80 Baby Names Inspired by Spice, Fruits and Other Food for Girls and Boys

80 Baby Names Inspired by Spice, Fruits and Other Food for Girls and Boys

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‘Oh yes, that sweetie cutie pie girl reminds me of the delicious chocolate brownie I had yesterday!’ Many of us can relate to this line! Often, we are left thinking about edible food items when we look at cute babies, so why not name them after one! Don’t worry we will only suggest names that actually look cute as a name! Here, we have about 80 baby names that are inspired by spice, fruits, and other food items.

Unique Spice, Fruits and Other Food-themed Baby Girl Names With Meaning

Below mentioned are 40 unique spices, fruits, and other food-themed baby girl names with meaning:

1. Amarantha

Extensively used in Asian cooking Amaranthus leaves, and seeds simply make for delicious recipes and also a beautiful name!

2. Almond

Almonds is a dry fruit that is rich in vitamins, nutrients and also tastes yum! Or else you can name her after her cute almond-shaped eyes!

3. Anise

We all know the usage of the aromatic spice star Anise! It looks like a cute flower and enhances the flavour and aroma of any curry or rice that you prepare.

4. Angelica

A name fit for an angel, Angelica is a herb that is not much heard of! Still, the name has a royal feel to it!

5. Barley

A healthy and nutritious grain, Barley was never so delectable before this! But yes you can definitely name your little one after this classic grain that makes excellent gluten-free recipes!

6. Berry

A berry reminds us of the beautiful bright red coloured fruit. One of the best fruit names for girls, Berry is short, sweet and exotic!

7. Blanche

A vague resemblance to the cooking term blanch, Blanche is a really cute name for girls!

8. Brie

Brie is the name of a cheese and definitely counts for an excellent option for your daughter too!

9. Bourbon

How can we forget the excellence and divinity of the American Whiskey! Name your daughter after this royal exotic drink if you are looking for a unique and exotic name!

10. Camellia

The name of a beautiful exotic flower, Camellia is used to make a calming infusion of tea! It is believed to have a varied association with water, moon, wealth, and perfection.

11. Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? Your little candy crush can definitely be named after this cute and sweet chocolate name ‘Candy.’

12. Cassis

An exotic liqueur name that isn’t much heard of! Perfect for folks looking for a unique and classic name for their daughter!

13. Cayenne

The exotic cane pepper is a refreshing spice that enhances the taste, flavor and spiciness of any dish! Think about it, if your daughter has a spicy nature then this name will perfectly suit her!

14. Charlotte

A cute, classic feminine name that’s pretty common all over the world! But did you know that Charlotte is the name of a dessert made of lady’s finger!

15. Cherry

The rhyming partner of the name berry, Cherry is definitely a sweeter version of this one!

16. Clove

A rich and super spice, there is definitely something charming about this name! One of the best spice names for girls, Clove is unique, elegant and exotic!

17. Danish

Might we remind you of the delectable Danish pastries? Danish pastries are sinfully out of this world! Why not name your little angel after this exotic pastry!

18. Dolce

A cute Italian name for girls, Dolce reminds us of the dolls! Dolce is the name for desserts in Italian!

19. Éclair

Oh yes, it’s definitely impossible to resist an éclair if you have tried it even once! Those agreeing to this fact can surely name their daughter after this!

20. Fig

Rich, nutritious, and simply delicious, the fig will make for an excellent name for your daughter!

21. Jelly

The delectable and sweet jelly is something that everyone starting from kids to adult is crazy about!

22. Julienne

Although Julienne doesn’t remind us of any exotic dish it stands for the way of cutting veggies, slim and long!

23. Kale

A bright leafy green vegetable that makes excellent salads, Kale is a unique and adorable name for girls!

24. Madeleine

A beautiful feminine name meaning a tiny sponge cake! Isn’t that sweet!

25. Magdalena

Yet another feminine version of the sweet tiny sponge cake!

26. Margarita

Oh yes, people still go gaga over the delectable Margarita pizza!

27. Millet

Millet is a nutritious and healthy grain that is extensively used in cooking all over the world!

28. Nigella

Nigella serves for a cute feminine name and a healthy spice!

29. Olive

If olives are your favourite then let your daughter be named after your favourite fruit!

30. Parsley

Serves for a cute feminine name, parsley is known for its flavourful existence!

31. Peaches

Nobody can deny the yumminess of the delectable peach fruit!

32. Penny

If Italian recipes excite you then surely you would have heard of the cute penne pasta!

33. Plum

If the bright maroon plump plum reminds you of your daughter’s cheeks then don’t think about it just go for it!

34. Rosemary

The exotic flavour and aroma of the rosemary herb is enough to calm your nerves and senses!

