Top 100+ Boy & Girl Names Meaning Dragon

100+ Baby Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

Dragon names are considered auspicious in many cultures. If you are looking for dragon names for your newborn boy or girl, then here is a list of dragon names to choose from. A symbol of immense power and strength, these dragon names are sure to be apt for your baby, who will grow up to be healthy and mighty.

In the Orient, dragons are believed to have potent, auspicious powers. It is a symbol of immense power and strength. Finding names for our babies is quite a mentally daunting task. Below is a list of both boy and girl dragon names; we hope that you will find the one that suits your adorable baby best.

Names That Mean Dragon for Boys

We have compiled a list of boy dragon names. Choose the one from this list of male dragon names for your bundle of joy.

1. Aiden

Aiden is an intriguing name with Celtic roots. It means little fire.

2. Anguis

This name originated in Latin America. It was then also used by parents of Scottish descent where it changed to Angus. It is a name that denotes excellent strength.

3. Apalala

Apalala is a unique-sounding name, part of Buddhist mythology. Apalala is a water-dwelling dragon.

4. Apophis

Apophis is another version of a name derived from the name Apep, considered the ancient Egyptian dragon-like deity.

5. Arad

Arad originated in Persia, and it is a Muslim boy’s name. This name means the Name of an Angel.

6. Belindo

Belindo is a Germanic name meaning dragon. This could be a good choice for your little boy’s charming personality.

7. Brantley

Another from Germany, this dragon’s name means fire. If your little boy has a fierce personality, giving him this name could be ideal.

8. Brenton

For your son’s fiery and charming personality, Brenton is an option we would like to present. The name means flame and fire.

Brenton - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

9. Cadmus

The name Cadmus originated in Greece. The name Cadmus is a typical boy’s name. In Greek, the name Cadmus means dragon’s teeth.

10. Doryu

The meaning of the name is one who understands the ways of a dragon. Doryu is a boy’s name that originated in Buddhism.

Doryu - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

11. Draco

It is another boy’s name that means dragon. The name originated as an Italian boy’s name. In Italian, the word Drago means dragon. Over time, the letter g in the word drago was softened into a C, hence changing Drago into Draco.

12. Dracon

This boy’s name shows an excellent ability to understand. It is an English name, and historically, it is a modern variant of the drake dragon.

13. Dracul

Well, this name does not need much of an explanation, right? The dragon’s name refers to the devil.

14. Drake

Drake is an English name. People with this name are caring and crafty. They have the ability and power of both dragons and serpents.

15. Draken

A mighty name for your baby boy! It originated in Greece. Boys with this name have a strong desire for a stable family or a community. They also need appreciation for working with others.

16. Drayce

Drayce is a rare name. Boys called Drayce are leaders; they are independent and not afraid to explore new avenues in life.

17. Eborsisk

The Eborsisk is a malevolent fire-breathing monster from the 1988 fantasy movie Willow.

18. Fafner

Fafner is a Norwegian name. Boys with this name are excited by change. They are dynamic and versatile. They also tend to be quite optimistic.

19. George

The name George comes from the Christian religion and refers to the knight who slew a fire-breathing dragon. George also means farmer. St George is also the patron Saint of England.

20. Haku

Haku is the name of a popular deuteragonist character in the movie Spirited Away. He is a dragon disguised as a human boy. 

21. Irad

This name implies an empire dragon. Its roots are in Israel, and it is a biblical name.

22. Jiao-Long

A boy’s name means a kind of dragon. Indian Hindu astrologers have defined this name as someone who is born with a star.

23. Ju-Long

Ju-Long is of Chinese origin, and it means that the person called Ju-Long is as big and powerful as a dragon.

24. Khuzayma

It is an Arabic name that refers to the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree. This name can be used both for boys and for girls. Khuzayma is an Urdu-originating name and has adopted different meanings in the Muslim world.

