Top 80 Boy Names That Start With Cal

80 Boy Names That Start With Cal

The name “Cal” itself means “devotion” in Hebrew. The name sounds cool and unique, and many parents seek for that perfect name beginning with “Cal” for their little boy. This article will come handy for those who want to have this prefix in their child’s name. Here, we have put together a list of 80 stunning names starting with “Cal” with their meanings.

Baby Boy Names That Begin With “Cal” With Meanings

If you are on the hunt for baby boy names starting with “Cal”, then your search ends here. Read on to find a list of names that begin with “Cal”. You will definitely find a suitable one that will define your boy’s identity for the rest of his life.

1. Cal

A short and sweet name, this one means “devotion”, “bald” or “hairless”. This single-syllable name is a shortened version of the name Calvin.

2. Calax

This name has an Old Greek origin, and it means “a handsome man”.

3. Calder

Calder is a rare and unique name of Celtic and Old English origin. The meaning of this name is “stream”.

4. Caldre

Caldre is a sassy boy’s name meaning “cold brook”.

5. Caldwiella

Caldwiella is a sophisticated British name meaning “from the cold spring”.

6. Caleb

Pronounced as Kah-leb, it is derived from Hebrew. It means “a dog-like devotion to God” and is a rare name.

7. Caledon

Caledon is a common Irish name of Latin origin. It means “rocky land”.

8. Calemund

Calemund is an elegant boy’s name of English origin. The name means “a dove-like man”.

9. Calahan

Used mainly in the English language, this name means “small” and “lover of churches”.

10. Callan

This name means “chatter”. It is a rare baby boy name, and it traces its origin to the Germanic language.

11. Calles

Derived from the Latin Callis, Calles means “a narrow path”. In Old Greek, it is associated with the name Selina which means “moon”.

12. Callie

Callie is a crisp and fresh name meaning “son of Alexander”.

13. Calix

Well, no parent would ever think that their boy is not handsome. If you want to reinforce that each time you call out to him, then choose the name, Calix. It means “the handsome one”.

14. Calbert

The name means “cowherd” or a “cowboy,” and if you live in the Wild West, this name could be a perfect pick.

15. Calbex

If you live in the countryside and you want to raise a rustic soul, you must give this name a thought as it means “shepherd”.

16. Calbraith

Of Celtic origin, the name means “British warrior”. It is a unique baby boy name that is mostly used by speakers of the English language.

17. Calburt

A derivative of Calvert, the name is pronounced as “KAHL-bert”. It means a “calf-herder”.

18. Caldar

The name is of Welsh origin, and it means “violent stream”. It can also be spelt as Calder or Caldyr.

19. Caldeolo

This name has a Latin origin, and is pronounced as “Kaal-Di-yow-Low.” The name means “hot”.

20. Calderon

Of Spanish origin, this is a topographic name, and it means “basin”, “crater”, or “hollow”.

21. Calepodio

A name of Old Greek origin, this name means “one who has beautiful feet”.

22. Caldwell

This is a cool name that brings in a whiff of spring. It means “source of cold water” or “from a cold spring”.

23. Caldyr

With its origin in the Welsh language, this name means “a violent stream”.

24. Cale

A short and sweet name for your baby boy, this one means “devotion to God” in Hebrew.

25. Caleban

Pronounced as “Kael-Bahn”, the name is of English origin. It is a variant of Caliban, and it means “dog-like devotion”.

26. Caledfryn

Tracing its origin to the Welsh language, the name means “hard hill”. It is pronounced as “Kaa-lehd-ferin”.

27. Calen

The name has Irish and Hebrew origins, and it means “devoted fervently to God” and “pure”.

28. Caley

A variant of Caelan, this name is of Irish origin. It means “slender” or “slim”.

29. Calfhierde

This name has an English origin, and it means “shepherd”.

30. Calhoun

This lovely name was used as a last name for the famous protagonist of the book and movie “The Notebook”, Noah Calhoun. The name means “fighter”,” warrior”, or “from the narrow forest”.

31. Calhoon

A variant of Calhoun, this name is derived from Irish, and it means “narrow woods”.

32. Calian

A name of Native American origin, it means “a warrior for life”. This meaningful name could be a wonderful choice for your little warrior.

33. Caliburn

Simple yet fierce, this name is one of the names of King Arthur’s legendary sword.

34. Calicrates

Slightly long, but undoubtedly regal, the name is derived from the Old Greek language. It means “beautiful power” and was the name of a famous architect of ancient times.

35. Calie

A Hebrew variant of Caleb, the name means “dog-like devotion to God”.

36. Calien

Pronounced as Kaa-Liyahan, the name means “warrior for life”.

37. Caligula

It means “little boots” or “he who wears sandals”. The name is of Latin origin and is quite unconventional and unique.