35. Saffron

The richness and royalty of this exotic spice is simply unparallel! You can feel the pinch when you buy this!

36. Sherry

If everything Spanish brings a smile to your face, then go for this cute name that represents a fortified Spanish wine!

37. Shirley

A classic temple cocktail, and an incredibly sweet feminine name!

38. Taffy

If taffy clicks toffee in your mind, then you’re not mistaken! Taffy is an American candy that is wrapped in pretty pastels!

39. Thyme

A unique name for girls, meaning a very rich and flavourful spice that is widely used in Italian and continental recipes!

40. Vanilla

The rich and exotic flavour of Vanilla can never go wrong in a party and as a name for your daughter!

Cool Spice and other Food-themed Baby Boy Names With Meaning

Below mentioned are 40 cool and classic spice and other food-themed baby boy names:

1. Ale

A classic bad-boy name, meaning an ancient name for a beer!

2. Alfredo

If white sauce Alfredo pasta brings a mischievous smile on your face then go for it!

3. Barack

There are two things that will happen if you name your son Barrack! First, he’ll share his name after the legendary president of America. Second, it’s the name of a Hungarian brandy made of apricots!

4. Bass

Well, it’s the name of a fish but definitely doesn’t sound like one!

5. Bean

One of the classic funny food baby names will surely remind you of the adventures of Mr. Bean!

6. Benedict

Eggs being the Benedict way, your baby can too be the Benedict way!

7. Bran

The high fibre content of bran makes it good for the tummy and a classic choice for a name!

8. Caesar

The Caesar salad dressing is probably a universal dish we find all over the world!

9. Cajun

The Cajun spiced potato is one such dish which you can never resist!

10. Capers

An adorable name for boys, capers is a fruit that’s often pickled during the season!

11. Cinnamon

A classic spice name for babies, cinnamon is an exotic spice that enhances the flavor and aroma of a dish and is known for its health benefits!

12. Chilli

A hearty chilli on a lazy weekend is something everyone craves for! Your son will be honored to be named after this comfort food!

13. Cobb

One of the most uncommon food names for boys, Cobb’s salad is famous all over the world!

14. Cocoa

How can you resist the rich, delectable and unique flavor of the chocolaty cocoa powder?

15. Colby

A unique name for boys, Colby is the name of a cheese!

16. Devon

A classic name for boys after the rich, velvety and silky cream!

17. Dijon

Dijon mustard is the ingredient that simply takes any dish to the next level! If you agree then think of this as a name for your little one!

18. Dill

An abbreviation for the Dillion herb, it’s a nice name for guys!

19. Durian

One of the best fruit names for boys, it is often claimed that people who love the juicy taste of the durian fruit can do anything for tasting it again!

20. Eggbert

Derived from our favorite breakfast menu, eggbert is a food-i-licious version of Wilburt or Albert!

21. Fideo

Are you a noodle-lover? Then you’ll love this name on your son!

22. Frank

An abbreviated version of Frankfurter serves as a cool name for guys!

23. Frito

If Filbert and Eggbert can be names for guys, then how can we forget the legendary Frito-lay chips!

24. Grainne

A stylish and trendy name, Grainne is the Gaelic form of grains!

25. Harvey

A cool dude name after the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail!

26. Huckleberry

A rakish twist to the baby names berry, Huckleberry Finn is the famous character introduced by Mark Twain!

27. Jordan

A cool and classic name for guys meaning almonds!

28. Lentil

The nutritious and protein-rich lentils also make for a good name for boys!

29. Maize

Yet another grain known for its nutritional value, maize is a refreshing name for guys!

30. Nacho

We know that Nacho chips are a hit everywhere! So it will surely be a hit name for your son!

31. Napolean

A strong and sturdy name for a guy, Napolean is the name of a dessert!

32. Pepper

A cool name for guys with a spicy twist!

33. Pippin

A unique and unconventional name for guys which is a type of apple!

34. Ray

A famous fish, known for its excellent taste!

35. Reuben

A classic name for boys meaning sandwich!

36. Sage

An exotic herb, known for its flavour and aroma!

37. Shepherd

If you are looking for baby names after food then go for this that reminds us of the shepherd’s pie!

38. Waldorf

It’s simply impossible to forget the delectable taste of the Waldorf salad and reminds us of the fruit baby names!

39. Wellington

The Wellington preparation for beef is quite famous all across the country!

40. Yarrow

An unusual but powerful herb for healing!

Names inspired by spices, fruits, and other foods are trending these days. They are unique, unconventional and evoke pleasant memories for everyone. We hope that the above names help you choose one that’s just perfect for your little munchkin!

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