25. Ladon

A Greek boy’s name that denotes influential personalities. We focused on boys with this name on their goals, and they worked on setting new ones.

26. Long

This name is of both Chinese and Vietnamese origins. In both cases, it means dragon.

27. Longwei

These boys are very hard-working; they push themselves to finish their projects. They are efficient people and exhibit a down-to-earth approach.

28. Myung

Myung belongs to Korean names and is usually complimented with Yong, making it Myung-Yong. The name means ‘bright dragon.’ 

29. Nidhogg

It is a Norwegian name for a boy. Similar to other names that mean dragon, this name shows powerful leadership skills.

30. Nithe

Nithe is a cute Old Norse version of dragon and serpent – a unique and eccentric name.

31. Norbert

Norbert is the name of the popular female Norwegian Ridgeback dragon character hatched by Hagrid at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft in the famous Harry Potter fantasy series.

32. Oboth

Oboth is a Biblical baby boy’s name. These boys see and love the beauty around them, and they respond very well to it. These boys need harmony and balance in their lives.

33. Ormr

Ormr is a Nordic version of a dragon.

34. Pendragon

This name is an Anglo-Saxon baby’s name. These boys are excellent at speaking in public places. They are very orderly, and they have strong values for justice and discipline.

35. Ryu

The name Ryu means dragon and is of Japanese origin. It is, however, also used in English-speaking countries. The history of Ryu is full of fascinating Japanese mythology.

36. Samael

Samael is a powerful dragon or a Hebrew archangel with the power to destroy other dragons. It is believed that Samael was cursed by God and thrown out of Heaven for tricking Adam and Eve to eat the Forbidden Fruit.

37. Suoh

This Japanese boy’s name is highly associated with wealth and abundance. These boys are calm and stable. They could also be secretive.

38. Tatsuya

The name Tatsuya is also of Japanese origin. These people enjoy achieving their goals. Boys that are called Tatsuya possess the intelligence and longevity of the dragon.

39. Tezcacoatl

Tezcacoatl is a popular Aztec name used for a ‘serpent king.’

40. Tyson

For your strong-willed and good-tempered child, Tyson could be an option. It means fierily tempered.

41. Viper

With an ode to the venomous snake species, Viper is also the name of a dragon with a bite.

42. Won

Usually accompanied by Yong, Won-Yong is a cool, stylish, and popular Korean name for boys, meaning ‘one dragon.’

Won - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

43. Xiuhcoatl

How about some Aztec mythology? This Aztec name means fire serpent. Although this name is listed as a girl’s name, it is more popularly used for boys. This name is of Aztec origin, and it refers to a serpent-like dragon.

44. Yong

Yong is a cool and sassy Korean name which means ‘great dragon.’

45. Yong-sun

This baby boy’s name originated in Korea. It is not a very common name. These boys are very hardworking and worldly. They are also protective of their family and the ones they love.

46. Zog

Zog is the name of a studious dragon character in a children’s picture book authored by Julia Donaldson.

Names That Mean Dragon for Girls

Names That Mean Dragon for Girl

Who says girls need to be all soft and feminine? They, too, have power and boldness, like a warrior and a dragon. If you are not intimidated by the idea of giving your baby girl a name as powerful as a dragon, then you’ll find this ultimate list of girl dragon names absolutely perfect. Wanna try? Below are some of the top trending female dragon names for your little girl:

1. Adalinda

Adalinda is a cute and pleasant-sounding dragon name meaning noble serpent.

2. Aine

Give your modern child some modern-ish name like Aine! Aine is a dragon name for fire and splendour.

3. Alina

This dragon’s name implies bearer of light. If your little girl has an optimistic character and cheery personality, then this could be the perfect name for her.

4. Anguisa

This girl’s name is the female version of the name Anguis. Girls having this name prove to have strong character traits.

5. Apep

If you are looking for a dark name for your child, you can try Apep. This name relates to the Egyptian god of evil and darkness and means to slither.

