Top 120+ Made-Up Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

120+ Popular Made-up Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing your baby’s name is a significant task, as your child will carry that name throughout their life. You must be ready to check off this task from your to-do list before your little bundle arrives. Although it is a fun process, the responsibility can be intimidating at times for new parents. After all, everyone likes their precious child to have a memorable name that makes them stand out in the crowd. There are traditional names that are based on the rich and diverse cultures of different nations. Lately, however, there’s been a shift away from these throwback monikers of yore to trendier alternatives. These modern baby names take your favorite name from ordinary to unique.

The latest trend among today’s parents is to invent cool made-up names for their children. One can make up names by choosing unusual spellings, variations of common names, merging names, changing the pronunciation, and cobbling several euphonic but unrelated syllables. Many made-up baby names feature on-trend prefixes and suffixes that make them enter the mainstream pool of names. These cool and sometimes funny made-up names can be chosen as a child’s forename or nickname. Some parents attempt to come up with a cool invented name with the hope of lending their child a distinctive identity. An invented female name can be refreshing enough and leave a lasting impression wherever a child goes in later life. Similarly, an interesting moniker for a boy can be a rare name with the right number of characters.

These extraordinary names may not be commonly heard but allow your child to set themselves apart from the very beginning. This modern twist strikes a chord and may open doors of opportunities for the child in their respective careers. There is also a great possibility that a child would be interested in seeing and interacting with the world differently. Choosing such innovative names is a self-fulfilling experience for parents, and the names symbolize their hopes and dreams for their kids. These cute and creative made-up baby names get more popular than the original names and become a trendsetter in their own right.

Read on to find more about the wackiest and unique names climbing up the popular charts.

Famous Made-up Baby Names With Meanings

Famous Made-up Baby Names With Meanings

New-age parents who want to avoid the task of digging through decades of old documents while searching for a suitable name for their child are pushing the envelope to look for invented girl names and invented boy names. Here are some suggestions that will help you choose the perfect name:

1. Ace

This Latin name for a boy means “unity” in Anglo-Saxon baby names or “someone who comes first in luck.” It can be a good given name and nickname.

2. Achilles

This name of Greek origin Achos means “pain,” derived from the name of the Achelous River.

3. Anaerys

Nerys is a Welsh name meaning Lady. Daenerys could mean “Lady of Light” or “Lady of Hope,” and Anaerys is an excellent alternative to this name popularized by the Game of Thrones.

4. Anakin

Anakin is based on the Greek goddess of inevitability, Ananke. Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, is the antagonist in the original Star Wars trilogy.

5. Auburn

This Latin name refers to the reddish-brown color. Parents who prefer this rare color can go for this name.

6. Aven

This name of Irish origin means ‘fair radiance.’ Aven is a mountain flower from the Rose family. The meaning of the name Aven are “iniquity, force, riches, and sorrow” as in  Biblical reference.

7. Axel

This Scandinavian, German, French, and Dutch name for boys means “father of peace.” It comes from the Hebrew name Absalom.

8. Brevin

Brevin is an English name that is a variant of Kevin and Devin. Le Brun in French means “the brown one.” It comes from the baptismal name Brun.

9. Brixton

Brixton comes from the word “Brixistane,” which means “the stone of Brixi (a Saxon lord).” It refers to “Brox’s town in England.”

10. Bryden

Bryden is a habitational name from the English surname “Braden,” which means “a dweller near the broad valley.”

11. Bryson

This modern name of Celtic origin comes from the English surname Bryson and means “son of Brice” or “son of a nobleman.”

12. Calton

This boy’s name of Latin origin means “calf farm.” It is a combination of “Colton” and “Caleb.”

13. Carianna

Carianna, as a girl’s name, is of Latin origin, meaning “beloved.” It can be an English form of Katherine, which comes from the Greek katharos, meaning “pure.”

14. Caspian

Derived from the Latin term Caspii, Caspian is an English name that means “white.” The name comes from Qazvin, Iran, or inspired from the Caspian Sea.

