180 Names That Mean ‘Unique’ for Boys and Girls

180 Names That Mean 'Unique' for Boys and Girls

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Names that mean ‘unique’ are special as they stand out in the crowd. The unique people in the world are those who embrace who they are and are willing to live life in their own terms. If you want your child to grow up with an independent sensibility while adhering to tradition, then you can take inspiration from unique baby names present in different global cultures. Baby-names that mean unique can be classical yet fashionable at the same time. Hope this whole bunch of unique monikers will make hunting for the perfect name fun and memorable experience.

90 Boy Names That Mean Unique

With so many baby boy names that mean unique at your disposal, it’s easy to get confused. Make your job easier by selecting one from this curated list of names for boys that are becoming popular now more than ever.

1. Adan

This Hispanic name has a Spanish origin and means ‘of the Earth’.

2. Aino

Aino is a character in the Finnish mythological epic Kalevala and means ‘the only one’.

3. Alverda

This Latin name means ‘green’.

4. Avery

A variant of Old French name Alfred meaning ‘Elf King’, Avery means ‘king’, or ‘power’ in Old English.

5. Bennet

Derived from the medieval Anglo-Norman name Benedict and Latin Benedictus, Bennet means ‘blessed’.

6. Braxton

This Old English name means ‘Brock’s town’.

7. Brayden

Brayden is of Irish and Scottish origin and means ‘truth’ or ‘bravery’.

8. Brody

This Scottish name means ‘second son’.

9. Bryson

Bryson is a Welsh name meaning ‘descendant of Brice’.

10. Cassidy

This Irish name refers to a ‘curly-headed’.

11. Chad

Derived from Celtic roots, Chad means ‘warrior’.

12. Cody

This English name means ‘helpful’ or ‘cushion’.

13. Connor

This Irish name means ‘lover of wolves’ or ‘lover of hounds’.

14. Dakota

This Native American name means ‘friend’ or ‘ally’.

15. Darrell

This Old English means ‘dearly loved’.

16. Deacon

Originating from Greek origin, it is an English occupational name for ‘servant’.

17. Dex

This Welsh name means ‘right-handed’.

18. Dylan

This Welsh name means ‘son of the sea’.

19. Edgar

This German name means ‘prosperous spearman’.

20. Emmett

This English name means ‘strong’ or ‘industrious’.

21. Eugene

This Greek name means ‘well-born’ or ‘noble’.

22. Ezequiel

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s strength’.

23. Farrel

In Celtic, Farrel means ‘brave’ and ‘victorious’ in Irish.

24. Forest

This old French name means ‘woodsman’ or ‘wood’.

 25. Freddie

This American name means ‘peaceful ruler’.

26. Gabe

This Hebrew name means ‘God is my strength’.

27. Garth

Garth has an Anglo-Saxon origin and refers to a ‘garden-keeper’.

28. Geo

This Greek name means ‘the person who created the Earth and other planets’.

29. Godric

This Old English name means ‘power of God’.

30. Goku

This Japanese name means ‘aware of emptiness’.

31. Hale

This Hawaiian name means ‘from the remote valley’ or ‘healthy’.

32. Hank

This English name refers to ‘one who rules his household’ in Teutonic.

33. Hayden

This English name refers to ‘someone from the hedged valley’.

34. Hernan

This Spanish name means ‘spiritual pilgrim’.

35. Hunter

This English name means ‘one who hunts’.

36. Ian

This Scottish name means ‘God is gracious’.

37. Ivan

This Russian name means ‘God is gracious’.

38. Izaiah

This Hebrew name means ‘salvation of God’.

39. Jalen

Derived from Greek name Galen, Jalen means ‘healer’.

40. Jorden

This Hebrew name means ‘the praise of God’.

41. Julias

Julias means ‘youthful’ or ‘downy-bearded’ in Latin.

42. Julien

This Latin name means ‘youthful’.

43. Kalen

Kalen has Gaelic roots and means ‘slender’.

44. Kapono

This Hawaiian name means ‘the righteous one’.

45. Karson

This Scottish name means ‘son of the marsh dwellers’.

46. Keanu

Keanu means ‘the cool breeze’ in Hawaiian.

47. Kevin

Kevin is an Irish name which means ‘handsome’.

48. Knox

Derived from Scottish Gaelic word cnoc, Knox means ‘a hump’ or hillock’.

49. Landon

This English name means ‘from the long mountain’.

50. Liam

This Irish name means ‘resolute protector’.

51. Luis

Derived from Germanic hlut, Luis means ‘famous warrior’.

52. Marcellus

This Latin name means ‘young warrior’.

53. Mason

Mason is an occupational name which means ‘one who works with stone’.

54. Max

Derived from the Latin name Maximillan, Max means ‘greatest’.

55. Maynard

This German name means ‘brave’, or ‘strong’.

