Because names are a way to identify cultural and ethical values within a country or group of people, Mormon names are sometimes chosen to honour an ancestor or a religious figure. As with biblical names, some common Mormon names are taken from the Book of Mormon, a religious text of the Latter-day Saints, from heroes or characters of the teachings or stories. We have handpicked the best of Mormon girl names and Mormon boy names with their meanings.

Popular Mormon Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Here’s a list of 40 beautiful Mormon girls names:

1. Abel

Abel is quite a common Hebrew name referring to ‘a saint’s name’.

2. Ada

One of the favourite 19th-century names, Ada means “noble”. According to the Bible, Ada name was the first girl name listed in the Book of Genesis.

3. Ashtyn

Ashtyn is a variant of the name Ashton meaning “ash tree place”, and this is quite a popular name.

4. Brighten

A beautiful Mormon name for the girl that has brightened your life, this name means “to make morel light”.

5. Bonnie

Bonnie is an adorable name which means “the leader of the Church”.

6. Clara

Clara is a European name that means “clear or bright”.

7. Camdyn

Camdyn is a unique name which means “camp in the valley”.

8. Dinah

The name Dinah has a Hebrew origin, and it means “God will judge”.

9. Eden

An important place in the Bible, the name Eden means “a delightful place”.

10. Eldon

Eldon is a sassy name suitable for today’s generation. The name means ‘a church leader’.

11. Eliot

A Mormon variant of Elliot, the name means ‘God is my Jehovah’.

12. Eliza

Eliza is a popular name across the world. It is a shortened version of the name Elizabeth, which means “consecrated to God”.

13. Ezrie

Ezrie is a variant of the Hebrew name Ezra which means ‘help’ or ‘protect’.

14. Flora

A beautiful name for your baby doll, this one means “flower”.

15. Galilee

This is the name of a large region in northern Israel. Galilee was the residence of Jesus Christ, and it means “the province”.

16. Hannah

Hannah means “grace” and this name is perfect for your baby girl.

17. Ivy

A trendy and energetic name which means “faithfulness”.

18. Josephine

A feminine version of the name Joseph, Josephine means “Jehovah increases”.

19. Kaidence

Kaidence is a newly introduced variant of the beautiful name Cadence which means “rhythm”.

20. Lemuel

Lemuel is a rare and unique-sounding name meaning ‘for God’.

21. Lynlee

A pleasant name for your little princess, Lynlee means “adoring and affectionate”.

22. Madelyn

Madelyn means “from Magdala” and is the perfect name for your little girl.

23. Makai

If you have a water baby, then this name could be it. Makai means ‘towards the sea’.

24. Manti

Manti is ‘saint’s name’.

25. Naomi

Naomi is a name of Hebrew origin, and it means “gentle and beautiful”. Naomi was also a saint’s name and is used for girls.

26. Oakley

A name of English origin for your baby girl, this one means “meadows of the oak tree”.

27. Parley

Parley is associated with ‘an early apostle’.

28. Prudence

A calm and sensitive name for your daughter, it means “a virtue”.

29. Quentin

Similar to Eldon, Quentin means ‘a church leader’.

30. Quincy

Quincy is an English name which is generally given to girls who are born in the fifth month of the year. The meaning of the name is “estate of the fifth son”.

31. Rafter

Rafter is a cool-sounding boy’s name which means ‘beam of a roof’.

32. Ransom

With a dangerous undertone, Ransom means ‘money demanded for a captive’.

33. Roslyn

A precious name for your beautiful baby girl, this name means “pretty rose”.

34. Sariah

This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means “the Lord’s princess”. The name Sarah is a variation of this name.

35. Stephanie

This is a royal name, and Stephanie means “crown or garland”.

36. Torin

Torin in Mormon is called ‘chief’.

37. Trinity

Pertaining to the Holy Trinity, this name means “triad”.

38. Tylan

Tylan means ’tile or brick layer’. The name has an edgy vibe and could be ideal for your little boy.

39. Wrangler

In Mormon, Wrangler means ‘incharge of the ranch’.

40. Zy’arie

Zy’arie is a unique and mostly unheard-of boy’s name. It refers to ‘a river’.

