70 Baby Names That Mean Winter, Snow or Ice for Girls and Boys

70 Baby Names Meaning Winter, Snow or Ice for Girls and Boys

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The winter season has a beauty of its own. Every bit of Earth is covered in the pure white snow. There are so many names that are inspired by the elegance that the winter season offers us. If you want to give your little one a name that is inspired by this snuggly season, we present you with several options to choose from.

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Baby Girl Names that Mean Winter, Snow or Ice

Choose the names that mean ice queen for your baby girl who is none less than a princess to you. The below mentioned winter baby girl names are unique in their way and carry the snowflake-like purity in them.

1. Alaska

This is the beautiful name of the state of Alaska. Alaska is known for its beautiful mountains covered with snow. It is originally derived from the native American language, and its meaning is “great land”. The name has the essence of wintery Alaska in it and is a beautiful name for your lovely daughter.

2. Alba

This pretty name means “bright and white”. The white colour is directly a symbol of the snow-covered winter season.

3. Bianca

It is a beautiful name that means “white”. It is closely related to snow as it gives an idea of the white sheet of snow covering the mother Earth.

4. Blanche

It is a classic girl name that means “white”. It has its origin in the French language and fits well with the winter season vibes.

5. Carol

This beautiful name means “beautiful person”. It reminds us of the Christmas Carols that are sung during the festive season in winters.

6. Christmas

This is a very contemporary name for your daughter as it has the winter vibes associated with it. It is a great name for your kid born in the winter months of the year.

7. Cole

It is a short and crisp name that brings the images of coal mines and snowmen to us. It is a beautiful name for your little one and has a depth to its meaning.

8. Crystal

Crystal means “sparkling”. It is indicative of the pretty icicles that happen to occur every winter. This name carries the beautiful winter vibes in it and is a very cute name for your baby girl.

9. Demetria

This is the name of a Greek Goddess. This Goddess is considered to be the one who causes the winter season. This name can be shortened to Demi, which has famous namesakes Demi Moore and Demi Lovato.

10. Eira

This rare name is derived from the Welsh language word, which means “snow”. It is a very famous name in Norway and Sweden. It is a variant of the name of a Norse Goddess “Eir”.

11. Elsa

It is a shortened form of the name Elizabeth, which is a Hebrew language word. It is related to summer because it was the name of a character in the movie “Frozen”.

12. Ember

Ember is associated with the beautiful warm fire that is related to a cold winter night. It is a beautiful name for a girl.

13. Frostine

It is a French word that means “snow”. It is a very fancy name for your winter-born baby girl. You can give nicknames like “Frosty” or “Tina” to your baby.

14. Garnet

It is the name of the birthstone for January, which is associated with winters. It is a beautiful name and gives the precious vibes to your precious little daughter.

15. Gwendolyn

It is a Welsh language word that means “fair and blessed”.

16. Holly

Holly is the name of a tree, which gives bright berries to eat. The berries of the holly tree usually ripe during the winters. Thus, this name has a close relation to the winters and snow.

17. Iclyn

It is the name directly derived from the word “ice”. It has the snowy vibes related to it. Apart from this, Iclyn also means “compassionate”. It is a beautiful and pure name to be given to your little princess.

18. Ivy

The literal meaning of this name is “faithfulness”. It is the name of a vine that generally grows during the winters and has a beautiful bright colour. It is a famous name in countries like New Zealand and England.

19. Janara

This name is derived from the god Janus, who was the God of snow according to Roman mythology.

20. January

It is the name of the first month of the year. January is considered one of the coldest months of the year. This would be a unique name for your little princess.

21. Juniper

This name is inspired by the Juniper tree. It is a very rare name that has been gaining popularity worldwide in recent times.

22. Lucia

Lucia was the name of a Swedish saint born during the Christmas season.

23. Lumi

The meaning of this name is “snow”. It is a very rare and unique name that has a beautiful winter elegance.

24. Merry

What can be a merrier name than Merry itself? Merry means “happy”, and this word reminds us of the festive season of Christmas. Its other meaning is “Guardian of the Sea”.

25. Natalie

The famous Hollywood actress Natalie Portman is the most famous name-bearer of this elegant girl’s name. It is a name that was usually given to the girls born on Christmas.

26. Natasha

It is a name of Russian origin that means “birthday of the Lord”. This name referred to the festival of Christmas when Jesus was born.

27. Neve

It is derived from the word Niamh, which means “snow”.

28. Nieva

Having its origin in the Spanish language, this name means “snowing”. It is a perfect name for your baby girl if you want to give her a winter name.

29. Nieves

This is a Spanish word that refers to the Lady of the Snows, Virgin Maria. It is also related to a miracle that Mother Mary performed by not letting the snow melt in the heat of August.

30. Noelle

It is a beautiful name, which means “Christmas”. This name has a lot of positivism in it as it is directly associated with the festive Christmas vibes.

31. North

North is indicative of the winters and cold weather. It gained popularity after the famous Kim Kardashian named her daughter North.