56. Miguel

This Hebrew name means ‘who is like God’.

57. Naal

Naal has a Celtic-Gaelic origin and means ‘a well-known birth that is highly celebrated’.

58. Nayab

This Persian name means ‘rare’, or ‘precious’.

59. Oba

This African name means ‘king’.

60. Obie

This Hebrew name means ‘servant of God’.

61. Pabok

This Jewish name means ‘one who is born out of the fire’.

62. Packard

This French name refers to ‘someone from Picardy’.

63. Packer

Packer has a Jewish and German origin and means a ‘wool packer’.

64. Qaani

This Arabic name means ‘one who is content with himself’.

65. Qabiz

This Arabic name means ‘one of the ninety men’.

66. Raaid

This Arabic name means ‘one who is guided’.

67. Rabbu

Rabbu has an Assyrian origin and means ‘the Almighty’.

68. Sa’d

This Arabic name means ‘a person of great fortune’.

69. Sawyer

This Celtic name means ‘woodcutter’.

70. Storm

This English name refers to ‘one who evokes the thunderous sky’.

71. Tabor

This Hebrew name refers to Mt. Tabor a mountain in Nazareth.

72. Tacito

This Brazilian name means ‘silent’.

73. Tacoma

This American name means ‘from the snowy mountain peak’.

74. Tad

Tad has a Gaelic origin and means ‘poet’. 

75. Ubaid

This Arabic name means ‘faithful’.

76. Udolf

This Belgian name means ‘a wolf ruler’.

77. Ukubu

Ukubu has an Assyrian origin and means ‘reward’.

78. Vaha

This Polynesian name means ‘an open sea’.

79. Vakhtang

Vakhtan has a Georgian or Persian origin and means ‘wolf-bodied’.

80. Valerian

Valerian has a Latin or Gothic origin and means ‘valiant’.

81. Wachiru

Wachiru has a Kenyan or African origin and means ‘son of a judge’.

82. Walcot

This Canadian name refers to ‘one living in the Welshman’s cottage’.

83. Xanthus

This Gothic name means ‘a river God’.

84. Ximeno

Ximeno has Norman origin and means ‘son’.

85. Xurxo

This Brazillian name means ‘farmer’.

86. Yad

This Lebanese name means ‘jade’.

87. Yan

This Bulgarian form of Ioanne which means ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.

88. Yanick

This Hebrew name means ‘Yahweh is gracious’.

89. Zabir

This Arabic name means ‘one who has a vast knowledge of religion’.

90. Zadfar

Zadfar has an Afghan or Arabic origin and means ‘glorious birth’.

90 Girl Names That Mean Unique

90 Girl Names That Mean Unique

When you’re frantically looking for the most uncommon name for your princess, this ultimate list of unique names for a girl will help you to make the right decision much before the naming ceremony.

1. Aaget

This English name means ‘diamond’.

2. Alia

This Arabic name means ‘glorious’.

3. Aria

Aria means ‘lioness’ in Hebrew, ‘noble’ in Persian and ‘treasure’ in Albanian.

4. Bella

Bella is a Latin and French word for ‘beautiful’.

5. Brianne

Derived from the Celtic name Brianna, Brianne means ‘ high’ or ‘noble’.

6. Brille

Brille is a Spanish and French word for ‘shine’.

7. Cachet

This French name means ‘a desirable and prestigious woman’.

8. Camila

Camila has a Latin American, English and Italian origin and means ‘she attends ceremonials’.

9. Charlotte

Charlotte has a British and Scottish origin and refers to the feminine form of Charles meaning ‘freeman’.

10. Chloe

Chloe has a British, Australian and French origin and means ‘fresh blooming’.

11. Daania

This Arabic name means ‘beautiful person’.

12. Daeja

Daeja has a Spanish and French origin and means ‘strong person’.

13. Daevy

This Cambodian name means ‘angel’.

14. Dafiya

This Arabic name means ‘worthy daughter’.

15. Eabae

This English name means ‘a versatile and creative person’.

16. Eadgyth

Originating from Anglo-Saxon, Eadgyth means ‘wife of a wise counsellor’.

17. Eana

This English name means ‘an expressive and good-natured woman’.

18. Faatina

This Arabic name means ‘she captivates the eye’.

19. Faerie

This English name means ‘she who looks like a little fairy’.

20. Faith

This Greek name means ‘confidence’, or ‘belief’.

21. Freya

Freya means ‘Lady’ and also derived from the name of the Old Norse Goddess Freyja.

22. Gabbie

This French name means ‘a nice girl of God’.

23. Gemma

This Latin name means ‘gemstone’.

24. Gianna

This Italian name has a variant in English as Joanna and means ‘God is gracious’.

25. Grace

Derived from the Latin Gratia, Grace means ‘gracious’.

26. Haala

This Arabic name means ‘lunar halo’.