6. Belinda

Belinda is one of the popular girl names meaning dragon. While in German, it means ”bright serpent,’ in Italian, it means ‘beautiful.’

7. Brenna

Celtic names are quite meaningful and popular. One such Celtic name for dragon lovers is Brenna, which means blazing light.

8. Chumana

A girl’s name of Native American origin. Its meaning can be traced back to a mythological serpent-like dragon.

9. Chusi

Name referring to a dragon flower; as beautiful as your daughter.

Chusi - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

10. Daenerys

An English name meaning Lady of Light or Lady of Hope. The word Dae has American origins and means light or hope, while the Welsh Nerys means lady. An original name for your little girl.

11. Dracona

It means she-dragon. The way it is written is the Latinised form of the word in Greek, drakaina, which also refers to a type of tree and succulent shrub.

12. Druk

This name is of Bhutanese origin, and it refers to the Thunder Dragon. Girls with this name are usually prone to be of great help to others. They also have a loving outlook on life.

13. Edna

Edna is a Hebrew name for a fiery red. If your daughter has a strong and determined character, Edna could be the perfect name for her.

14. Faranth

Faranth is the name of a popular dragon belonging to the Dragonriders of Pern series. The meaning of the name is unknown.

15. Georgina

Georgina is the female version of the name George. It refers to the medieval legend when a farmer slew a fire-breathing dragon. St George is also the Patron Saint of England.

16. Hydra

A variation of this female name is Hadria. This name refers to the multi-headed water dragon. People with this name have a greater desire to use their inner abilities.

17. Kaida

Kaida means ‘little dragon.’ This name originated in Japan and is suitable for our little love.

18. Kaliyah

This name originated from India. It is a girl’s name, and it means the killer of a thousand-headed dragon.

19. Katla

Katla is the name of a fictional dragon from the Swedish children’s book The Brothers Lionheart. In Norse, it means ‘the boiler’ or ‘the kettle.’

20. Khaleesi

Khaleesi is a popular name adapted from the world-wide famous fictional series – the Game of Thrones. The name means mother of dragons.

21. Khuzaimah

It is an Arabic name that refers to the Gabal Elba Dragon Tree. This version of the name is used for girls. Khuzaimah is an Urdu-originating name and has adopted different meanings in the Muslim world.

22. Libelle

A unique and sophisticated girl’s name of German origin, meaning Dragonfly. It is a very stylish name that could also be shortened to Belle and Lee.

Libelle - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

23. Malinda

Malinda is a sweet name, just like its meaning. This Old Greek name means sweet serpent.

24. Melly

This name has Greek and French roots. Girls with this name show the same braveness and uniqueness as one can see in dragons!

25. Meraxes

A girl’s name which gives your baby a responsible nature.

26. Mindy

Something dark? Mindy is the one! This dragon’s name means dark serpent.

Mindy - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

27. Nuri

Taken purposefully from Hebrew, Nuri means my fire.

28. Pitaya

Surprisingly, Pitaya is the original name of today’s dragon fruit, which is apparently native to Central America and brought by missionaries to Asia, where it has been renamed as dragon fruit. So, now we know a unique fruit fact!

29. Rhaenys

A name coming from the film A Game of Thrones, Rhaenys rides the dragon. An inward glance to this name suggests a genuine and cheerful girl.

30. Ryoko

The name Ryoko has Japanese origins. It is a girl’s name. In Japan, the name Ryoko is a girl’s name that means dragon.

31. Saphira

Saphira is a female blue dragon character who hatches from an egg stolen from Galbatorix by Brom and Jeod in the film adaptation of the Eragon series.

32. Syrax

Girls with this name are very charming and protective towards the ones that they love.

33. Tarasque

This French name will give your girl positive, generous and good-natured character traits.

34. Tiamat

In Babylonian mythology, this name meant the personification of the sea. It signifies a dragon that gave birth to the first of the gods. It is an excellent choice for your bundle of joy.