15. Charleston

This gender-neutral name of English origin refers to a city in South Carolina and the “Town of King Charles.”

16. Coen

A Germanic variant on the Dutch-origin boys’ name Conrad, Coen is a short form of CoenraadorKoenraad. It means “bold advisor.”

17. Coraline

This name of Dutch and French origin comes from Latin Corallium and means “pearl.”

18. Crispin

Derived from Latin origin, “Crispinus” or Crispus, Crispin refers to “curly hair.”

19. Dax

Dax refers to “a leader” or “a celebrity” in French. The German surname Dax is derived from the Old German word “dachs” or “dahs,” meaning “badger,” perhaps referring to someone with a streak of white in dark hair or with nocturnal habits.

20. Declan

Declan is a traditional Irish boy name that refers to “a man of prayer” or “full of goodness.”

21. Djuna

Derived from American English, this name means “the light of the moon.”

22. Dorian

This boy’s name of Greek origin refers to “the ancient Greek tribe” or “the descendant of Doros, a legendary Greek hero.”

23. Draven

Draven is an Anglo-Saxon surname derived from the Olde English word meaning “hunter,” “child of beautiful shadows,” “The Raven,” or “Avenger.”

24. Ebenezer

Ebenezer is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin that means “stone of help.”

25. Egypt

This topographic name of African origin is steadily rising in popularity in America.

26. Emberly

This name of Anglo-Saxon origin is derived from the Old English word Amalric which referred to “someone who held great power.”

27. Emerald

Derived from Latin Esmeralda/Esmaraldus or Old French Esmeraude and Middle English Emeraude, it refers to the green-colored precious stone.

28. Enola

Enola is a girls’ name of Native American origin and means “solitary” as it is ‘alone’ spelled backward.

29. Evelyn

This name of Aramaic or English origin comes from the Norman French Aveline, which means “Gift of God.”

30. Evolet

This girls’ name of American origin means “the promise of life.” Evolette, Evalette, Evalet and Evoleth can be its variations.

31. Fabien

Derived from the Latin faba, meaning “broad bean,” Fabian is the English form of the late Roman name Fabianus.

32. Fauston

This boy’s name is a variation of the Latin Faustus meaning “fortunate,” “lucky.” It can be a derivative of favere which means “to favor.”

33. Fayra

This girl’s name of Arabic origin means “gift of god” or “pleasant.”

34. Fiona

This name comes from Scottish and Gaelic ‘Fionn,’ meaning “white, fair.”

35. Garett

This English name derived from German origin refers to “strong with the spear” or “ruler with the spear.”

36. Gidget

This modern invented girl name of American origin means “small girl.”

37. Gloria

Gloria is the Latin name for “glory, fame, and praise.”

38. Graylen

This name refers to “miracle” and is of African origin.

39. Greyson

This English name means “son of the steward” or “the grey-haired man.”

40. Harper

This English, Scottish, and Irish occupational name comes from a player on the harp. Derived from the Norman le Harpur, this name is derived from the Gaelic Mac Chruiteir, “son of the harper.”

41. Hensley

This habitational name of English origin means “woody clearing.”

42. Ike

This short form of the name Isaac means “laughter” in Hebrew.

43. Imogen

This girl’s name of Celtic origin means “maiden” or the Latin innocens, meaning “innocent.”

44. Isadela

This name is a variant of Isabella, the Spanish and Italian variation of the Hebrew name Elisheba, meaning “God is my oath.”

45. Ivy

This girl’s name of English and Latin origin means “vine” or the “ivy plant,” or it represents fidelity.

46. Jareth

This male hybrid name of English origin is a combination of Jared and Gareth. It means “descent.”

47. Jaspin

Jaspin refers to “handsome” or “noble” in Indonesia.

48. Jaxtyn

This trendy name is a twist on the traditional English name Jackson and means “son of Jack.”

49. Jovie

This name is a short form of Jove, the Roman King of Gods, and means “cheerful.”

50. Judson

This English boy’s name comes from the name Jutt which means “son of Judd.”

