Suki Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Suki Name Meaning and Origin

As you might have guessed, Suki is not the most common English name that you hear. It is because the name is Asian in origin. Besides having a delightful meaning behind it, it sure does sound beautiful and has a ring. It is not too common and neither difficult to pronounce or spell. It is understood that parents try to look for a unique name to describe their child so that they can indeed be one in a million. 

What Does Suki Mean?

The meaning of Suki is “loved one.” It is a commonly used Asian name. When parents look for the perfect name for their little one, they try to incorporate their feelings. It has to be meaningful to them and hold dear in life. Based on this logic, Suki is just the perfect name for your baby girl who holds all love in her tiny hands. If you are an otaku, or someone who loves the Japanese culture, anime, and manga, and know that your child will also be growing in such a culture, then this name is perfect for your child. Suki is a common character name that you will witness in Japanese literature and pop culture. 


It is of Japanese origin. Apart from being a name, is it also a colloquial Japanese phrase used to convey a form of liking. When translated literally, it means “I like you.” When it comes to origin and meaning, this name truly stands apart from the English and Christian names that have been common in America




  • Soo- kee
  • Suh- kee


2 syllables


4 Letters 

Suki Name Variations 

Suki name variations and spellings that come from different origins for the name. Most variations come from Asian languages like Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin. When the word is romanized based on the sound, different combinations of letters often have the same pronunciation. The name thus has a cultural significance all over Asia and has overall positive connotations. Thus, the name is relevant in Japanese culture and all-around Asian countries. Here is a list of other spellings for Suki.

Name Origin
Saki Japanese
Sugi Japanese
Soo ki Korean
Suu Kyi Burmese
Sukie Hebrew 
Sukey  Hebrew 
Suky  Hebrew 
Sukee Hebrew 
Tsuki  Japanese
Su Ki  Korean

How Popular Is the Name Suki? 

Suki is not a popular name and has not been used in America. Yet, this is what makes it so rare and meaningful. Your daughter would be the only Suki in school and known for her iconic name and charismatic personality. Plus, Japanese and Asian culture is in trend nowadays, and the culture is known for its vibrance, morality, and tradition. The name and its association with the Japanese culture have no negative connotation. Here is a chart for Suki’s baby name ranking and Suki popularity.

Interest in Suki – Worldwide

Over the span of ten years, the interest in Suki has been relatively stable. The search numbers ranged from 40 to 100. The lowest value recorded was 39 searches in Jan 2013, and the highest was recorded in March 2015.  

Interest in Suki – the US

A similar search pattern is seen in the United States as well. The name was most popular in March 2015 and the least popular in March 2012. 

Popularity of the Name Suki


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Suki – Worldwide

Search trends showcase the most popular name in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Burma. Ironically, even though the name is Japanese in origin, the name is not popular there. Japan does not come up in the top 30 countries where Suki is among the popular searches.

Search Trends of Suki – the US

The name was most popular in Delaware, Montana, and California, and it was the least popular in South Dakota, North Dakota, and Iowa.  

Middle Names That Go With Suki 

Since Suki is a Japanese name, you could combine it with other similar-sounding Asian names or choose an English middle name. Here is a list of double names with Suki, both Asian and English names that have a similar meaning and match well with Suki. 

Mai Lisa 
Maki  Alice
Rui  Elvie 
Kira  Ava
Midori Eve
Iva  Kace 
Nariko Kim
Mayoko Clarice
Usagi Claire
Akako Marie

Famous People Named Suki 

There are several famous celebrities named Suki, and all of them are either related to performance arts like acting singing or are scholars and authors. The name Suki is bound to make an impression and easily be recognized by people.

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Suki Brownsdon  Swimmer
Suki Chan Artist
Suki Chui  Hong Kong-based actress
Suki Kaiser Actress
Suki Kim  Korean-American author
Suki Lahav Israeli violinist, vocalist, actress
Suki Sivam Author and scholar
Suki Waterhouse  Model and actress
Low Sook Yee Reality TV star
Suki Manabe  Meteorologist and climatologist

Similar Names & Last Names 

If you plan to go for baby names like Suki for your next child, there are a couple of options. Other names for Suki also match well with many English and Asian last names. We have enlisted some of the best family names for Suki here:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Sukie Samson
Aiko Lawson
Mika Smith
Kiki Jhon
Gigi Chan 
Miki Lee
Keiko Oh 
Akira Jones
Sakura Taylor
Haki Evans 

Names That Sound Like Suki 

The name Suki easily rhymes and matches with other two-syllable and one-syllable names that end with ee sound. Therefore it is very easy to match names with Suki. Plus, all the other rhyming names also originate from Japanese and have unique meanings. Here are some names that rhyme with Suki.

Mei Yui 
Hina Yuri 
Aoki  Uei
Nika Saki
Sooyee Ichika 
Suji Mina
Haruki  Sana 
Maki  Aki
Hinaki Akira
Aoi Rui

Sibling Names Related to Suki 

It is not necessary that you have to match or rhyme your children’s names. But it is good to go for a similar vibe with all the names. So, rather than finding a rhyming name, go for sibling names that go with Suki and have Asian origin just like it. Here are some sister names for Suki and brother names for Suki.

Sister Names for Suki Brother Names for Suki
Yura  Aoki
Mina  Ida
Itsuki Akiru
Minatsuki Aki
Natsuki Haru
Hani Hinata 
Yuji Hiroko
Nami Tobio
Emi Asahi
Himari Kuro

Nicknames for Suki 

Well, when thinking of nicknames, the sky is the limit. You can call your little one whatever your heart desires. We have some ideas for nicknames for Suki that are cute and beautiful to define your little one perfectly. 

Sue Kiho
Saki Kiko
Ski Kiki
Sae Kiya 
Asi Kimi

The name Suki has significance in many Asian cultures. It originates from Japanese and translates to “I like you” or the “liked one.” It is a beautiful name with a ring to it and its meaning behind it. It is not too familiar and yet is easy to pronounce and spell. 


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