30 Short Middle Names for Girls

Parents always want to name their little one with a name which is unique and meaningful. After choosing the perfect first name they want a middle name that compliments the first name but is not too heavy or long. A long middle name takes away the focus from the first name. So a short and sweet middle name is the apt choice. It adds to the first name without overshadowing it. Also, a short middle name doesn’t look old fashioned.

List of Short Baby Girl Middle Names With Meanings

Parents want a name for their daughter which is meaningful and distinct as her personality. As she grows up, her name will be the first impression people have of her. So it’s very important that her middle name adds to the sophistication of her first name. There cannot be any dis-harmony between the two names. For that, it is always best to choose a short middle name. Short girly middle names are trendy, sweet, and always contemporary.

Choose one of the below unique short middle names for the perfect middle name for your daughter:

1. Alva

Alva is a beautiful short name of Hebrew origin meaning “brightness or exalted”. Another variation of the name Alvah is from the Old Testament.

2. Anais

Anais is a variation of the moniker Anna. The name of French origin means “gracious; merciful”.

3. Arya

The beautiful name is of Indian origin and means “Goddess or noble”.

4. Ash

Ash is the diminutive version of Ashley. The name of Hebrew origin means “happy”.

5. Bay

This is one of the cute short girl middle names. The name refers to a watery body and an aromatic tree. The name in French also means “auburn-haired”.

6. Beth

The name of Hebrew origin is the shorter version of Elizabeth meaning “oath of God or God is satisfaction”.

7. Cay

This beautiful middle name refers to the island on a coral reef. The name is of Greek origin and means “pure”.

8. Cia

Cia is a short middle name of Greek origin meaning “of the moon”.

9. Clay

The name is the shorter version of Clayton, a place-name from old English. This earthy middle name also refers to a type of mud.

10. Cora

This English origin middle name is apt for girls as it means “maiden”.

11. Eli

Eli is a classic middle name of Hebrew origin meaning “ascended”.

12. Ember

Ember is an English origin middle name meaning “spark burning low”.

13. Eve

Eve is the perfect middle name for girls. The name of Hebrew origin means “living or to give life”.

14. Faye

Faye is a vintage middle name of old French origin meaning “loyalty or belief”.

15. Frey

This short middle name means “exalted one”.

16. Haye

Haye is of Scottish origin and means “from the stockade”.

17. Ida

Ida is of German origin and means “hardworking”.

18. Iris

Iris is a beautiful middle name for girls of Greek origin meaning “rainbow”.

19. Isla

Isla is a unique middle name for girls. The name of Scottish origin refers to an island and is also the name of two rivers.

20. Ivy

Ivy is a plant name of an English plant which is associated with fidelity and eternity. The name also refers to faithfulness.

21. Jade

This beautiful middle name refers to the stone Jade used in ornaments. The name of Spanish origin means “stone of the colic”.

22. Joy

Joy derived from “joie” of Old French means delight or happiness.

23. Noa

Noa is the name of the daughter of Zelophehad in the Hebrew Bible. The Biblical name means “movement or motion”.

24. Rae

Rae of Hebrew origin means “ewe or female sheep”. The name is a shorter form of Rachel.

25. Ruth

Ruth is a sweet middle name for girls of Hebrew origin meaning “companion or friend”.

26. Shea

This middle name of Irish origin means “the stately or the dauntless one”.

27. Thea

Thea is the diminutive moniker of Althea of Greek origin and means “Goddess”.

28. Uma

This beautiful name of Indian origin of Sanskrit means “nation”.

29. Vera

Vera is of Russian and Latin origin and means “true”.

30. Xen

Xen is a unique middle name of Greek origin meaning “Strangers, guest or foreigner”.

A unique and short middle name maintains the exceptional quality and individuality of the first name of your little girl. So choosing a lovely middle name for your princess will make sure she always stands out from the crowd. The well-chosen middle name will compliment her first name as well as her personality.

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