51. Kai

Kai refers to “snow” in Japanese and “sea” in Hawaiian.

52. Kale

This simple and short name is a variant of “Cale” is derived from the Gaelic, Hebrew, and Germanic languages.

53. Kaleb

This name of Hebrew origin means “aggressive or tenacious.”

54. Kayden

This name of American-origin refers to “a fighter.” As per the Celtic origin, Kayden means the “son of Cadan,” a version of the Irish Cathan meaning “Battle.”

55. Kellan

This name of Irish origin means slender. “Kellan” also refers to the “descendant of the bright-headed one.”

56. Kesden

Kesden sounds unique name and a variation of Kaiden, meaning “a beloved companion.”

57. Khaleesi

Khaleesi is a royal title of American origin and means “queen.”

58. Kiana

Kiana is a variant of the English name Diana and means “divine or heavenly.”

59. Kingston

This name of Old English origin means “king’s town or estate.”

60. Kyan

“Kyan” is a stylish variant of “Cian” or “Kian” and means “ancient” and “enduring one.”

61. Kyler

This is a German form of Kyle, meaning “calm.” Kyler in Dutch means “archer or bowman.”

62. Lathan

Lathan is a variant of Nathan, which is a Hebrew name meaning “gift of God.” Lathan is a surname derived from a place name of a village of Lathom, from England.

63. Lidda

A variant of Lydia, this name of Old Greek, Latin or Germanic origin means “woman of Lydia,” “noble,” or “kind.”

64. Lolan

This Turkish name means “Intelligent.”

65. Lore

Lore is a gender-neutral name that comes from the Old English ‘lár,’ and means “merciful,” “God is my light,” “torch,” “beautiful,” “light,” “bright,” and “shining.”

66. Loxley

This gender-neutral name of English origin means ‘Glade By The Lake”.

67. Lucinda

Lucinda is a female name of Latin origin, meaning “light.”

68. Luz

This short and chic name of Spanish and Latin origin means “light.”

69. Lyle

This boy’s name of French, Scottish, and English origin means “someone who lives on an island.”

70. Lynlee

This name of girl’s name of English origin means “lake, pool.”

71. Lysander

Lysander is a composition of Lysis and Andros, meaning “freedom” and “man,” respectively.

72. Magdalene

This Greek name refers to a “woman from Magdala.” Mary Magdelene is a follower of Christ in the Bible.

73. Major

This boys’ name of Latin origin means “greater or a military rank.”

74. Marlowe

This girl’s name of English origin means “driftwood.”

75. Marvel

The boy name of French origin refers to “admire” and “wonder.”

76. Maverick

This American-origin name for a boy refers to “wildly independent.”

77. Maxon

This newly styled male name of Latin origin means “greatest or son of Max.”

78. Maxton

Maxton is a habitational name for a boy that means “from Maccus’ Town.”

79. Meadow

This English topographic name refers to “someone who lived by a meadow.”

80. Meilani

This American name for a girl means “heavenly flower.”

81. Melba

This girl’s name of Spanish origin means “wealthy.” The given name was first adopted in honor of the Australian opera singer Nellie Melba, inspired by Melbourne – her place of birth.

82. Milena

This girl’s name of Czech origin means “love, warmth, grace.”

83. Miley

This girls’ name of American origin means ‘pleasant, gracious.”

84. Miranda

This name of Latin origin means “worthy of admiration.”

85. Mylah

This English name for a girl comes from Latin miles and means “soldier.”

86. Myles

This name of Latin origin means “soldier.”

87. Navena

This girl’s name with a chic aura means “strong, tasteful, and elegant.”

88. Nellary

 Nellary is a variant of Hillary and means “shining light” in Greek.

89. Nestor

Nestor in Spanish means “wise.” In its Greek derivation, it means “homecoming” or the “one who returns from travels.”

90. Nevaeh

This divine name of American origin is “heaven” when spelled backward.

91. Noemi

A variant of Naomi, Noemi is a Latin name that means “my delight.”

92. Oaklyn

This girl’s name of American origin means “beautiful oak.”