32. Oakley

This is a unisexual name derived from the name of the Oaktree. It is also the name of an eyewear brand.

33. Olwen

This cute name has a Welsh origin. Its meaning is “white footprint”. It refers to the white footprints marked on the snow during the winters.

34. Paloma

The meaning of Paloma is “a dove”. The dove is a beautiful white bird known for its innocence.

35. Snow

Snow is the best name to be given to your winter-born baby girl. The beauty of a snowflake is in its tenderness, just like your little princess. It is the best name for your daughter, which is both unique and cute.

Baby Boy Names that Mean Winter, Snow or Ice

Baby Boy Names that Mean Winter, Snow or Ice

The winter-themed names have the festive vibrations associated with them. The season of Christmas spreads happiness everywhere, just like your little one. The winter boy names are very popular across the globe. The below-given winter baby names are all very rare and classic. Find the ideal snow-related names here and select the best name out of them for your little boy. There are so many names that mean cold in the list below out of which you can choose a name that best describes your little bundle of joy.

1. Aspen

It is the name of a beautiful tree with heart-shaped leaves. This tree blooms the best in the winter season.

2. Aster

It is a wintry name that means star. It is considered a unisexual name.

3. Aubin

The meaning of this unique name is “blonde”. It is a perfect name for a baby boy born in the winters.

4. Blaze

This is a unique name for your baby boy. It has two different meanings. One is “fire”, and the other is the total opposite, i.e. “snowstorm”.

5. Bodhi

It is a Buddhist name that means “enlightenment” or “awakening”. This is a very spiritual name for your baby boy.

6. Christian

This is a name perfect for the little boys born around the festival of Christmas.

7. Colden

This is an old English word, which means “the dark valley”. However, it has the word “cold” in it, thus making it a perfect winter name for your boy.

8. Crispin

This name is considered as a variant of Christopher. Its meaning is “curly-haired”. This name is associated with winters and snow.

9. Cypress

It is the name of a tree that grows during winter in the North.

10. Dong

This is a Chinese name, which means “winter”. It is cute and short. This name is very catchy and has a lot of appeal in it.

11. Douglas

It is the name of a Christmas tree.

12. Eirwen

It is a Welsh name that means “white as snow”.

13. Frost

This name was more popular during the 1980s. It is a perfect name for a baby boy born on a frosty winter morning.

14. Gabriel

According to Christianity, Gabriel was the angel who delivered the news of Jesus’s birth. Its meaning in the Hebrew language is “God is my strength”.

15. Gwenyth

This is a Welsh name that means “white or fair”. It is a perfect name for a winter baby boy.

16. Jack

The meaning of Jack is “God is Gracious”. This name is associated with winters because of the phrase “Jack Frost”.

17. Jasper

It is a Persian name that means “bringer of treasure”.

18. Jonas

It is a Greek variant of the name “Jonah”, and its meaning is “dove”. Dove is a symbol of love, purity, and innocence.

19. Kari

It is a Turkish word having the meaning “covered with snow”.

20. Lixue

This name is very different in its meaning and pronunciation. It is a Chinese word that means “pretty snow”.

21. Nevada

This name has its roots in the Spanish language, and its meaning is “snow-clad”.

22. Nicholas

Nicholas was the real name of Santa Claus. Its meaning is “wolf”. This Christmas-like name is the best for your baby boy.

23. Noel

It is a beautiful French name and a male variant of Noelle.

24. Quilo

It is a unique name for your boy. This name is derived from Roman mythology, and it refers to the North Wind.

25. Robin

It is a beautiful name that means “bright and shining”. It is also the name of a bird, which is seen during the winter season.

26. Rory

It is an Irish language name that means “red king”.

27. Rudolf

It is a very nice name for your baby boy that will add style to his personality. It was the name of one of the reindeers of Santa Claus, and its literal meaning is a wolf.

28. Storm

It is a name associated with “snowstorms”.

29. Vale

This name is derived from the word “Vail”, which is a popular destination for the skiing sport. Skiing is associated with snow; thus, this name has the winter touch in it.

30. Whittaker

This is a unique name for a boy. Its meaning is “from the white field”. It gives the visual of a clear white sheet of snow spread across the land in the winter season.

31. Winter

It is just not the name of a season, but also a spirit of the festivities. You can call your little boy as “Winnie”. It captures the whole essence of the beautiful winter snow.

32. Wren

It is the name of a winter bird. According to the Irish culture, Wren is the magician of the birds. This is a trendy and unique name for your little prince.

33. Yas

This name is from the Native American language, and its meaning is “snow”. It is a beautiful name for your child and is inspired by the pretty scenic views of the winter season.

34. Yukio

This is a Japanese name that means “snow”. It is a short name that can be easily pronounced. It is a sweet name and has a very catchy vibe.

35. Yule

The meaning of this beautiful and unique name is “winter solstice”. It is a very rare name that will appeal to everyone who hears it.

The names related to winter have a beautiful cuddly warmth in them. Having named your baby after the winter season or its elements, you will feel the same warmth in him/her. Get the best name for your baby and get a smile on your face.

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