Top 50 Armenian Last Names Or Surnames

Top 50 Armenian Last Names or Surnames

Choosing a surname can be tough. Some families decide to go with their existing family names, but others want a cool name. Some of these surnames in our list sound super cool and will definitely make you stand out! Armenian last names sound fun and cool and yet have depth and meaning as well. Here are 50 of the best Armenian last names or surnames for you to browse through.

50 Popular Armenian Surnames or Family Names with Meanings

1. Abajian

Abajian is one of the more typical Armenian last names. It has origins in Turkish culture. It refers to a “maker or seller of coarse, woolen garments.” Abajian is the Armenian patronymic form of the Turkish abaci.

2. Abrahamyan

This is the Armenian variant of the Biblical name Abraham. In Armenian, the name means “son of Abraham.”

3. Adamyan

Much like the name above, this name comes from the popular name Adam. In Armenian, it means “son of Adam.”

4. Agassi

The surname is popular among Assyrians, Babylonians, and even Persians. It is a patronymic surname for a person that resembles a magpie. You may know this name through Andre Agassi, the retired tennis player.

5. Alexanian

This is the patronymic form of the name Alexis. The name Alexis has Greek roots meaning “protector of mankind.”

6. Arabian

This Armenian last name comes from the ethnic group of Arabs. It means “son of Arab.”

7. Arutyunyan

Patronymic from the Armenian personal name Arutyun. This name means “resurrection.”

8. Atamian

This is the Armenian variation of Adamian, which comes from the Hebrew name Adam, meaning Earth.

9. Avagyan

Avagyan means “son of Avag”. Avak is of Armenian origin and means “senior/chief/elder.”

10. Azarian

The surname comes from the Turkish name Azar, meaning “March.”

11. Bagdasarian

It means “son of Bagdasar,” a popular Armenian name and a variant of the name “Baltazar.” It means “protect the king.”

12. Balian

Bal in Turkish means “lord.” This Armenian rendition of the name means “son of the lord.”

13. Barsamian

This is an alternative spelling of the Armenian last name “Parsamyan,” which means “son of Parsam,” with Assyrian roots meaning “fasting.”

14. Barseghyan

It refers to “son of Barsegh”. The name has Ancient Greek roots and means “master/chief.”

15. Bogosian

This is a patronymic from the name Bolos, which is an Armenian variant of the name Paul.

16. Boyajyan

Boyajyan is an Armenian last name, which means “son of the painter.”

17. Danielian

Meaning “son of Daniel,” this Armenian surname has roots in Hebrew culture. Daniel means, “God is my strength.”

18. Derian

This is a patronymic for the Armenian “ter,” which translates to “lord.” So, the name means “son of the lord.”

19. Donabedian

Also patronymic, this name comes from the classical Armenian “tonapet,” meaning “head of a festival.”

20. Dorian

Although it has Greek origins, it is one of the more common Armenian surnames. It means “sea.”

21. Garabedian

Meaning “son of Garabed.” Garabed is a Western Armenian name, and it means “leader.”

22. Galstyan

It is an Armenian surname that means “son of Galust.”

23. Gasparian

Patronymic of the Armenian name Gaspar, which in turn comes from the name Kaspar, which is Persian for “keeper of the treasure.”

24. Georgian

This is the Americanized version of Gurjian, a patronymic from an ethnic name for somebody from Georgia, a region in the Caucasus.

25. Gevorgyan

Gevorg is the Armenian form of the name George. Gevorgyan means “son of George/Gevorg”.


26. Gharibian

In Turkish, Gharib means “stranger” or “impoverished person,” and this surname seems to have those roots. It means “son of Gharib”.

27. Ghasabyan

Meaning “son of Ghasab.” Ghasab in Armenian means butcher. This name has Arabic roots.

28. Grigoryan

Meaning “son of Grigor,” this is a popular Armenian family name. Grigor is the Armenian rendition of the name Gregory. It is also the name of the patron saint of Armenia.

29. Hagopian

This means “son of Hagop,” which is Armenian for Jacob. The name Jacob has Latin roots, which in turn comes from the Hebrew “Yakov.”

30. Hayrapetyan

It means “son of Hayrapet” in Armenian.

31. Hovanesian

This surname is the Armenian variant of Ohaniesian, which comes from the Armenian first name Yovhannēs, which is a rendition of the name John.

32. Hovsepian

It means “son of Hovsep,” an Armenian version of the name Joseph.

33. Hovhannisyan

Meaning “son of Hovhannes,” it is an Armenian rendition of the name Johannes.

34. Jamgochian

It has roots in Armenian and Iranian cultures. It comes from an occupational name for a muezzin.

35. Kalajian

Patronymic from the occupational name Kalaci, which means “merchant,” is often used across families in Armenia.

36. Kasabian

This is the Armenian version of the name Ghasabyan, meaning “son of the butcher.”

37. Krikorian

This is an Armenian rendition of the name Grigoryan, meaning “son of Grigor.”

38. Manoukian

A popular surname that means “son of Manuk,” this means “child.”

39. Martirosyan

This name is of Western Armenian origin and means ‘son of a martyr’ in Armenian.

40. Mushyan

This is a habitational (location-based) surname that refers to people from the Armenian town of Mushi.

41. Nalbandian

This name has Persian origins and means “son of a farrier.”

42. Nazaretyan

This name means “son of Nazareth,” the town where Jesus lived.

43. Nersesian

This is a surname derived from the Armenian personal name Nerses. It used to be a name borne by patriarchs of the Armenian church.

44. Panossian

It is an alternate way to spell Panosyan, which means “son of Panos,” having Greek origins. Panos means “all holy.”

45. Papasian

The surname means “son of papas,” which means “father.”

46. Petrosyan

Meaning “son of Petros,” it is the Armenian version of the name Peter. Peter has Greek roots, and the name means “stone.”

47. Sargsyan

Sargis is the Armenian form of the name Sergius, which means “servant.”

48. Tarpinian

Meaning “son of Darbin,” which is an alternative way to spell Tarpin. The name means “blacksmith.”

49. Torosian

This Armenian surname means “son of Toros.” Toros is the Armenian version of the name Theodore. Theodore has Greek roots and means “gift of God.”

50. Vardanyan

Vardan means “rose” in Armenian. This surname, therefore, means “son of rose.”

Armenian names sound unique and cool. Many of these last names might sound vintage, but they definitely don’t get old. Be sure to choose the right surname, as it will go down in history for future generations. It can be challenging and confusing with many options, but try to narrow it down to your favorites! We hope our Armenian surnames list has given you a good idea of what is available out there for you to adopt for your family!

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