35. Uwibami

It is a girl’s name originating from Japan.

36. Wyvern

Another girl’s name means dragon. Hence, it portrays characteristics of strength and leadership.

37. Xalara

This dragon’s name is ‘mystic roamer.’ However, the origins are unknown.

38. Yang

A Korean girl’s name can also be used as a surname. The Chinese define it as brave.

These sassy and good female dragon names are bold in character, elevate girls’ confidence, and break many stereotypical barriers!

Gender Neutral Dragon Names for Babies

Tired of highly-categorised cool dragon names male and female? Below are some top unisex dragon names for your little one:

1. Arrow

This is a spectacular unisex dragon name, which means slayer of demons.

2. Azar

Azar, in Hebrew, refers to flame.

3. Blas

Blas is a short gender-neutral Latin name meaning fire.

4. Blaze

Blaze is a commonly known English name referring to flame or fire.

5. Boruta

Boruta is a Polish dragon’s name, which means to fight. The name is derived from Slavic mythology.

6. Brande

Brande is a unisex Czech name meaning a dweller of a burned clearing.

7. Chance

Chance is an optimistic name meaning good fortune or luck.

8. Danbala

Danbala has Haitian roots. It means sky god.

9. Devlin

Devlin is an unusual and unique name of Irish roots. It means unlucky.

10. Dragon

Now, this is a name that can be used for both fiery boys and girls.

11. Ember

Ember is a French word for slow-burning or spark.

12. Evren

The name Evren belongs to a Turkic mythological dragon, which means ‘universe.’

13. Griffin

Unlike Griffin, a legendary half-eagle and half-lion creature, Griffin dragon is a fantastical creature featuring a cross between bird, dragon, and lion. 

14. Isuel

Isuel is a Korean name for someone morning born or morning dew.

15. Kenna

This English name means born of fire.

16. Kirin

A lesser-known Sanskrit word, Kirin, means ray of light.

Kirin - Names That Mean Dragon for Boys and Girls

17. Knucker

Knucker refers to a water dragon. The name originated in Old English and can be used for both girls and boys.

18. Orochi

Orochi is a Japanese dragon name for a big snake.

19. Pachua

Pachua is a Native American reference for a feathered water snake.

20. Puff

Puff is a cute nickname borrowed from the folk song Puff the Magic Dragon.

21. Reese

Reese is a popular unisex name of Welsh origin. This dragon’s name means born of fire.

22. Scylla

Scylla comes from Greek mythology. In that mythology, the name means sea serpent. Scylla, the dragon monster of Greek mythology. A five-act tragic opera was composed about this creature in 1746.

23. Tatsuo

Tatsuo is a bold name. This dragon’s name means the imperial man.

24. Uruloki

Urolki is the name of the fire-breathing dragons in the Quenya language spoken by the non-Telerin in J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional writings.

25. Valryon

Valryon is a popular fictional dragon character owned by the Targaryen family in the popular series The Game of Thrones.


1. How Can You Choose The Right Dragon Name For Your Baby?

Choosing a perfect dragon name for your baby involves considering factors like cultural references, meanings, and personal preferences. Explore dragon mythology from different cultures for inspiration, such as Chinese, European, or Norse, and choose a name that resonates with the qualities you hope for in your little one. Don’t forget to check its popularity and pronunciation.

2. How Can I Ensure Cultural Sensitivity When Selecting a Dragon-inspired Name?

By understanding the cultural context of dragon mythology, you’re drawing inspiration from and steering clear of using names with religious or sacred connotations that might offend a culture are some crucial aspects to note to avoid misusing cultural elements while selecting a dragon name. Whether it is boy dragon names or girl dragon names, any name you select for your child should not hurt any sentiment.

We hope this list of dragon-related names will help you pick the right name for your precious little one. Good luck and happy parenting!

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