38. Calimaco

An ancient Greek origin name, it means “an excellent fighter”. This name could be suitable for your little hero.

39. Calimerio

An Old Greek name, this one means “he who ushers in a beautiful day”. Such a splendid name guarantees that your boy will love his name.

40. Calimerino

Another name of Greek origin, the name means “beautiful thigh”.

41. Calin

Largely used in the English language, this name means “powerful warrior”.

42. Calinico

An ancient Greek name, it means “he who secures a beautiful victory”.

43. Calistenes

A Greek name pronounced as “KAELAHS-IYN-Z”, it means “beautiful and strong”.

44. Calistrato

Not used frequently, the name is pronounced as “KAEL-iy-STRAAT-ow” and traces its origin to Old Greek. It means “he who commands a great army”. Calisto is another popular variant of the same name.

45. Calix

If you are Greek and think that your boy’s beauty is comparable to that of the Greek God, then this will suit him perfectly. It means “handsome man”.

46. Callaghan

The name is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and it means “strife or contention”.

47. Calloway

Also spelt Callaway, this name is of Norman-French origin, and it means ‘a place of stones or pebbles”.

48. Calldwr

Pronounced as “Kal-dwer”, it means “cold brook”.

49. Callen

A name is of Germanic origins, and it means “powerful in battle”.

50. Calli

The name means “the son of Alexander” in English, and it is a shortened version of the name Callister.

51. Callice

This name has many variants and different spellings. This one is pronounced as “KAEL-his”. It is of Latin origin, and it means “a goblet”.

52. Callis

The name is of Latin origin, and it means “chalice or goblet”. It is a variant of Callice.

53. Callister

Another name of English origin, this one means “defending men” or “son of Alexander”.

54. Callisthenes

An ancient Greek name, the name means “beautiful strength”.

55. Callisto

Mainly used in the Italian language, and derived from the late Roman personal names, the name means “beautiful”.

56. Callistus

The name sounds royal and powerful, and it means “most beautiful” in Latin and Greek.

57. Callum

This name has an English and Scottish origin, and it means “dove”.

58. Callumet

The name is of French origin, and is an unusual name for a boy. It means “resembling a reed”.

59. Calunoth

A unique meaning to it, Calunoth is a British-origin name meaning “a British male name”.

60. Callyn

A variant of the German name Callan, it means “chatter”.

61. Callys

Pronounced as “KAEL-ayz”, this name is of Latin origin. There are several variants to the name like Callis, Callyce, and more. It means “chalice”.

62. Calminio

Pronounced as “KAA-MIHN-yow”, the name means “calm”. It is of Latin origin, and it’s catching up in popularity.

63. Calogero

Derived from the Italian language, the name means “fair, old age”. If you have Italian roots, this name could go well with your last name too.

64. Calox

A variant of Calix, the name is pronounced as “KLLKS”. It means “handsome”.

65. Calros

Of Germanic origin, the name means “free man”. It is pronounced as “KAOLL-owZ”.

66. Calum

A lovely name for a boy, the name means “dove”. It is a popular English name and would be an excellent pick for your boy.

67. Calux

A different name, it is pronounced as “KAELKS”. A variant of Calix and of Greek origin, the name means “handsome”.

68. Calv

A short French name, this one means “the bald one”.

69. Calvagh

The name traces its origin to the Irish language, and it means “the bald one”. Callough is another variant and it also of Irish origin.

70. Calvert

A variant of the Old English name Calbert, Calvert means “cowboy”.

71. Calvex

Another name that means “shepherd”, it is ideal for parents with a home in the country or the woods.

72. Calvie

A longer form of Calv, it means “the bald one”. This name has a sweet sound and would fit a cute little boy.

73. Calvin

Made popular by the cartoon figure from “Calvin and Hobbes”, the name also means “the little bald one”.

74. Calvino

Derived from the word Calvin, Calvino is a French name meaning “the little bald one”.

75. Calvurt

A traditional name that traces its origin to the English language and is an occupational name, it means “a calf-herder”.

76. Calyan

The name is of Native American origin and means “warrior for life”.

77. Calyb

The name is of Hebrew origin, and is pronounced as “KAH-lyb”. It is a derivative of Caleb and means “messenger”.

78. Calym

A variant of the name Calum that has a Latin origin, it means “dove”.

79. Calyn

The name means “thin” or “slender’ in the Irish and Gaelic language and is a variant of Cale.

80. Calyx

Of Greek origin, the name means “a good-looking, handsome man”. This name sounds different and would be a good option for your little one.

Most of the names beginning with “Cal” are of Greek, Spanish, Latin, or Native American origin. Most of the names have unique pronunciations and don’t sound like common English names. These are ideal picks for parents who want something different. Finding the right name for your baby can be quite challenging, and we hope the list given above has helped you shortlist some of your favourite names for your little boy.

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