27. Habiba

Habiba has an African and Arabic origin and means ‘beloved’.

28. Ha Yun

This Korean name is a composition of Ha ‘summer’ and Yun ‘sunlight’.

29. Ianira

This Gothic name means ‘enchantress’.

30. Ibukun

Ibukun has a Yoruba origin and means ‘blessings’.

31. Idona

This Norwegian name refers to the ‘Norse goddess of the apples of eternal youth’.

32. Jabb

This French name means ‘a slim lady’.

33. Jacenta

Jacenta has a Greek or Spanish origin and refers to a ‘hyacinth flower’.

34. Jaclin

This French name means ‘God may guard her’.

35. Kaca

This Celtic name means ‘descendant of the vigilant one’.

36. Kaila

This name of Hebrew and Hawaiian origin means ‘the laurel crown’.

37. Kaisu

This Greek name means ‘pure’.

38. Karissa

Karissa in Greek and Latin means ‘very dear’.

39. Kiara

This Irish name means ‘dark hair’ or ‘little’.

40. Laaibah

This Arabic name means ‘the prettiest woman’.

41. Labonita

This Spanish name means ‘beautiful one’.

42. Lacia

This French name means ‘tender like a lace’.

43. Lada

Lada has a Slavic or Russian origin and refers to ‘the pagan Goddess of love’.

44. Maahnoor

This Arabic name means ‘the moon’s glow’.

45. Maarit

This Old Greek name means ‘pearl’.

46. Maayan

This Hebrew name means ‘fresh as a spring of water’.

47. Mabilia

Mabilia has an Italian and English origin and means ‘adorable’.

48. Naadia

This Arabic name means ‘a gem’ or ‘ a child of brightness’.

49. Naarah

This Hebrew name refers to ‘a damsel’.

50. Naataanii

This African name means ‘a poetess who writes the praise of the prophet’.

51. Naazneen

This Persian name means ‘stunning and fascinating lady’.

52. Nadie

This Native American name means ‘wise’.

53. Ocie

This Latin name means ‘a virtuous girl’.

54. Odelette

This name with a German or Greek origin means ‘the guardian of mankind’.

55. Oriana

This Latin name means ‘dawn’.

56. Pabla

Pabla has a Latin or Spanish origin and means ‘little’, ‘humble’.

57. Pallas

This Greek name means ‘wisdom’.

58. Poppy

This Latin name means ‘red flower’.

59. Qaima

This Arabic name refers to a ‘woman who is a bestower’.

60. Qara

This Mongolian name means a ‘cloudlet’.

61. Qi

This Chinese name means ‘a fine jade’.

62. Raaida

This Arabic name means ‘woman leader’.

63. Ragnara

This Swedish name means the ‘feminine form of the Ragnor army’.

64. Reine

This French name refers to a ‘queen’.

65. Saasha

This Russian name means ‘defender of mankind’.

67. Saba

This Arabic name means ‘a soft breeze’.

68. Sloan

This Scottish name refers to a ‘warrior’.

69. Tadeja

Tadeja has a Croatian and Hebrew origin and means ‘gift of God’.

70. Taesa

This Greek name means ‘a woman reaper’.

71. Ubon

Ubon has a Hebrew and Jewish origin and means ‘lotus flower’.

72. Udele

This Canadian name means ‘prosperous’.

73. Ugoulo

This Nigerian name means ‘pride of a home’.

74. Valentina

Valentina means ‘strong’, ‘healthy’ and originates from Argentina, Latin, Germany, Italy, Slavic sources.

75. Vanessa

This Canadian name means ‘butterfly’.

76. Vanna

This Hebrew name means ‘God’s gift’.

77. Walda

Walda has a Frisian and German origin and means ‘ruler’.

78. Wambui

This African name means ‘a singer of songs’.

79. Wanetta

This Romanian name means ‘a pale and fair woman’.

80. Wilma

This German name means ‘resolute protector’.

81. Xantina

This Spanish name means ‘little saint’.

82. Xiuhcoatl

This Aztec name means ‘comet’.

83. Xoana

This Brazilian name means ‘God is gracious’.

84. Yaffa

Yaffa has a Jewish and Hebrew origin and means ‘beautiful’.

85. Yakira

This Hebrew name means ‘beloved’.

86. Yana

This Hebrew name means ‘He answers’.

87. Yona

This Hebrew name means ‘dove’.

88. Zadie

This Canadian name means ‘princess’.

89. Zahab

This name of Afghan and Arabic origin means ‘gold’.

90. Zaib

Zaib has a Lebanese and Arabic origin and means ‘a graceful and beautiful woman’. 

As names play a big role in a child’s life, you surely want to bless your child with a name that is unparalleled in its sound and meaning. This comprehensive database of baby boy and baby girl names unique with meanings are striking in their own ways and will certainly help to win appreciation, respect and admiration from others.

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