93. Omari

This name of Hebrew origin refers to the “chief” or “speaker.” It also means “God is exalted” in Swahili.

94. Omilly

This name is a variant of Molly which means “star of the sea” in Irish.

95. Opal

This female name of Indian origin is derived from the gemstone opal, the birthstone for October.

96. Oz

Oz is a gender-neutral name that refers to “strength or powerful” in Hebrew.

97. Ozma

This name of Scandanavian origin is a feminine of Osmund and means “God’s protection.”

98. Paloma

Paloma is a gender-neutral name from Latin “palumbus,” in Spanish means “dove,” a symbol of peace.

99. Paxon

Paxon is a boy’s name of Old English origin and means “Poecc’s settlement.”

100. Payson

This gender-neutral name of English origin, which comes from Pax and means “Son Of Peace.”

101. Psalm

This Latin name comes from the Greek psalmos, meaning “Song sung to harp music.”

102. Raewyn

This girl’s name of Welsh origin means “beautiful/graceful doe/deer.”

103. Reiner

A boy’s name, Reiner is of Old Norse and Old German origin and means “judgment warrior or deciding warrior.”

104. Remy

This name of German and French origin is a derivative of “Remedius,” which means “remedy for a problem.”

105. Riggan

The English-origin name is derived from Norse word and refers to a “wise man.”

106. Ronia

This girl’s name of Hebrew origin means “God’s joyful song.”

107. Rylie

This unisex name is a female variant of Riley, which comes from old Irish and Gaelic origins. It means “courageous, valiant.”

108. Sariah

This name of Hebrew origin means “princess of Jehovah.”

109. Saylor

This name for boys is an occupational name of medieval German origin that refers to a “rope maker.”

110. Selena

This sensual invented name for a girl of Greek origin means “moon goddess.”

111. Sky

This name comes from Old Norse or Scottish origin and means “cloud.” It can be a derivation of the name Schuyler, meaning “scholar.”

112. Sloane

This name of Irish origin means “little raider,” or “man of arms.” It is the anglicized form of an Old Irish clan who were descendants of Sluaghhadáin.

113. Stevie

This unisex name is a variant of the Greek name Stephanie, which means “garland, victorious, crown.”

114. Taya

This girl’s name of Japanese origin means “young; valley field.”

115. Tevin

A variant of Kevin, this American invented baby boy name means “handsome.”

116. Theoden

“Theoden” refers to the “king” or the “leader.” He is a fictional character in the novel The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkein.

117. Tinley

Tinley is a boy name from the Olde English word “Tynan,” meaning “hedge, fence.”

118. Tippi

Girl’s name Tippi is of Swedish origin that means “sweetheart.”

119. Tylan

This English occupational name refers to “a person who makes or puts down tiles or bricks.”

120. Varian

This name of French-origin refers to “variable.” It means “fidde” in Latin.

121. Wilder

This fancy name means “close to nature,” referring to their boy as a blessed gift of nature.

122. Wrenlow

This British boy and is a variation of Wren, which means “small songbird.”

123. Wylden

A variant of Wildon, this English name means “from the wooded hill.”

124. X Æ A-12

The billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk chose “X Æ A-12” as a name for his son. As per the couple, X is the unknown variable, Æ is the eleven spelling of Ai (Artificial intelligence or love), and A-12 is the precursor to their private aircraft SR-17.

125. Zabe

Derived from Iran and Persia, Zabe is a shortened form of Elizabeth and applies to a boy. It means “God is my oath” in Hebrew.

Parents need to keep a few factors in mind while choosing a name. Check whether it matches with the surname, can be pronounced with ease, or how well it would suit their personality when they grow up. Think from your child’s point of view and avoid names that may transform into jokes or puns. Made-up names don’t have to be ridiculous, outrageous, or unfashionable. There are plenty of wonderful and lovely invented names that can make their way to your heart despite being over the edge. Tailored for the wacky hearts of new parents, these newly coined alternative names can specially wrap their identity and make them steal the spotlight.

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