Popular Mormon Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Mormon parent loves inventing or combining names for their kids. So here is the list of 40 popular and meaningful Mormon baby boy names:

1. Aaron

Aaron is a name of Hebrew origin, and it was the name of Moses’ brother in the Bible. This means “mountain or exalted”.

2. Ammon

A Celtic name featured in the Book of Mormon which means “faithful and secret”.

3. Ardeth

This eccentric name is just as eccentric as its meaning – ‘blooming fields’.

4. Bart

Bart is a perfect regal name for your charming prince as it means “son of the Earth”.

5. Beckett

A name with a rich sound that means “bee cottage” in  Mormon culture.

6. Braxton

A traditional old English name which means “Brock’s settlement”.

7. Cohyn

A royal name meaning “priest” and this name is used not only among Mormons but also among Jews.

8. Dallen

The name Dallen means “from the valley”, and it is the most used names among Mormons.

9. Elijah

Elijah is a sacred name which means “Yahweh is God”. This name was used by a prophet.

10. Gideon

Gideon was the name of the church leader, and it means “hewer or mighty warrior”.

11. Isaiah

This name has a Hebrew origin, Isaiah means “the salvation of the Lord”.

12. John

John is the most popular boy’s name, and it means “God is gracious”.

13. Jossilyn

Jossilyn is an elegant name with a Victorian feel to it. The name means ‘from the Gaut’s tribe’.

14. Juana

This classy name means ‘God is gracious’.

15. Juelz

Juelz means “precious gems”, and this can be an ideal name for your baby boy.

16. Kalea

This sassy girl’s name would be ideal for your little daughter if you are looking for a unique and stylish name. The name means ‘bliss’.

17. Layton

Layton is an old English name which means “settlement with a leek garden”.

18. Maverix

Maverix means “independent man” and could be a good name for your little boy.

19. Minerva

Minerva is the house’s favourite and suits mostly all types of personalities. It means ‘an early apostle’.

20. Nechma

A rare and unique-sounding name, Nechma means ‘comfort’.

21. Oakleigh

This Mormon name means ‘meadow of oak trees’.

22. Orson

A unique and adorable name has a Latin origin, and it means “bear cub”.

23. Penny

Penny is a classy and simple name meaning ‘coin’.

24. Porter

The name Porter means “gatekeeper”, and it was the name of Prophet Joseph Smith’s loyal bodyguard and friend.

25. Ronan

A legendary name used for Irish and Scottish Saints, this name means “small seal”.

26. Roxcy

If you are looking for a badass Mormon name, Roxcy is it. The name means ‘an early apostle’.

27. Rudy

A stylish and trendy name for your baby boy which means “a famous wolf”.

28. Santana

Santana is ‘holy’ in Mormon.

29. Spencer

Spencer means “the dispenser of provisions”. It’s a classic name, and it was the name of the fifth president of the Church.

30. Sumaya

With its Mormon origins, Sumaya means ‘unique’.

31. Umar

A compelling name, this one means “life”.

32. Tabitha

Tabitha is a bold girl’s name with a hint of a saviour vibe. It means ‘gazelle’.

33. Teagen

A name of Irish origin, it means “attractive and handsome”.

34. Versailles

This is the name of a place in France, and it means “the light of her father’s life”.

35. Virtue

This simple and short name for girls is a hit. It defines its meaning with its name, ‘virtue’.

36. Wren

Wren is the name of a pretty, small songbird.

37. Xacian

Xacian in Mormon means “a new house” and this name is used by many Mormon parents.

38. Wallace

Wallace means “a stranger or a foreigner”.

39. Zina

Zina in Mormon refers to ‘an early apostle’.

40. Zoram

Zoram was the name of a saint, and you can choose this beautiful name for your little boy.

A name is the mark of identification for your little one. Being a Mormon, choosing a name that not only honours the heritage but also makes the child proud to bear it can be a bit difficult. Gift your child a beautiful name that they will be proud of. We hope this list helps you choose a meaningful name for your baby and that you enjoy this exciting time in your and your baby’s life.

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